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ACNH: New Fish, Bugs, And Sea Creatures To Catch In March

Posted: Mar 03, 2021

It's March again, which means that new critters are about to appear in ACNH. This game was released in March 2020, so if you are a loyal fan of ACNH, you should be very familiar with these contents. As for the new critters, you don’t need to rush to capture them because they will stay for a month, but you need to donate the newly discovered things to Blathers to complete your Museum.

You can check on your Critterpedia to see if you have donated bug fish or not. If you do, there will be a little owl icon next to the critter's name.

We have listed the new critters in the northern and southern hemispheres in March and their more specific information.

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

These are the critters that will appear in the whole of March. You can view the new critters on your island and their related information according to the hemisphere you are in to make it easier to catch them.

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