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ESO: How To Prepare For The Blackwood Expansion?

Posted: May 05, 2021

Oblivion's content has appeared in ESO with the Blackwood, which will be released for PC on June 1st and on June 8 for consoles. This article will show you everything you need to do before Blackwood’s release, including how to start the Gates of Oblivion prologue quest and DLC links to this upcoming expansion.

How to start the Prologue quests?

The Gates of Oblivion storyline has begun, and you can access two free prologue quests. Join Lyranth and Eveli Sharp Arrow as they investigate a mysterious cult that worships the Daedric Prince of Destruction and Ambition, Mehrunes Dagon.

This prologue quest will lead to Blackwood storyline, which will focus on Mehrunes Dagon and his Daedric minions. You can go to the Crown Store and open the Quest Starter tab. Start with Quest A Mortal’s Touch.

What’s the Flames of Ambition DLC?

Flames of Ambition is a DLC pack including 2 new dungeons, now available in the Crown Store. The new dungeons are The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa, which will be the forerunner of the prologue quest. Although they are not required, they do reveal more about the upcoming storyline of Blackwood.

You can buy DLC at the Crown Store for 1500 Crowns. Cauldron dungeon is located in Deshaan, and Black Drake Villa is located on the Gold Coast.

Venture into the Deadlands

ESO: Blackwood will take you to many iconic locations in Oblivion, including Deadlands. This is the realm of Mehrunes Dagon, and you already know that he will be the main opponent in the new expansion.

However, you can already go to Deadlands in ESO. The City of Ash 1 and City Of Ash 2 are dungeons you can find in Greenshade. In these adventures, you will face a group of Daedra who invaded Tamriel through the Oblivion Gate.

City of Ash 2 will let you enter the Deadlands, trying to repel the enemy's invasion. So you can look forward to the demon-slaying in Blackwood that will come in June.

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