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ESO Crown Store Introduces A Bunch of New Items For Celebrating The Holidays

Posted: Dec 01, 2021

ESO Crown Store will get a lot of new items in December, including a set of free exclusive items for ESO Plus members. IGGM knew that from December 13th to 16th, ESO Plus members can receive Winter Broadbrim Hat Pack adornment.

In addition, you may also encounter some of the following items in ESO:

* New Life Monk's Cap (Available during the New Life Festival-Details TBA)

* Stalhrim Armor Pack (December 6-December 13)

* Nord Carved Arms Pack (Available during the New Life Festival-Details TBA)

* Mighty Chudan Arms Pack (December 20-January 5)

* Crown Crafting Motifs: Frostcaster (December 20-January 4)

* Falkreath Thane (December 2-December 9)

* Winter Scouts Pack (December 6-December 13)

* Single Event Tickets (Available during the New Life Festival-Details TBA)

* Statue, Prince of Ambition (December 22-January 5)

You can browse the complete list of ESO Crown Store in December through the latest post of ZeniMax. ESO players have recently enjoyed a lot because the latest free Update 32 provides players with a new Armory System to let players quickly change the build, which allows them to easily obtain specific gear.

For more news, please bookmark IGGM, so that you can check IGGM news at any time, and you can also come here to buy ESO Gold whenever you need it. We provide 24/7 customer service. In order to ensure you have a better gaming experience, we will complete the delivery within 10-30 minutes after you place the order!


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