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General News

  • SWTOR: Why It Is Still Worth Playing In 2023?

    Posted: Feb 22, 2023

    At present, many games have lost numerous player bases, but how does Star Wars: The Old Republic maintain the existing player base and attract novice players? Star Wars players summed up five reasons.

    Old Republic PVP’s tournament setup is the first reason. Star Wars is a straightforward game to pick up. When you reach Level 10, you can easily join your first battle zone to fight, and the system will match you with players with similar combat skills. This way, you can quickly learn the map in a relatively easy way.

    In addition, the game is now simpler than before. It also makes it more beginner-friendly since you have fewer skills at your disposal. You don’t need to install any add-ons to play, so Old Republic PVP games are almost out of the box and player matching is fast. This is the second reason players like him.

    A game of Star Wars is usually 5-10 minutes, even faster in Arenas. But in other games Trolls can even hold you hostage and you’ll be stuck there for a long time as well.

    Old Republic PVP gear 3 gear will be faster and easier to get than PVE. In Old Republic PVP, you only need to reach item Level 332 and complete some daily tasks, and you can get a magnificent set of equipment. 

    After that, you can enter PBEP, and more importantly, you can get a set of special equipment through PVP. If you want the best PVP set, you can redeem the set you want only by getting enough SWTOR Credits on, so everyone has a way to get the best set, and this is it three reasons for popularity.

    Of course, you can also get it through simple games, but there is no rating anymore in PVP. So you also need to know about other games, sometimes you need to pass the rating to get the best equipment. Therefore, if your equipment is worse than your opponent, it may be difficult to pass the level.

    In Star Wars, casual gamers can exist, too. You can get the best gear that everyone is using, and there’s no annoying, stupid endgame PVE system here. You just have to think hard and get Legendary Powers or Special Shiny Thingies ASAP. These just represent points in PVP so that players can redeem all Buffs they need.

    Fourth reason, Old Republic PVP is complex and difficult to master. That’s right, PVP is indeed easy to use at the beginning, and it is friendly to novice players, which is not contradictory. Later, it was precisely because of all the additions of Interactions and the unique Guard System in the game, as well as the different working methods of Healing Classes, that the difficulty of the late game was exploded. 

    DPS classes differ from it. It first solves system problems. You should know that there are hundreds of Buffs and Attack Effects in the game, which makes even if you play this game for 10 years, you still need to keep learning. So, while it’s easy to learn, it still takes a lot of time to really master PVP game.

    The last reason is the most important one. It’s just that Star Wars still has a powerful appeal for every veteran player. It’s still fun. That’s why some players can keep playing it for decades. Especially PVP mode in the game, you should know that competitive players usually like to challenge and defeat others in PVP.

    Most players should know PVP mode is a good outlet for aggression. Even though you know you just want revenge on the guy who killed you in the last war zone. However, this thought is also what drives you to want to improve yourself and become a better player.

    So by now you should be able to understand, here are the top five reasons you should start playing Star Wars PVP now in 2023. Hope you have fun.

  • What We Should Know About SWTOR 7.1.1? - 2022 Fall Guides

    Posted: Sep 26, 2022

    SWTOR developer BioWare announced on Twitter that the game is coming to version 7.1.1 in the Fall of 2022, which is tentative, not exact. The new version mainly adds more new Outfitter features, nerfs and adjusts the R-4 bosses, and opens Galactic Season 3. Below I will select a few of them and give a brief introduction to these updates.

    At the moment, we don't know much about Galactic Season 3. But from the relevant disclosure of the community manager JackieKo, we can clearly know that the theme of this season is "Galactic Gaming". And players can still participate in Feast of Prosperity and Conquest objectives in the Manaan Daily area at the start of the season.

    What I'm going to talk about next is where several bosses in R-4 Anomaly will be nerfed or tweaked. First, Veteran’s IP-CPT’s health will decrease. Second, the health of Overgrown Hallway and Lady Dominique in Story Mode will be reduced. Finally, Nihrot's damage will no longer be reflected.

    Of course, in addition to nerfing some bosses, the new version will also fix bugs such as Nihrot's suppression grenade getting stuck in tentacles and IP-CPT falling to the floor.

    It's worth noting that the CE vendor in previous releases only served players who purchased Collector's Edition. In the current version, as long as players use SWTOR Credits to purchase an account-wide access pass, they can also enjoy special services from CE vendors and buy Collector's Edition items.

    If you want to upgrade faster in SWTOR 7.1.1, you can buy SWTOR Credits at We can offer you 24/7 online support. And our prices are also the cheapest among our industries. As long as you pay, 10-min instant delivery will be committed. I wish you have a nice day!

