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ESO: Which Are The Best Parts In Blackwood?

Posted: Jul 08, 2021

ESO: Blackwood was released in June and contains more than 30 hours of new content, as well as a new Trial - Rockgrove, powerful gear upgrade options, and an exciting companion system. You can explore the visually stunning towns of Leyawiin and Gideon, Niben Forest in the north, Blackwood Bogs and Black Marsh in the east, and Gloomire in the south.

The two most exciting parts of the expansion are the story and Rockgrove 12-person trial Blackwood's plot begins almost immediately, that is, you rush to find members of the Council before you’re killed by what appears to be the Dark Brotherhood. This can help you integrate into the game immediately. The main battle and side quests are suitably paced and attractive, but a little short. You will easily pass through it without realizing it, which may disappoint some players in the full-price expansion.

As for Rockgrove, despite its simplicity, the square environment design, is anything but straightforward. The bosses are competitive and challenging, even on normal difficulty. Fans of raids will get a lot of fun from Rockgrove. From new bosses with powerful abilities and combinations to the great new gear that can be unlocked, these are all waiting for you to explore.

In addition, the companion system is also an aspect of interest to players. Although it has fulfilled some promises, it also needs more development. Companion is very suitable for solo players, new players, low-level players, or to fill out a team for challenges. Companions are very balanced and will not rise to the level of intelligence or strength that other players may have, but they can still prove support in battle.

Although ESO still has some shortcomings, that is, the repetitiveness of the content will make players feel tired, and some of the content is not fleshed out enough, but all of this is developing in a good direction. So players can look forward to the future ESO content, they should be more and more perfect and will be attractive enough. For more ESO-related news, you can also find them on IGGM.

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