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News Tag: Blackwood Chapter

  • ESO Crown Store Introduces A Bunch of New Items For Celebrating The Holidays

    Posted: Dec 01, 2021

    ESO Crown Store will get a lot of new items in December, including a set of free exclusive items for ESO Plus members. IGGM knew that from December 13th to 16th, ESO Plus members can receive Winter Broadbrim Hat Pack adornment.

    In addition, you may also encounter some of the following items in ESO:

    * New Life Monk's Cap (Available during the New Life Festival-Details TBA)

    * Stalhrim Armor Pack (December 6-December 13)

    * Nord Carved Arms Pack (Available during the New Life Festival-Details TBA)

    * Mighty Chudan Arms Pack (December 20-January 5)

    * Crown Crafting Motifs: Frostcaster (December 20-January 4)

    * Falkreath Thane (December 2-December 9)

    * Winter Scouts Pack (December 6-December 13)

    * Single Event Tickets (Available during the New Life Festival-Details TBA)

    * Statue, Prince of Ambition (December 22-January 5)

    You can browse the complete list of ESO Crown Store in December through the latest post of ZeniMax. ESO players have recently enjoyed a lot because the latest free Update 32 provides players with a new Armory System to let players quickly change the build, which allows them to easily obtain specific gear.

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  • ESO: How Do Companions Work In Combat?

    Posted: Sep 15, 2021

    In the Blackwood chapter of ESO, the new companion system is very popular, it can give you a permanent follower to assist your adventure. For some new players, IGGM will make a detailed introduction so that they can immerse themselves in the game more quickly.

    How to recruit Companions?

    Only two companions are currently available, but we can expect to get more in the future.

    Mirri Elendis

    You can find this dark elf nightblade near Doomvault Vulpinaz in the north of Blackwood. Go to that place, look around for a note, and you will begin the quest of Shattered and Scattered. This will allow you to help Mirri rescue her kidnapped crew. Upon successful completion of the quest, Mirri will follow you on adventures.

    Bastian Hallix

    You can find this imperial dragonknight in Deepscorn Hollow. It is located southeast of Leyawiin, not far from the shore. Upon arrival, you will find Bastian tied up in a cave. All you have to do is talk to him and start the Competition and Contracts quest. He will ask you to help investigate other parts of Deepscorn Hollow, once you clear the trouble in the depths, he will become your loyal companion.

    How do you spec them out in combat?

    Although they are not the main source of DPS, they are more capable than tanks or healers. Because your companions will trigger skills in a certain order, you need to plan the specific positions of the skills. If you want to use the healing skill frequently, then you need to put it in the front slot.

    * You can direct Companions in combat by pressing the L3 + R3 buttons and Left or Right Bumper or pressing Y on PC.

    * If you perform a heavy attack on a target, your Companion will automatically change their focus.

    * Companions will trigger their Ultimate Ability automatically, but you can also force its use by pressing L3 + R3 or clicking the Icon on PC.

    * Companions can be revived with a Soul Gem, but they will also revive at the end of combat.

    How to level up companions?

    They will eventually reach the maximum at level 20, improve their HP and combat power, and learn new skills and abilities. There are several different styles of companion skills, including:

    * Weapon Skills: Require specific weapons to use.

    * Armor Skills: Require specific armor to use.

    * Guild Skills: Level up by completing certain daily quests for your current Companion.

    * Racial Skills: Applied based on the race of your Companion.

    * Class Skills: Level up automatically based on the level of your Companion.

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  • ESO: How To Earn The Heartland Conqueror Set?

    Posted: Jul 05, 2021

    The ESO Heartland Conqueror Set has the ability to max out Magicka and other traits. It is one of the crafted sets that is part of the Blackwood Chapter, and the set includes some rewards.

    In order to obtain the Heartland Conqueror Set, you need to complete the Blackwood chapter. Blackwood is in the northeast of Gideon. Once you arrive, you will see a stone statue of a man pointing the sword to the sky. The Heartland Conqueror Set is in the middle of the ruins behind the statue. You can walk to it and claim equipment.

