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ESO: Bastian Hallix, An Upcoming Companion In Blackwood

Posted: Apr 30, 2021

ESO is preparing for the release of the Blackwood Chapter in early June and is beginning to discuss some of the characters you will encounter in the expansion. This article will talk about Batian Hallix, a companion who is about to appear in Blackwood.

From the perspective of Pungent Adder, Bastian Hallix is a battlemage. He represents the Silvelles, a noble trading house from Daggerfall. Bastian is proficient in his staff and his sword, and is a warrior who can get out of trouble. Bastian seems good at fighting. However, Adder said that his trusting nature is a weakness. Although he is the son of Lord of Daggerfall, his childhood was spent under the roof of the Silvelles, the noble house he now works for.

Companions in Blackwood will serve as NPCs that can complete quests with you, and can also fill any role you give them, whether it's a DPS, tank, or healer. As you progress in the MMO, you will be able to build rapport with your companion, which will unlock future content related to them and discover more of their stories and personality.

In addition, your behavior will directly affect their perception of you, establishing or destroying relationships based on what you have done. ZeniMax also talked about the possibility of marriage with NPC in the future.

So we can always have high expectations for ESO. In the upcoming Blackwood, Bastian and Mirri will let you make a choice, which may also be very interesting.

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