Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sales Surpassed Any Game
Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sales Surpassed Any Game

A few months ago, when Nintendo released Animal Crossing, it was not expected that this would achieve such a huge success some day, letting its sales volume become the NO.1 in the U.K. during a short time, well and truly outselling the previous hot games within the same time frame and far exceeded Nintendo's Lifetime Sales Predictions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons differs from most dark games full of violence and bloodshed nowadays, but it is a game with more fun and a slow rhythm, where players don't have to be busy with heavy work, leveling up, and more, so its daily task is related to agriculture, and really brings people back to rural life on a deserted island through 80s anime style.

Animal Crossing is a slow-paced game, and players can customize the islands at will by placing furniture, weeding, planting trees and so on to gain extra profits.

Moreover, the money and media Animal Crossing Bells specified in this game are not hard to obtain, while most of the time they circulate bells by trading turnips. No challenge, as it never requires anyone to work completely difficult, on the contrary, you can always have a long conversation with cute animals to relieve stress.

On the one hand, someone thinks that repetitive dialogue will make players spend longer waiting, because cute animals often say praise but useless words. On the other hand, a dialogue system is very necessary in the game, especially those service-providing characters such as Isabelle or Tom Nook, who can establish relationship with players and provide guidance. So if you are playing Animal Crossing, can you share your views on the repetitive dialogue from small animals?

As of now, it has sold nearly 100 million Animal Crossing: New Horizons copies, which fully proves that it has populated a lot. Speaking of its roadmap, there is no clear schedule by now, but it will still stick to the form of escapism and get focused.

Last but not least, you also need some strategies while playing the Animal Crossing as there is a lot of trading in the game. ACNH bells can indeed be gained through various ways, and it is the best solution to buy Animal Crossing Bells and avoid duplication of labor, which makes your island stand out. is a site to provide bells and ease the pressure of money shortage in the game. It can be trusted with many years of business experience and create an enjoyable shopping experience for anyone.

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