    The Heartland Conqueror Set gives weapons and spells damage to the user wearing the equipment. Other benefits include:

    * 2 Items - Adds 112 Weapon and Spell Damage.

    * 3 Items - Adds 956 Maximum Magicka.

    * 4 items - Adds 956 Maximum Stamina.

    * 5 Items - Increase the Effectiveness of your Weapon. (Does not affect Ornate or Intricate Traits.)

    The 5 piece will not increase your fighting quality, which is also the disadvantage of the set-piece. The advantage of this set is that it is very flexible, which means you can change traits on the spot or fuse parts. It also has a powerful charge to heal or use other Magicka in battle.

    All in all, the Heartland Conqueror Set is great for players who are in the role of a Healer in PvP and PvE, and it is also very useful for support and team builds. The players who are in the damage dealers may not be the best set for this job.

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  • ESO Blackwood: Hotfix Should Prevent Companion Gear Loss

    Posted: Jun 08, 2021

    ESO Blackwood has been released. Although the new content excites players, some bugs also annoy players, including a bug that affects companions.

    The companion system is a newly introduced feature of Blackwood. You can recruit one of the two available companions, and they are customizable, which means you can upgrade, equip them, and develop their skill rotation. But there seems to be something wrong.

    This bug was first reported on the forum on June 1, an ESO player said that when he was leveling Bastian, Bastian was in his standard, white gear in addition to the blue lightning staff the player found. The player was invited to do random normal he accepted, they completed the dungeon together, and then one person left. Then his Bastian appeared automatically, but naked. This player checked the companion menu and found that all the gear was gone, which is very confusing.

    When ZeniMax received the news, they said that the team was investigating. On June 3, they stated that this problem will be resolved in a hotfix over the weekend. They did it, but other problems appeared.

    The hotfix they run again should have stopped the loss of new companion gear, but hotfix is not a replacement for previously lost gear. So, if you encounter a new situation and your companion loses gear, you can contact ZeniMax and let them know.

    And, it seems that this fix will also be included in the console version on June 8. If you still encounter this kind of problem, please contact the development team in time.

    If this bug is satisfactorily fixed, then the companion system will bring more fun to the players and become more perfect. You can also safely equip your companion with great gear and weapons, to provide you with better support in the battle.

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  • ESO Companion Guide: How To Get Bastian Hallix?

    Posted: Jun 03, 2021

    ESO: Blackwood not only introduced gates of Oblivion, now specific NPCs can join your adventure through the new Companions system. The two companions are Bastian Hallix and Mirri Elendis. This article will guide you on how to get Bastian Hallix, a red-headed Imperial battlemage as your follower.

    The companion system allows you to recruit specific non-playable characters to help your journey within Tamriel. These characters can be upgraded and customized, including their appearance and abilities.

    An extensive process system will span everything from how their skills change to quests related to rapport. The system will allow solo players to perfect their abilities with an extra hand, and can also help fill smaller teams to deal with Group Dungeons.

    How to get Bastian Hallix

    Now, Bastian Hallix is tied to the Blackwood chapter, which means that the Companion must have the latest expansion content. If you own Blackwood, you can go to the southwest coast of Blackwood. The target location is Deepscorn Hollow. This area can be found in the southeast of Leyawiin near the Blueblood Wayshrine.

    You will find Bastian sitting on the ground, tied up. You need to talk to him and initiate the "Competition and Contracts" quest. Follow and complete the relevant objectives, and accept Bastian Hallix as your companion.

    Set the Battlemage as the companion of your choice, go to Collections - Allies - Companions, and then select Set Activate. Note that only one companion can be activated at a time. So you need to choose the NPC that best suits your game style.

    After that, you can venture with additional support and start to stop Mehrunes Dagon's nefarious plans.

    Blackwood is now available on PC, but it will be available on PS4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on June 8th.

    In order to ensure a good gaming experience, you may need ESO Gold, as the main currency in the game, it is indispensable. Not only can you use ESO Gold to repair gear, increase inventory and bank space, buy mounts, but you can also use Gold to upgrade weapons and armor. In short, ESO Gold can make your game process smoother.

