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  • IGGM: Anti-Counterfeiting Statement

    Jun 24, 2022

    Recently, we have found that some institutions or individuals in the market are suspected of infringing on the relevant rights and interests of IGGM, including unauthorized use of the name and logo of this site, and commercial activities for profit in the name of this site.

    This kind of counterfeiting has caused damage to our company's corporate image, business reputation and potential business opportunities to a certain extent. In order to protect its own rights and interests and prevent new and old customers from being misled, IGGM hereby solemnly declares and clarifies:

    1. Our only website URL is www.iggm.com. The layout of IGGM website is:

    Any other website, or the same or similar to our website, is fake.

    2. IGGM has never authorized others or organizations to use the domain name and logo. This site does not assume any legal responsibility for the commercial conduct or disputes arising from unauthorized individuals or teams.

    3. The main business of IGGM is to provide third-party services for virtual games. We does not provide other services, please distinguish carefully to avoid loss of rights and interests.

    4. Any infringing news that misappropriates the information on this site must be stopped immediately. The IGGM team has collected relevant evidence and will take legal measures to investigate the legal responsibility of the infringer if necessary.

    If you have any questions, you can contact us by:

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Tel: +1-918-615-8685(USA)

    WhatsAPP +852 91403155

  • List of winners

    May 20, 2022

    We had an event last week, and now five winners have emerged, let's see who are the lucky ones.

    List of winners

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  • IGGM: Follow Us, Get Big Coupons

    May 19, 2022

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    Act now, the sooner you follow, the better your chances of winning the Mysterious gift.

    The winners will be announced on May 19th~~~

    You can whisper us by Facebook or Twitter, can also ask any question in Facebook Group to our Administrators.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iggmcom

    FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/718476812605227

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Iggmcom

    The final interpretation right of this event belongs to IGGM.

  • Elden Ring gets its first big patch since launch

    Mar 21, 2022

    Elden Ring has just been updated to v1.03, the first major patch released since the game’s launch. This update quietly adds some very important stuff, along with a ton of bug fixes and balance changes.

    First, what surprises players the most is the list of content introduced into the game. Players can see that the names and locations of NPCs they encounter will be recorded, which removes one of the biggest frustrations players have with the game. Experienced players should know that encounters between players and NPCs have never been recorded before.

    The update also adds a new NPC named Jar-Bairn, adds “some NPCs that can be summoned in multiple situations”, and even a new quest stage for quests involving Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc. Players can earn some Elden Ring Items rewards in these newly added quests.

    There is also new background music for various parts of the open world, plenty of bug fixes, and plenty of balance changes, which may particularly interest players who like to run games quickly. In addition, what changes have the new patch brought?

    Issues that players encountered during gameplay have been resolved, such as a bug where summoned NPCs could not take damage during certain boss fights, a bug where players would freeze while riding, and players using special item and spell combinations to Bugs that activate Erdtree Greatshield’s weapon skills without absorbing attacks, etc.

    This update has increased the drop rate of Forge Stones for some enemies, and also added Forge Stones to some early game store lineups. The damage and effects of some Elden Ring Items have been increased, which is an aspect that players are very pleased with.

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    If players want to know more about Elden Ring v1.03, they can log in to the game or go to the game’s official website to check.

  • IGGM is the best Lost Ark Gold seller to trade

    Mar 15, 2022

    Lost Ark created a buzz when it launched in the West. There were a lot of players flocking to Lost Ark in the beginning, which put a lot of pressure on the server. Queuing is an unavoidable problem, but fortunately, the developers actively solve it so that every Lost Ark player can enjoy the game smoothly.

    It's now over a month since Lost Ark's release, and the number of players continues to grow. Lost Ark peaked at 591,163 players today. Lost Ark provides each player with an exciting, dynamic game scene, where players can see characters and costumes full of character . Players can get the weapons and equipment their characters need in various ways, complete missions or get them directly with Lost Ark Gold.

    When players start their own Odyssey journey in a place full of cities, castles and catacombs, the main thing to do is to complete the main quest to upgrade the character and improve the gear score. This may take a long time, and for players who don't want to do it themselves, the best way is to get Lost Ark Boosting.

