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ESO Blackwood: Best Companion Skills For Bastian Hallix

Posted: Jun 07, 2021

In ESO, the companion system is exciting. NPCs are willing to travel with you, and you can get help from companions to complete some quests.

One of the companions is Bastian Hallix, who is tied up in Deepscorn Hollow. Talking to him, you can initiate his quest - Competition and Contracts, the first step is to recruit him as a companion. In addition, companions with various skills can help you in battle.

Unleashed Rage

It may be the strongest of all Bastian skills. From the Ardent Warrior skill type, Bastian will release his accumulated rage in a devastating explosion against the enemies. He will initially inflict 8415 flame damage and stun the enemies for 4 seconds.

He will also release four lines of fire in a cross formation, causing 2102 flame damage himself. Although this is the only skill with no cooldown, it is also the only skill that requires Ultimate to execute.

Scorching Strike

It causes initial damage and at the same time causes damage for a while. Just instead of a bows-and-arrow, it’s with melee. Bastian will attack enemies with fire when asked to use this skill. The initial attack will cause 5610 flame damage, but as the fire continues, it will also cause 8412 flame damage for 8 seconds.

Basalt Barrier

From Radiating Heart skills, Bastian will summon earth for defense and will be given a shield. This shield will absorb 2250 points of damage for 6 seconds. And during the entire damage shield period, all healing is increased by 15%. The cooldown time is longer at 12%.

Piercing Arrow

It will cause significant damage to the target. Choosing this skill will make Bastian aim and shoot arrows with amazing accuracy. When hit, the enemy will receive 8683 points of physical damage.

Crag Smash

Bastian will throw a piece of molten rock at the enemy to cause additional damage. The molten rock will cause 5610 points of physical damage. Crag Smash has a cooldown of fewer than 8 seconds and a minor time of 0.4 seconds.

So to a certain extent, Bastian can support you and make your adventures smoother. Now that the Blackwood PC is online, players seem to be eager to start their new journey. Having sufficient ESO Gold in your pocket is always the right choice.

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