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How to Farm Harmony Shards in LOST ARK

Posted: Feb 21, 2022

Posted: Feb 21, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Fragments of Harmony in the Lost Ark are an important resource that players need to collect to increase the item level of their gear. Raising the item level allows the player to level up to tire2. Specifically, players need an item level of 600 to reach tier 2 and 1100 to upgrade to tier 3. At first glance, these high numbers in The Lost Ark may seem quite intimidating. However, if you can use effective resources, time, and energy, you can get more Harmony shards more quickly to achieve higher efficiency. The following are several suitable acquisition methods provided by IGGM for everyone..

*Clear Chaos Dungeons

The first way to get Harmony shards in the lost ark is to clear Chaos Dungeons, and players will be rewarded with a currency called Perception Shards after completing these quests. Players can take these shards to Yeneka, the Sorcerer of Magic in North Fern, who will exchange the Shards of Perception for the Harmony Fragment Bag and the Harmony Leapstone. However, it should be noted that players can only enter the Chaos Dungeon twice a day.

*Exchange Shards of Harmony with Bloodstones

Another way to easily plant Harmony Fragments in the Lost Ark is to exchange Bloodstones for Harmony Fragments. Bloodstone is a currency that is awarded to players whenever they complete a quest or make a donation to their guild. Similar to the Sentence Fragment Trading NPCs mentioned above, Guild NPCs will offer a range of items for Lost Ark players on Steam to trade for their Bloodstones. Harmony Shard Bags can be found in the Exchange Shop. Newcomers who have not yet joined a guild will be able to join or create their guild upon arrival at Prideholme. Select the community button in the lower right corner of the interface, players can select a guild, and the option to find a guild or create a guild pops up. Once players join a guild, they can start earning Bloodstones to obtain Harmony Fragments.

*Trade Pirate Coins with traveling merchant ships

A third way to harvest Harmony Fragments is to trade Pirate Coins with the Traveling Merchant Ship. An excellent source of Pirate Coins is completing quests in Blackfang's Lair and Liberty Island, which are located on the east side of the world map. Lost Ark players will receive valuable loot, such as Gina's Coins, which can also be exchanged for more Pirate Coins. Finally, players can also get a lot of Harmony Shards by completing main quests and farming quests in specific locations like Shadow Island and Panda Island.

At the same time, to better serve players, IGGM still provides you with a safer, more convenient, and affordable way to buy Lost Ark Gold, and you can still achieve success with the help of GOLD under special circumstances.

In addition, IGGM reminds you: The Lost Ark will have an offline update action at 0:00 tonight. At that time, the following problems in the game will be solved, including the game queue of dungeon PVP does not work properly, the crystal halo that sometimes disappears, etc. to ensure the player's gaming experience, the server will be shut down at 00:00 on February 21st. Maintenance is expected to take two hours. However, only the European servers are affected by the maintenance.


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