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ESO Blackwood: Companions Locations and How To Recruit Them?

Posted: Jun 09, 2021

ESO Blackwood’s companion system is very attractive. Companions will help you complete quests, missions and explorations, but how do you recruit them and upgrade their skills, this article will show relevant details. A week after being released on PC, ESO Blackwood is now available on all platforms.

Blackwood brings in a swampy and dangerous environment with 9 new treasure maps and many other gameplay features, and a brand new zone appears on the map.

How to recruit companions?

The ESO Blackwood companions are AI-controlled allies and will give you support in battles. Currently, there are two companions for you to recruit in the Blackwood area of ESO.

Bastian Hallix

You can find him in the South of Deepscorn Hollow on the southwest coast of the Blackwood zone.

Mirri Elendis

You can find her in the North of Doomvault Vulpinaz on the north of the Blackwood zone.

After completing the quest of each companion, you can recruit him/her through the Allies tab of the Collectibles category of the Collection menu. You can summon your companions almost anywhere in Tamriel, but there are some exceptions. Companions cannot follow you into PVP or solo areas. In addition, you cannot summon them in the population-limited situation, such as dungeons.

How to upgrade companions?

Using the dialogue system to talk to your companion will give you more opportunities to know more about his/her background story. It also provides companion combat and customization options.

There is a friendship meter between you and your companion. Talk to your companion and take him (her) on adventures. Customizing him (her) will increase the friendship between you and him(her).

A high rate of companion friendships will increase the efficiency of your AI friends and unlock some personal quests.

ESO is now available on PS4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. Xbox Game Pass users can access the game for free, including all expansions until the Morrowind DLC, which means that Blackwood’s content is not free.

If you are already a Blackwood player, you won't want to miss any details, so it's exciting to experience all aspects of the game. This process inevitably requires ESO Gold, so if you have enough ESO Gold at any time, it will be very helpful.

In order to welcome the arrival of Blackwood, IGGM has prepared sufficient ESO Gold for a long time. We can not only guarantee a large amount of inventory but also ensure fast delivery. You can receive the ESO Gold you purchased within 30 minutes after placing the order. Fast delivery can enhance your gaming experience.


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