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ESO Blackwood: Hotfix Should Prevent Companion Gear Loss

Posted: Jun 08, 2021

ESO Blackwood has been released. Although the new content excites players, some bugs also annoy players, including a bug that affects companions.

The companion system is a newly introduced feature of Blackwood. You can recruit one of the two available companions, and they are customizable, which means you can upgrade, equip them, and develop their skill rotation. But there seems to be something wrong.

This bug was first reported on the forum on June 1, an ESO player said that when he was leveling Bastian, Bastian was in his standard, white gear in addition to the blue lightning staff the player found. The player was invited to do random normal he accepted, they completed the dungeon together, and then one person left. Then his Bastian appeared automatically, but naked. This player checked the companion menu and found that all the gear was gone, which is very confusing.

When ZeniMax received the news, they said that the team was investigating. On June 3, they stated that this problem will be resolved in a hotfix over the weekend. They did it, but other problems appeared.

The hotfix they run again should have stopped the loss of new companion gear, but hotfix is not a replacement for previously lost gear. So, if you encounter a new situation and your companion loses gear, you can contact ZeniMax and let them know.

And, it seems that this fix will also be included in the console version on June 8. If you still encounter this kind of problem, please contact the development team in time.

If this bug is satisfactorily fixed, then the companion system will bring more fun to the players and become more perfect. You can also safely equip your companion with great gear and weapons, to provide you with better support in the battle.

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