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How to find mokoko seeds in Lost Ark?

Posted: Feb 22, 2022

Posted: Feb 22, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Lost Ark is an MMO game that offers players multiple ways to earn rewards between sailboats, premium gear, or collectibles. Collectibles are one of the longest-running features in the game, and the main item in this category is Mokoko Seeds.

There are thousands of species to collect, scattered around Arkesia. You may encounter them in all kinds of content, be it dungeons, quests, or islands.

Black rose Chapel is a map from East Luterra and you will need some time to collect all the seeds there as there are 13 of them. There are not so many seeded maps in the game.

To help you save time, here are the locations of all Mokoko seeds in the Church of the Black Rose.

Some of these Mokoko Seeds are hidden behind secret passages. The two seeds below the churchyard are in the house. To get in, just go through the door, even if it doesn't appear to be designed to open.

The seed in the west of the map is hidden behind a secret passage, which you can easily spot when looking for it. Go to where the red line is and you'll find a burnt down house. Enter it, and you will naturally enter the secret path. There are three Mokoko seeds inside, and they're quite far from each other, so you'll have to do some exploration to get them.

Wisdom Island is one of the smaller islands in the Lost Ark

But there are still plenty of reasons to travel there. Collectors will want to find the four Mokoko seeds the island has to offer. Here you can find Mokoko seeds from Wisdom Island.

Wisdom Island is a narrow, relatively simple island located in the southeast corner of Lutra. To get to Wisdom Island, take a quick ocean liner or Triport to East Luterra's Wave strand harbor. Once there, sail south to Wisdom Island. On your world map, the island will be one block below Wave strand Port.

Once you reach Wisdom Island, follow its central path until you find the point where the road splits into three different directions. If you want to complete the available quests on Wisdom Island, go directly past the stone statue and enter the cave library on the far side of the map.

However, if you're coming to Mokokos, you'll be making a detour first.

To find the Mokoko Seeds on Wisdom Island, turn left or right as you face the junction of the island's central path. You'll need to follow both sides of the fork to get to Mokokos, so don't worry about which side you go down first. If you go right first, you have to pass under some trees and over a stone bridge before seeing the secret, unmarked entrance to the island's library. Go into the room and search under the table, as Mokoko seeds in this area are hard to see in the first place without a little digging. After finding the two seeds in the room on the right, go back to the center of the island outside and take the path to the left this time. Once you enter another secluded area, continue down the trail, ignoring the cliffs that the game prompts you to jump on. Instead, you have to enter another secret doorway in the library and search under a few tables and chairs to find the Mokoko Seeds in this room.

Once you have collected two seeds from each secret room, you will have collected all available Mokokos on Wisdom Island.Of course, in addition to Momoko seeds, you can also choose other ways to collect some rare collections, such as buying Lost Ark Gold in IGGM to get level and equipment upgrades, there are many reasons for choosing IGGM, the most important is safety and professionalism and the recharge rate is recognized by the majority of players.


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