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ESO: Midyear Mayhem PvP Event Begins Today!

Posted: Jun 24, 2021

The PVP returns to ESO again, because the annual Midyear Mayhem event will start today, which is June 24. This event will last until July 6th, in this event, players will conflict with each other for honors.

This annual event makes players confront each other, you can get double XP and Alliance points in the Three-Alliance War in the ESO original storyline, you can also get more rewards in the Alliance War, Imperial City, or Battlefield PVP modes.

During the event, not only experience and AP are pretty good, but you can also earn collectibles, such as new shield outfit styles, and a tradable stave.

Use these new tradable stave and shield outfit styles pages to represent your alliance. Collect 10 Alliance Banner Emblems from Midyear Boon Boxes and then combine them with the associated licenses( one for the shield and one for the staff) brought from Predicant Maera for Alliance Points. The Alliance of the style page you received is determined by your character’s chosen Alliance.

The Ebonsteel armor outfit style pages of the Imperial City will also drop, you will be able to get the Midyear Victor's Laurel Wreath by completing the Midyear Mayhem achievement lists, including defeating 50 opponents, winning a Battlegrounds match, etc.

You can view a full reward list on the ESO website and ways of participating in the event. I believe that no one in this event wants to become a loser, everyone is fighting for the champion.

So you need to make full preparations in advance, which will make you have a greater advantage in the game, you can be ahead of others. At this time, ESO Gold is especially important, because there is no extra time for you to farm Gold in the game, so buy ESO Gold is a more viable method.

IGGM is a professional ESO Gold seller, which can be prioritized. And IGGM also launched 5% Off ESO Gold coupons for buyers, so I bet no one wants to miss such cheap ESO Gold!


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