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ACNH: New Bugs, Fish, and Seasonal Items In July

Posted: Jul 09, 2021

ACNH released a series of new content in July 2021, so new fish, bugs, and seasonal items will appear. In ACNH, players will be very focused on filling their museums with more content, or trade the rarest creatures for a large number of ACNH Bells. Now that the new month has arrived, there are more new critters for you to capture.

What you can expect for July?

21 New Bugs

Brown Cicadas, Grasshppers, Robust Cicadas, Giant Cicadas

Evening Cicadas, Cicada Shells, Blue Weevil Beetle, Earth-Boring Dung Beetle

Scarab Beetle, Saw Stag, Miyama Stag, Giant Stag, Cyclommatus Stag

Golden Stag, Giraffe Stag, Horned Dynastid, Horned Atlas

Horned Elephant, Horned Hercules, Walking Stick, Walking and the Walking Leaf

5 New Fish

Sweetfish, Napoleonfish, Puffer Fish, Blue Marlin, and, Ocean Sunfish

3 New Sea Creatures

Giant Isopod, Horseshoe Crab, and Moon Jellyfish


You can obtain Bamboo Grass items from the shop.

Cowboy Festival

This event will be available from July 15th to August 15th. You will be able to get a Rodeo-style Springy Ride-On item.

Bug Off Event

This will happen on July 24 and is a return event. You need to help Flick catch bugs in a limited time.

Marine Day

This is a new event available from July 8th to 22nd. You will be able to get the Ship-wheel Door Decoration.

La 14 Juillet

A new event will be available from July 10th to 20th. You will be able to get new Phrygian Caps in different colors.

ACNH seems to be trying to add new content to attract more fans, which seems to be useful because players are always unable to say 'NO' to new content. IGGM will continue to update more news, if you don’t want to miss the relevant information, you can pay more attention to IGGM.

In addition, you can also buy ACNH Items from IGGM, from Villagers to Critters. To be honest, buying ACNH Items will be the fastest way, because if you want to get your favorite items in the game step by step, it will not only require you to spend time but also Animal Crossing Bells or Nook Miles Tickets. This process seems to be very suffering.


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