    What every Lost Ark player needs is Lost Ark Gold. Get Cheap Lost Ark Gold from a third-party platform - this is the way most players will choose, because it saves time and gets the most Lost Ark Gold.

    So what third-party platform should players choose to get Lost Ark Gold? They need to meet the criteria of safety, cheapness, and fast delivery. As a professional and experienced game service provider, IGGM.com not only meets these standards but also wins the trust of many players with its excellent service.

    Lost Ark Gold For Sale at IGGM.com is the safest and most trusted. This is all thanks to the fact that we provide a 100% safe trading system and payments.

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    IGGM.com has lightning fast delivery speed. 90% of players can receive their cheap Lost Ark Gold within 15 minutes. Refunds are also available for orders that are not completed in time because of special reasons.

    A high level of service is the hallmark of IGGM.com. We offer 24/7 support to solve problems for players and chat with players who are waiting. Because of service, many players give their praise without hesitation.

    Obviously, in the industry, IGGM.com is the best place to get Lost Ark Gold. We will also update some game news and game guides from time to time for players’ reference. IGGM can be trusted by every player.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Preview Update

    Feb 25, 2022

    The Elder Scrolls Online Update 33 will be released on PC on March 14 and on PlayStation and Xbox on March 29. The team has largely revealed our extensive preview of the new characters we expect to be added in this patch. IGGM summarizes the main contents of the following updates for you:

    One of the biggest changes in this update is achievements. Achievements will now be done account-wide, so if you get an achievement on one character, it will show up on all of your characters. But this is the case for most of the achievements available in the game, and is doing this for several reasons. For players, it gives you unlocked achievements and titles available to all of your characters without having to do the same thing over and over again. For game developers, merging achievements also reduces the amount of data the database has to process, so it should improve performance.

    This update will also introduce new PVP rewards. Worthy Coffers will have the opportunity to include items from these armor sets: Rallying Cry (light), Hew and Sunder (medium, and Enervating Aura (heavy). These sets make different types of PVP moves more useful. One example is that Rallying Cry can be used in Increases your teammates' weapon and spell damage and crit resistance after you critically hit yourself or an ally. The update also introduces a new set: Dragon guard Berserker Armor, which you can only get by fighting and swapping styles with Tel var Stones get.

    Another part of the update you can buy for your convenience is Giladil the Ragpicker, the deconstruction assistant. She will break down any item you need, no matter where you are. You can get ESO Gold to help you complete the game better, which will be the next assistant in the Crown Store when the patch is released.

    The final version is tied to the upcoming Ascending Tide DLC. However, these changes will apply to everyone's base game.

  • How to find mokoko seeds in Lost Ark?

    Feb 22, 2022

    Lost Ark is an MMO game that offers players multiple ways to earn rewards between sailboats, premium gear, or collectibles. Collectibles are one of the longest-running features in the game, and the main item in this category is Mokoko Seeds.

    There are thousands of species to collect, scattered around Arkesia. You may encounter them in all kinds of content, be it dungeons, quests, or islands.

    Black rose Chapel is a map from East Luterra and you will need some time to collect all the seeds there as there are 13 of them. There are not so many seeded maps in the game.

    To help you save time, here are the locations of all Mokoko seeds in the Church of the Black Rose.

    Some of these Mokoko Seeds are hidden behind secret passages. The two seeds below the churchyard are in the house. To get in, just go through the door, even if it doesn't appear to be designed to open.

    The seed in the west of the map is hidden behind a secret passage, which you can easily spot when looking for it. Go to where the red line is and you'll find a burnt down house. Enter it, and you will naturally enter the secret path. There are three Mokoko seeds inside, and they're quite far from each other, so you'll have to do some exploration to get them.

    Wisdom Island is one of the smaller islands in the Lost Ark

    But there are still plenty of reasons to travel there. Collectors will want to find the four Mokoko seeds the island has to offer. Here you can find Mokoko seeds from Wisdom Island.

    Wisdom Island is a narrow, relatively simple island located in the southeast corner of Lutra. To get to Wisdom Island, take a quick ocean liner or Triport to East Luterra's Wave strand harbor. Once there, sail south to Wisdom Island. On your world map, the island will be one block below Wave strand Port.

