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ESO: Details We Know About Blackwood Chapter So Far

Posted: May 17, 2021

Blackwood Chapter will be released next month, introducing a new region, questline, and other new content in the Tamriel world. This article gathered all the information we know so far, or it might be helpful for many ESO fans.

Blackwood Chapter Release Date

Blackwood Chapter will land on PC on June 1 and will be available on Consoles (Stadia, Xbox One, PS4) on June 8.

A Swampy New Region Will Appear

Just like the previous Elder Scrolls Online expansions, Blackwood will also add a new region. Blackwood is located in the southern part of Cyrodiil, and its architecture is a fusion of Empire and Argonian styles. The central city of the region is Leyawiin, which appeared in Oblivion, and now it will be more vibrant.

Outside of Leyawiin, you will find many other interesting places, including new dungeons and delves. A new Trial - Rockgrove will appear, which will witness you and 11 other players trying to retake the small village of Rockgrove, which has been occupied by the Daedra-worshipping cultists.

If you want to enter the public world events, you can pay attention to Oblivion Portals. They will appear randomly in Blackwood, and you have a chance to sneak into Planes of Oblivion.

Gates of Oblivion Questline

Most of your time roaming in Blackwood will be guided by the quest line of Gates Of Oblivion. The senior officials are dying one on the land. You and Eveli Sharp-Arrow can find the truth together. At first, it was thought that the work of Dark Brotherhood got worse, and you guys will soon be involved in a conspiracy related to Mehrunes Dagon.

The Companion System

This is also one of the most exciting additions. These NPCs will follow you faithfully and support you in battles. You can customize their gear and skillset, turn them into tanks, healers, damage output and other roles you think are appropriate.

In the beginning, there were only two companions - Mirri Elendis and Bastian Hallix, but the ESO team stated that more companions may be introduced in the future.

Other things

* Pre-order to receive several in-game perks, such as the Dremora Kynreeve Outfit and Deadlands Wamasu Pet.

* New Achievements will be made available.

* Discover 6 new gear sets inspired by Oblivion.

As the release date approaches, if ZOS will release more news, IGGM will also update the article as soon as possible so that ESO fans can know about it.

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