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  • ESO Creates A Universal Experience For New Players

    Posted: May 31, 2021

    When you load a character in ESO, you usually enter the tutorial. This tutorial depends on the latest version of the Chapter you have. However, now ZeniMax creates a universal experience for players in the new tutorial, no matter which version they started from.

    Each chapter of Elder Scrolls Online has a new tutorial consistent with the theme and style of the release. Now, ZeniMax integrates players into one tutorial, regardless of which version they have.

    ZOS stated that this new tutorial will give all new players the best start to their adventure in Tamriel. The new tutorial places the player on the Isle of Belfiera. It is last seen in Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. It is home to the ancient ruins of Direnni, where players will learn the basics of ESO by helping a new NPC (Norianwe), And then began their adventure. Of course, if you want to make your adventure smoother, you need the help of ESO Gold.

    Once you have completed the tutorial, you will enter a portal that will take you to the various starting points of the chapter you have. For example, as the owner of a base game, you can choose from the starting positions of three base game alliances. However, if you own any chapter of the game, you can also enter the portal and take your characters to their respective starting positions.

    After that, you can start the story of your new character in any part of Tamriel, but if you are not sure where to start your journey, you can look for more relevant information and pick the one that interests you the most.

    Blackwood will be available on PC, Mac and Stadia on June 1, and the console version will be released on June 8. Players may fully prepare for it, among which ESO Gold is indispensable.

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  • ESO: Details We Know About Blackwood Chapter So Far

    Posted: May 17, 2021

    Blackwood Chapter will be released next month, introducing a new region, questline, and other new content in the Tamriel world. This article gathered all the information we know so far, or it might be helpful for many ESO fans.

    Blackwood Chapter Release Date

    Blackwood Chapter will land on PC on June 1 and will be available on Consoles (Stadia, Xbox One, PS4) on June 8.

    A Swampy New Region Will Appear

    Just like the previous Elder Scrolls Online expansions, Blackwood will also add a new region. Blackwood is located in the southern part of Cyrodiil, and its architecture is a fusion of Empire and Argonian styles. The central city of the region is Leyawiin, which appeared in Oblivion, and now it will be more vibrant.

    Outside of Leyawiin, you will find many other interesting places, including new dungeons and delves. A new Trial - Rockgrove will appear, which will witness you and 11 other players trying to retake the small village of Rockgrove, which has been occupied by the Daedra-worshipping cultists.

    If you want to enter the public world events, you can pay attention to Oblivion Portals. They will appear randomly in Blackwood, and you have a chance to sneak into Planes of Oblivion.

    Gates of Oblivion Questline

    Most of your time roaming in Blackwood will be guided by the quest line of Gates Of Oblivion. The senior officials are dying one on the land. You and Eveli Sharp-Arrow can find the truth together. At first, it was thought that the work of Dark Brotherhood got worse, and you guys will soon be involved in a conspiracy related to Mehrunes Dagon.

    The Companion System

    This is also one of the most exciting additions. These NPCs will follow you faithfully and support you in battles. You can customize their gear and skillset, turn them into tanks, healers, damage output and other roles you think are appropriate.

    In the beginning, there were only two companions - Mirri Elendis and Bastian Hallix, but the ESO team stated that more companions may be introduced in the future.

    Other things

    * Pre-order to receive several in-game perks, such as the Dremora Kynreeve Outfit and Deadlands Wamasu Pet.

    * New Achievements will be made available.

    * Discover 6 new gear sets inspired by Oblivion.

    As the release date approaches, if ZOS will release more news, IGGM will also update the article as soon as possible so that ESO fans can know about it.

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  • ESO New Trailer Shows Companion System

    Posted: May 07, 2021

    ESO: Blackwood Chapter will go live on June 8. It will introduce a new companion system where you will be able to explore Tamriel accompanied by an NPC follower. Before the release, ZeniMax Online Studios has released a new companion trailer showing the partners in action.

