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How to get the Forest Minuet in the Lost Ark

Posted: Feb 28, 2022

Forest's Minuet is a sheet music song in Lost Ark, where players will need to uncover hidden passages around the world and complete various regional side quests. For example, adventurers must play this song to complete "The Whispering Minuet," Oona's Daily quest in Whispering Isle. Additionally, players will need Melodies to remove the giant vines blocking the hidden area with two Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Lakebar area. Therefore, Forest Minuet is likely to be sought after by many players.

Obtaining the Forest Minuet in Lost Ark is not easy and requires several prerequisites to be met. IGGM sums it up for you as follows:

The first and most immediate requirement is to gain the ability to travel by boat, which naturally unlocks as the player progresses through the main story. Specifically, "Sail!" - the final mission of the East Luterra storyline - will grant players a ship to travel across the world map of Arkesia.

The second prerequisite is access to sheet music, which can be purchased by the player for Pirate Coins x 16,500 from the Merchant Treasure Hunter Igrand on the deck of the Peto Ship. The most efficient way to get this Pirate Coin is to complete the quest chains of the two islands in the Lost Ark - Liberty Island and Blackfang Lair, rewarding the player for buying enough Pirate Coins. Once a player has purchased Song of Resonance, they must reach level 50 by fulfilling the final condition to obtain Minuet of the Forest, as the necessary purple quests will not be available until the player reaches that level requirement. Of course, Lost Ark Gold can also help you complete the task faster here.

After meeting the prerequisites above, Lost Ark fans can head to Lullaby Island to get the Forest Minuet. Keep in mind that the island is tied to a time-limited entry period, so players will need to check the in-game schedule to see if Lullaby Island is available. Upon arrival, speak to the traveler Eclipse to begin "The Forest of Fairy Singing," the first quest in a four-part series.

For the following objectives, Lost Ark Western players are tasked with interacting with the Invisible Singing Fairy. Adventurers must choose the correct sequence of dialogue options while talking to the fairy to complete the quest.

First Fairy : 1 - 1 - 2

Second Fairy : 2 - 2 - 1 - 1

Third Fairy: 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1

After that, players must participate in a repeatable co-op quest to collect Forest Sounds x 3. This is a task that requires the Song of Resonance. As mentioned above, missions are time-limited, so players may have to wait to start. After collecting the three Forest Voices collectibles in The Lost Ark, players should return to the Invisible Fairy to pick up the Forest Minuet.


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