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ESO Companion Guide: How To Get Bastian Hallix?

Posted: Jun 03, 2021

ESO: Blackwood not only introduced gates of Oblivion, now specific NPCs can join your adventure through the new Companions system. The two companions are Bastian Hallix and Mirri Elendis. This article will guide you on how to get Bastian Hallix, a red-headed Imperial battlemage as your follower.

The companion system allows you to recruit specific non-playable characters to help your journey within Tamriel. These characters can be upgraded and customized, including their appearance and abilities.

An extensive process system will span everything from how their skills change to quests related to rapport. The system will allow solo players to perfect their abilities with an extra hand, and can also help fill smaller teams to deal with Group Dungeons.

How to get Bastian Hallix

Now, Bastian Hallix is tied to the Blackwood chapter, which means that the Companion must have the latest expansion content. If you own Blackwood, you can go to the southwest coast of Blackwood. The target location is Deepscorn Hollow. This area can be found in the southeast of Leyawiin near the Blueblood Wayshrine.

You will find Bastian sitting on the ground, tied up. You need to talk to him and initiate the "Competition and Contracts" quest. Follow and complete the relevant objectives, and accept Bastian Hallix as your companion.

Set the Battlemage as the companion of your choice, go to Collections - Allies - Companions, and then select Set Activate. Note that only one companion can be activated at a time. So you need to choose the NPC that best suits your game style.

After that, you can venture with additional support and start to stop Mehrunes Dagon's nefarious plans.

Blackwood is now available on PC, but it will be available on PS4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on June 8th.

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