    When Blackwood Chapter arrives next month, you will get two unique companions - Mirri Elendis and Bastian Hallix. They all have their own set of skills and different behavior preferences. For example, if you pickpocket an innocent person in public, then Bastian may end up disliking you, but on the contrary, Mirri will be very happy to watch you steal from the local shopkeeper.

    June 8th will bring more new content than the companion system, new areas, questlines and the next-generation updated Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions will all arrive. Of course, the companion system is an exciting new addition. In time, they are not the best in dealing damage, but they can bring you a different game experience.

    It’s less than a month since Blackwood’s release, but the previous preparations are enough to arouse the interest of fans. If you want to know more details about your companions, you can check the latest trailer.

    IGGM has also been following ESO's related news recently and has also updated information about the two companions, including their backgrounds, so if you want to know more, you can check it out on IGGM.

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  • ESO: Bastian Hallix, An Upcoming Companion In Blackwood

    Posted: Apr 30, 2021

    ESO is preparing for the release of the Blackwood Chapter in early June and is beginning to discuss some of the characters you will encounter in the expansion. This article will talk about Batian Hallix, a companion who is about to appear in Blackwood.

    From the perspective of Pungent Adder, Bastian Hallix is a battlemage. He represents the Silvelles, a noble trading house from Daggerfall. Bastian is proficient in his staff and his sword, and is a warrior who can get out of trouble. Bastian seems good at fighting. However, Adder said that his trusting nature is a weakness. Although he is the son of Lord of Daggerfall, his childhood was spent under the roof of the Silvelles, the noble house he now works for.

    Companions in Blackwood will serve as NPCs that can complete quests with you, and can also fill any role you give them, whether it's a DPS, tank, or healer. As you progress in the MMO, you will be able to build rapport with your companion, which will unlock future content related to them and discover more of their stories and personality.

    In addition, your behavior will directly affect their perception of you, establishing or destroying relationships based on what you have done. ZeniMax also talked about the possibility of marriage with NPC in the future.

    So we can always have high expectations for ESO. In the upcoming Blackwood, Bastian and Mirri will let you make a choice, which may also be very interesting.

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  • ESO Gave Fans More Details About The Blackwood Chapter In Advance

    Posted: Apr 13, 2021

    Before the arrival of the Blackwood chapter in June, ESO provided fans with some relevant content. ZeniMax Online Studios provides more details about the central city - Leyawiin, the Aronian and Imperial buildings, and what you can expect when roaming in the new world.

    If you were a fan of ES4: Oblivion, you will probably know what will happen when Blackwood arrives. Leyawiin played an important role in past games and it will be immediately recognized in ESO.

    Jason Barnes, Blackwood Zone Lead, said:” Allying with the Argonian-led city of Gideon, the city of Leyawiin has recently reclaimed its independence after being invaded during the Three-Banners War, However, in other areas, tensions are high. Mysterious cults have sprung up throughout the land, and unusual vault-like Daedric formations have emerged with no explanation of their origin or purpose. "

    Leyawiin is composed of various NPCs, including:

    * Argonians

    * Imperials

    * A few Khajiit frm the bordering Elsweyr

    Adventure outside the city walls, you will find a lot of dangerous content. The ancient Argonian temple and the mysterious Daedric tomb are waiting for you there. Head to the south, the unpredictable spillway in the Valley leads to the beautiful sunken ruins, surrounded by ancient Ayleid buildings and recent imperial settlements. All of these are a mixture of Argonian and Imperial cultures.

    Blackwood zone includes:

    * Six Delves

    * Two Public Dungeons

    * Six World Bosses

    * One 12-Player Trial

    * Oblivion Portal world events

    Blackwood will release the PC version on June 1, and the consoles version on June 8. It will further the storyline of Gates of Oblivion. If you are interested, you can take a look at a free Prologue chapter to get a general idea of what will happen next.

    There is still a period of time until June, but you can now prepare for its arrival. Sufficient ESO Gold can guarantee you a good gaming experience. If you want to buy cheap ESO Gold, you can come to IGGM.

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