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Some things that lost ark players should know

Posted: Mar 09, 2022

Posted: Mar 09, 2022

Source:  IGGM

This time, the lost Ark guide provided by IGGM will fill in you will not tell you the things you can, or you may not notice in the pop-up window of its blizzard. This MMO has arrived here for more than two years in South Korea, which means that Korean players have introduced a lot of things, slowly from the beginning. That's why I lost Ark, I felt that I explode in a child menu factory, full of endless new systems and references to the final item, you can only see it at level 5.

An important change in the production of the Korean version, and the Western copyright inheritance is a copy of the classroom. These solo introductions are initially allowed to get to level 10 before choosing advanced courses, and adding other players in Predhom, but these custom tutorials are now replaced by the current, shorter sequences shared by each class.

That's why you have five attack capabilities at the beginning of Level 10, and suffer a confusing slide summary you missed the event, even if they completely pursue the pursuit of the upcoming Ark. The lost Ark is full of things. Fortunately, the West versions include a new system called "Welcome Challenge". It is another menu, but this is a list of challenges that bundle together. Check it in routine, see which you have completed and collected, including silver coins, HP water, etc. You should go well between the welcome challenges and the following tips. Although we are in HP's theme: no wine has been drinking. When you hurt, please use the healing magic water. They are those that bind to F1 over time and by default. More valuable HP Potions immediately healed the overall health percentage. This means that HP PATIONS continues to be useful at a high level, and an apprenticeship for 300 attack points will eventually become garbage, once your number of people is caught in a dilemma.

More importantly, HP drugs can be used for raids, while healing cannot be. Therefore, although you work at level 50, only take off the leg, if it gets the healing of the water on the label and saves HP water as the final label. If the two varieties have a clearer name, it will be more likely to be like most MMOS, and the loss of Ark is more screen real estate than it needs more screen real estate. Of course, you can also help buy medicines with Lost Ark Gold, although you can minimize single elements, still leave what you need to see, instead of them should intercept more views.

If your eyesight reaches it, there is a choice under video settings to change the HUD size. It is a clear improvement in a decrease of 80%. It also hides the UI element according to Alt-X. Press the next time to get rid of the Sineap, QuestLog, and Top menu, pressing it in the second time, hiding all the columns, just like a necessity such as Hotbars, Health, and Mana, and getting everything in the third time. Unfortunately, it will come back as soon as you have quite the conversation. Finally, press the mapping overlay that the label portable can remove it on the side and click on the side and drag it from it.


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