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ACNH: Fans Are Expecting To See These NPCs Again

Posted: Feb 27, 2021

ACNH has the strongest NPC visitors in the entire series, but there are still some faces that have appeared in the previous games. Nintendo added a lot of new content to the Animal Crossing experience, but apart from special holidays, they did not add too many visitors.

Although ordinary villagers on the island are important, a better experience is to walk around the town and meet some rare faces. This is why KK Slider can become an unofficial mascot, although you can only see him on Saturday. Although the current team in ACNH is very strong, because it has been a year since, fans are a little tired of it. So now is the time for ACNH to make some changes.


Speaking of missing visitors, Kapp’n is the most obvious. He is not only the favorite turtle of ACNH players, but also the only sailor in the series, which makes people feel that he will become a member of the ACNH island setting. Kapp’n last appeared in New Leaf, where he often used motorboats to send players to a tropical island. Listening to him singing on the sea is always a pleasure, so ACNH without him is a little disappointing for fans.

And ACNH seems to have listed visiting smaller islands as a natural addition. Now you can go to Harv's island to take pictures, and maybe you can take pictures in more places. If you need to take a boat to these islands, Kapp’n seems to be the most suitable driver.


Another popular character is Pete, a mail-carrying pelican. From the beginning, Pete has been tirelessly delivering mail to villagers everywhere. In Wild World, when he occasionally flies across the sky, players can see him on the clock.


Lyle is AC's insurance agent and may not be as popular as others, but he still seems to have a chance to return to the game. What is striking is his performance in Wild World, where he will harass players every Saturday and ask them to buy his insurance packages.

Their reappearance may bring players a new game experience. If they can really reappear in the game, IGGM will also update relevant news in time to remind you.

You can find some free ACNH guides and related news on IGGM. In addition, you can also buy Animal Crossing Bells. And with the arrival of the new update, you may need more ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, because more Mario-themed items will soon be available for purchase.


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