  • SWTOR: What You Should Know about Upcoming New Forum?

    Posted: Sep 22, 2022

    SWTOR has been continuously optimized and improved since its release in 2011, and Star Wars: The Old Republic has maintained a steady pace of development until today. To celebrate its tenth anniversary recently, the game also added the Legacy of the Sith event to the expansion. While SWTOR keeps getting better, its forums haven't changed much. To players' excitement,  the in-game forums will be upgraded by the end of September. We can know from SWTOR community manager JackieKo's revelation that the old forum of the game will be updated on September 29th, which heralds the emergence of a "uniquely SWTOR" new platform, which will also have many new features for players to use.

    The new forum will be released in two phases. The first phase of the update will focus on introducing new features, while the second phase will be released later and focus on increasing community engagement.

    There are four things that community members can look forward to in the first phase. First of all, the new forum introduces a personalized setting. For example, community members who want to customize the forum posts they want to see can do so by using tags, following community managers or topics. Second, the new forum is optimized for mobile and has a mobile-friendly layout. The third optimization is about announcements. The new forum will display upcoming special events and updates (such as the PTS stage) in the form of banners, which will make announcements more prominent and easy for community members to view. The last one is about Alerts. Although the function of this section is similar to the previously mentioned announcements, it mainly announces small events similar to dev streams.

    SWTOR fans will have the opportunity to experience the above new features on September 29, 2022, but it still lack the in-game event calendar feature that allows players to set their own clocks ahead of time for upcoming events be ready. If this feature is introduced, players will love it.

    The second phase of the game forum update is mainly to introduce a reward system for users who use the forum. Users just need to join the community and participate in the SWTOR forum to get posts. Users can post posts based on their personal preferences, or they can create posts for constructive or practical purposes. Either way, users can earn badges and rank through these posts.

    On September 26, 2022, the old forum will be subject to 72 hours of maintenance due to the need to port 10 years of data to the new forum.

    In any case, this new forum still plays a supporting role, and players still need to prepare adequate SWTOR Credits to make yourselves stronger. You can buy SWTOR Credits at Our price is the lowest among the same, and we can also provide you with 24/7 online service, so if you encounter any problems during the purchase process, please feel free to contact our customer service.

  • When to Choose a Second Combat Style in SWTOR 7.0

    Posted: Sep 20, 2022

    Explanation of Combat Styles in SWTOR

    As the latest vocabulary in Advanced Class, each player can choose the skills and weapon types they use when they switch to Combat Style.

    The Main Classes and Advanced classes, which have now been renamed Combat Styles, are basically the same gameplay as you've been exposed to before, except for Ability Pruning, the removal of the Utilities, and redesigning of the Disciplines progress system into an ability-choice-based system.

    Best time to Switch a Second Combat Style

    With the release of the Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion, players can freely switch any character to a second Combat Style or Combat Styles in-game. But players need to ensure that they are not in a stage or battle process, which is similar to how respeccing works in SWTOR 6.0.

    Towards the end of Chapter 3 of the Origin Story, characters in the game will automatically gain a second Combat Style feature. Players will also receive new quests at the same time, with Force wielders calling the resulting quest "Training in the Force" and technical users calling it "Training and Skills". All the player needs to do is click the Launch button next to the mission, and when the cutscene starts, you can decide whether to switch to your second Combat Style.

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  • Easiest Guide to Start Legacy of the Sith in SWTOR

    Posted: Sep 19, 2022

    This year marks the 11th anniversary of The Old Republic, and BioWare has released a new expansion for it: Legacy of the Sith, which is also part of the online role-playing game Star Wars. Since this is The Old Republic's eighth expansion, SWTOR is a bit out of date. However, if you want to experience the classic western MMORPG again, this game is still worth playing.

    This guide will briefly explain how to really start the story of Legacy of the Sith, and what new and returning players need to be aware of in the current expansion.

    If you're new to SWTOR and new to Legacy of the Sith, the first thing you need to do is level up your character to level 75. Only then can you start a overall new game from SWTOR and start the story of Legacy of the Sith.

    It's worth noting that novice players can also benefit from updates and fixes to the Legacy of the Sith story. Although it has little to do with the story, players can increase the flexibility of the game by modifying already created characters and choosing another fighting style.

    For those players whose game characters have reached level 75, it mainly depends on the progress of the story you played before. If you've passed the expansion story called "Onslaught" before, the Legacy of the Sith starting quest will automatically appear in your journal.

