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ESO: How To Earn The Heartland Conqueror Set?

Posted: Jul 05, 2021

The ESO Heartland Conqueror Set has the ability to max out Magicka and other traits. It is one of the crafted sets that is part of the Blackwood Chapter, and the set includes some rewards.

In order to obtain the Heartland Conqueror Set, you need to complete the Blackwood chapter. Blackwood is in the northeast of Gideon. Once you arrive, you will see a stone statue of a man pointing the sword to the sky. The Heartland Conqueror Set is in the middle of the ruins behind the statue. You can walk to it and claim equipment.

The Heartland Conqueror Set gives weapons and spells damage to the user wearing the equipment. Other benefits include:

* 2 Items - Adds 112 Weapon and Spell Damage.

* 3 Items - Adds 956 Maximum Magicka.

* 4 items - Adds 956 Maximum Stamina.

* 5 Items - Increase the Effectiveness of your Weapon. (Does not affect Ornate or Intricate Traits.)

The 5 piece will not increase your fighting quality, which is also the disadvantage of the set-piece. The advantage of this set is that it is very flexible, which means you can change traits on the spot or fuse parts. It also has a powerful charge to heal or use other Magicka in battle.

All in all, the Heartland Conqueror Set is great for players who are in the role of a Healer in PvP and PvE, and it is also very useful for support and team builds. The players who are in the damage dealers may not be the best set for this job.

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