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ACNH Guide: You Can Without Slingshots!

Posted: Mar 18, 2021

In ACNH, balloon hunting is also one of the players' favorite pastimes because it is a way to obtain items and bells. However, balloons only appear occasionally. If your slingshot breaks when the balloon appears, then this is a pity.

If you enter a building, the balloon will disappear, and it will reset the balloon spawn rate again. However, there is a very useful trick, you can use it to pop those balloons instead of with a slingshot, so you won't want to miss the method.

Pop balloons with the bug net

If you don't have a slingshot, don't worry. As long as you have a building permit APP and a ladder, you can still get the balloon. 

First, use the cliff construction permit tool to build a cliff pillar in front of the balloon's directional path.

After that, take out your ladder, climb up your newly built cliff, and then switch to your bug catcher net. Now you just need to stay there and wait for the balloon to come to you. Once it is within your reach, you can hit it with your bug net.

Once you popped the first balloon, you can then remove your cliff pillar and get your prize.

How often do balloons spawn?

The balloon spawns every 10 minutes. They will appear in the 4th or 9th minute of each hour. Simply put, if a balloon does not appear at 10:14, then it will appear at 10:19.

The balloon will only switch after 12 hours of spawning from one side of the island, and then it will reach the other side of the island.

The best way to find balloons is to determine which side of the island they spawn on, and then search on the beach at XX: X4 and XX: X9.

This is the way to pop the balloon without using a slingshot, and IGGM will also update the relevant ACNH guides frequently. If you are an ACNH player, you can choose to subscribe to IGGM.

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