    Once you reach Wisdom Island, follow its central path until you find the point where the road splits into three different directions. If you want to complete the available quests on Wisdom Island, go directly past the stone statue and enter the cave library on the far side of the map.

    However, if you're coming to Mokokos, you'll be making a detour first.

    To find the Mokoko Seeds on Wisdom Island, turn left or right as you face the junction of the island's central path. You'll need to follow both sides of the fork to get to Mokokos, so don't worry about which side you go down first. If you go right first, you have to pass under some trees and over a stone bridge before seeing the secret, unmarked entrance to the island's library. Go into the room and search under the table, as Mokoko seeds in this area are hard to see in the first place without a little digging. After finding the two seeds in the room on the right, go back to the center of the island outside and take the path to the left this time. Once you enter another secluded area, continue down the trail, ignoring the cliffs that the game prompts you to jump on. Instead, you have to enter another secret doorway in the library and search under a few tables and chairs to find the Mokoko Seeds in this room.

    Once you have collected two seeds from each secret room, you will have collected all available Mokokos on Wisdom Island.Of course, in addition to Momoko seeds, you can also choose other ways to collect some rare collections, such as buying Lost Ark Gold in IGGM to get level and equipment upgrades, there are many reasons for choosing IGGM, the most important is safety and professionalism and the recharge rate is recognized by the majority of players.

  • How to Farm Harmony Shards in LOST ARK

    Feb 21, 2022

    Fragments of Harmony in the Lost Ark are an important resource that players need to collect to increase the item level of their gear. Raising the item level allows the player to level up to tire2. Specifically, players need an item level of 600 to reach tier 2 and 1100 to upgrade to tier 3. At first glance, these high numbers in The Lost Ark may seem quite intimidating. However, if you can use effective resources, time, and energy, you can get more Harmony shards more quickly to achieve higher efficiency. The following are several suitable acquisition methods provided by IGGM for everyone..

    *Clear Chaos Dungeons

    The first way to get Harmony shards in the lost ark is to clear Chaos Dungeons, and players will be rewarded with a currency called Perception Shards after completing these quests. Players can take these shards to Yeneka, the Sorcerer of Magic in North Fern, who will exchange the Shards of Perception for the Harmony Fragment Bag and the Harmony Leapstone. However, it should be noted that players can only enter the Chaos Dungeon twice a day.

    *Exchange Shards of Harmony with Bloodstones

    Another way to easily plant Harmony Fragments in the Lost Ark is to exchange Bloodstones for Harmony Fragments. Bloodstone is a currency that is awarded to players whenever they complete a quest or make a donation to their guild. Similar to the Sentence Fragment Trading NPCs mentioned above, Guild NPCs will offer a range of items for Lost Ark players on Steam to trade for their Bloodstones. Harmony Shard Bags can be found in the Exchange Shop. Newcomers who have not yet joined a guild will be able to join or create their guild upon arrival at Prideholme. Select the community button in the lower right corner of the interface, players can select a guild, and the option to find a guild or create a guild pops up. Once players join a guild, they can start earning Bloodstones to obtain Harmony Fragments.

    *Trade Pirate Coins with traveling merchant ships

    A third way to harvest Harmony Fragments is to trade Pirate Coins with the Traveling Merchant Ship. An excellent source of Pirate Coins is completing quests in Blackfang's Lair and Liberty Island, which are located on the east side of the world map. Lost Ark players will receive valuable loot, such as Gina's Coins, which can also be exchanged for more Pirate Coins. Finally, players can also get a lot of Harmony Shards by completing main quests and farming quests in specific locations like Shadow Island and Panda Island.

    At the same time, to better serve players, IGGM still provides you with a safer, more convenient, and affordable way to buy Lost Ark Gold, and you can still achieve success with the help of GOLD under special circumstances.

    In addition, IGGM reminds you: The Lost Ark will have an offline update action at 0:00 tonight. At that time, the following problems in the game will be solved, including the game queue of dungeon PVP does not work properly, the crystal halo that sometimes disappears, etc. to ensure the player's gaming experience, the server will be shut down at 00:00 on February 21st. Maintenance is expected to take two hours. However, only the European servers are affected by the maintenance.

