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Lost Ark: How To Find All Vista Locations In Arthetine?

Posted: Mar 11, 2022

In Lost Ark, the Arthetine is the area where you might reach level 50 at the end of the questline, and each of the seven vast zones each possesses one Vista viewpoint for you to find. IGGM will guide you step by step to find all of them.

* The Port is the first Vista located in Lupen Port of the Arid Path. From the portal to this area, go to the northeast up the walkway on the left side, and near the dead end on the left, you will find the Lost Ark viewpoint.

* The second Vista is located in Origins of Stern. Near the market district, just in front of the entrance to the Arid Path, you can find the viewpoint, the Panorama of the City, on the right.

* The third Vista is located at the Hoverboard Testing Site. To reach the spyglass, you need to go left until you reach a small tower between large gear-like ventilation fans. Climb the ladder to the top to get the ‘Valley and Robot Wastes’ Vista entry.

* The 4th Vista is at Nebelhorn. Go to the northwest area of Lost Ark's 3 Sappy Walou Cactus elite enemy lairs and follow the sandy brick walkway towards the overlook with the two lit braziers. This Lab viewpoint will be at the end.

* The fifth Vista is in the Junkyard in Windbringer Hills. To get the spyglass, go northeast from the portal to the area until you reach the lift. Get on the elevated and find another elevator leading to the viewpoint. The elevator is automatic, so you just have to wait on the platform for them to activate.

* The sixth Vista is on the path to the Royal Guard Quartermaster bosses. Near a tower, you can find a ladder leading to the spyglass, Clockwork Square, and a Mokoko Seed.

* The seventh is only available after you receive the yellow quest, The Sandy Path, from the Mercenary Recker. This quest needs you to retrieve some Sandwind Whiskeys from the Bartender in Stern for the Mercenary Recker in Riza Falls. Once you've completed this quest, you can enter the sand vortex to complete the quest and continue through the portals to reach the ‘Whirlpool Observatory’ Vista.

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