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ESO: Explorer's Celebration Is Underway

Posted: May 15, 2021

Explorer’s Celebration returns to ESO, now is a good chance for you to get double XP, and additional resource node drops, and gold in any area. The specific details are as follows:

The Explorer’s Celebration will last until May 20th at 10 am EDT. Before that, you will be rewarded through some in-game activities:

* Increased yield from harvest nodes (not fishing)

* Double XP gains from every source(this stacks with other XP boosts such as scrolls or group multiplies)

* Double gold earned from monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources

These rewards will be available in any area in ESO. This also means that if you are paying attention to upgrading your character for the upcoming Blackwood, then these may be helpful to you.

In addition, it should be noted that this Explorer’s Celebration will not issue any redemption of event tickets because it does not have its unique quests, achievements, or collectibles. Simply put, this is a pure XP, yield, and gold event. And, Impresario will not appear in this event.

Soon, Oblivion Portal will be introduced to the community as the latest update. The developer revealed that Oblivion Portals spawn in the western, northern, and southern regions of Blackwood. Each Oblivion Portals area will generate 2 active portals, a total of 6 portals, you need to discover these portals when you venture in this area.

If you can collect enough ESO Gold through this event, that would be great, because you will often use them in the future. But if you don't have enough time to spend on this event, when Blackwood comes, you can come to IGGM to buy ESO Gold. Because ESO Gold is the main currency in the game, its role will be reflected in many aspects. If you buy ESO Gold, it is not a small expense. So looking for cheap ESO Gold is also the requirement of many players, then IGGM can satisfy players’ needs. And if you are coming to IGGM for the first time, you can also get a 5% OFF ESO Gold coupon at the coupon center.


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