  • Christmas Sale On IGGM Stars! Buy Products To Enjoy Up To 35% Off

    Dec 20, 2021

    Now that Christmas is approaching, IGGM has also prepared Christmas gifts for many gamers. Now some products we are selling have Up To 35% OFF, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons products, Forza Horizon 5 products, Fallout 76 products and Genshin Impact products. The discounts of other game products are in the range of 10% to 20% OFF. Moreover, you can also use code "XMAS" to get 7% OFF to save yourself more money. This event will continue until December 31st.

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    FFXIV Endwalker

    Now FFXIV Endwalker is in full swing, and the Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) and ending are amazing. Meteion as the last boss was an unexpected turn in MSQ, especially since she was not even introduced to the expansion. This is a risky move, but it is indeed the right choice. Meteion's sudden transformation from a wide-eyed and bubbly girl to a frustrated nihilist, bearing the despair of countless fallen civilizations, attracting players’ attention. So if you are immersed in Endwalker, you will need FFXIV Gil. Taking advantage of the Christmas event now, it is wise to come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil.

    Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact 2.3 Update also attracted more players. Both Itto and Gorou characters are exciting. As we all know, the low pull rate has been criticized by players, so it’s not easy to get a five-star hero in Genshin Impact. Now during the Christmas sale on IGGM, you can come here to buy cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with Itto, Ke Qing, Xiao, and more.

    If you read this article, you are lucky, cause you knew the best place to buy game items and currencies, coming to IGGM to buy will save you a lot of money. As we understand that buyers are desperate for game currency,the 24/7 online service and fast delivery are guaranteed, so that you can receive your purchased products within 30 minutes after placing the order.

    If you want to know more details about "IGGM Christmas Sale Up To 35% OFF", please feel free to contact our staff. We hope you can get the best experience here! Cheers For Christmas!

  • ESO Guide: How To Join A Guild? 

    Aug 05, 2021

    Guild is the core content of most MMO games, and ESO is no exception. Whether you want to join an NPC guild or another players guild, you will get countless activities that will make you start with adventure. This article will detail how to join the guild.

    What are guilds in ESO?

    Guilds are groups operated by NPCs or players. There are 3 set NPC guilds in the base game, all players can join. These provide special daily quests and new procession trees.

    Player guilds are established and run by players. They do not provide daily quests or skill trees. However, there are some merchants in the game, and the guild can use these merchants to sell items to other players to earn ESO Gold. Player guilds are also useful for adventuring in search of consistent groups of players.

    How to join NPC guilds?

    The way to join Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, and Undaunted is the same, they all involve your Faction’s starting city.

    * For Ebonheart Pact, this is Davon’s Watch, found in Stonefalls.

    * Aldmeri Dominion players need to go to Vulkhell Guard in Auridon.

    * If you are part of Daggerfall Covenant, you should head to Daggerfall in Glenumbra.

    Once you reach the appropriate location, open your map and find the Guild you want to join. They are all marked on the key, if you want to find them, use the key. When you enter the guild, look for someone with a quest. This will start the guild’s questline and guide you to the initiation.

    How to join player guilds?

    Player guilds are built up by real players, so if you want to find other players to play together, it’s wise to join a player guild. There are guilds that specialize in all the activities you can think of, including running dungeons, adventures, roleplaying, and so on.

    To join a player guild, you need to go to Guilder Finder. It is located in the Guilds menu and press "G" to open it on the PC. If you use a console, you can find it in the control menu.

    In Guild Finder, you can view all guilds that have open spaces. You can read their descriptions and rules carefully and choose the guild that suits you best. Once you have made a decision, you can request to join, and the Guildmaster will review your request and decide whether to accept it.

    Because many quests in ESO are very challenging, team combat is often a better choice, because in any case, you will have the support of your teammates, so joining a reliable player guild can help you complete the task more easily. But playing the team means that the boss you are about to meet is more challenging, so good gear and weapons will be vital, and having sufficient ESO Gold at this time will give you a huge advantage. If you just want to immerse yourself in the game itself, and don't want to spend time farming ESO Gold, then you can come directly to IGGM to buy ESO Gold. IGGM is a professional gaming service website with several years of experience, so it is trustworthy. And 24/7 live chat is available, so whenever you come to IGGM, you can always contact our staff.

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