    For those of you who haven't played Onslaught yet, you can prioritize Oircon missions on your own spaceship mission console. Once accepted, you can automatically skip most of the Onslaught quest series and continue quests in Legacy of the Sith faster.

    That's all for a brief introduction to starting the Legacy of the Sith story. You can buy SWTOR Credits at 10-min instant delivery is committed after you pay. You can fully trust our service, as long as there is any problem, we will help you solve it quickly.

  • SWTOR: Releasing the May Update to Celebrate Star Wars Day

    Posted: May 05, 2022

    "May the force (fourth) be with you."It's the annual Star Wars Day again, and the majority of fans are looking back on their own and Star Wars bits and pieces. And BioWare also brought an update on May 4th, and players will be able to receive the holiday treat in the upcoming May update.

    The update will be completed on May 5th at 11 AM UTC, and in honor of Star Wars Day, players will enjoy awesome new content and rewards in the game.

    Players who log in between May 3rd and May 10th will receive a new mini pet: the orange P1-XL Droid, which will be waiting for your claim in the mailbox. Plus, this week will give players Double XP and unlock 50% off collectibles for an unforgettable anniversary for all Star Wars fans.

    In addition to the exciting festivities, SWTOR has also opened a new May event schedule. The first quest that has already started is the Pirate Incursion, which players above level 20 can complete from May 3rd to May 10th. The event isn't too difficult, but the rewards that come with it are very attractive, including featured rewards: Nova Blade and Dantooine Homesteader Armor Sets, Ugnaught Companion, Walker Mount, and more.

    The Pirate Invasion mission will be followed by the Bounty Contract Week from May 17th to May 24th, where players will sign and complete contracts with Bounty Brokers, and fight criminal gangs to gain reputation and armor, weapons, and other equipment rewards, very Suitable for players who want to quickly level up and accumulate supplies. This means that it is a good choice for novice players, and players who want to participate should not miss it.

    Finally, at the end of May, the new The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally will bring players exciting unique racing swoop bike courses that unlock even more storylines and shiny cosmetic items. The event will run from May 31st to June 7th.

    That's all for the May Update, and to celebrate Star Wars Day, SWTOR has indeed planned a lot of attractive events and rewards. will continue to update relevant information for you. To support you to have a perfect experience in SWTOR, we can also provide you with cheap SWTOR Credits. You are welcome to contact the website customer service at any time.

  • SWTOR version 7.0.2 is now updated

    Posted: Apr 28, 2022

    BioWare released the Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.02 update on April 26. This update has absorbed a large number of players' feedback and added the highly anticipated new feature Weapons in Outfitter based on the original game.

    Outfitter Designer is a feature that SWTOR released back in the 3.2 updates, where players can choose their preferred armor to create sets. Weapons in Outfitter had a prototype plan as early as 2018. At that time, BioWare promised to improve the quality of life in response to the needs of players, but for various reasons, the release was delayed until this year.

    Simply put, this feature enables the independence of weapon attributes and appearances. Players can equip a weapon in the Gear window, which determines a character's stats, but the appearance of the weapon can be customized to the player's liking. This means that players can take into account the preferences of appearance and attributes to create satisfactory weapons. This function is also very simple to operate. In the character table, you only need to "equip" the weapon representing the attribute in the Weapon slot of the Outfitter tab, and then "drop" the weapon representing the appearance in the Weapon slot.

    Another important change is the name of the currency. BioWare has renamed some level 80 currencies in this update. Medal of Commendation is now Conquest Commendation; Aquatic Resource; Matrix is now Daily Resource Matrix; Hazardous Matter Catalyst is now OP-1 Catalyst; Thyrsian Production Accelerant is now WZ-1 Accelerant and Decurion Isotope Stabilizer is now FP-1 Stabilizer. At the same time, there are some adjustments to the game balance, such as when the wise man is triggered by AOE damage, it will no longer hit the main target twice, etc.

    In addition, with the addition of new content, SWTOR has also launched a Double XP event for it, players can get double experience and courage from May 3rd to May 10th. This is a very good opportunity to level up your character, and I hope you don't miss it.

    The specific update catalog can be found on the official website.

    If you are also a player of SWTOR, I believe this update will bring you a smoother gaming experience. Of course, IGGM also serves you with this goal, and we will provide you with cheap SWTOR Credits to support your better progress in the game. You can also focus on, we will continue to update the news.

  • Vigilance has great damage potential in Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Posted: Apr 12, 2022

    In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Vigilance is pretty average for sustained, pure single-target DPS. While it’s not one of the strongest specs, it doesn’t have a significant downside either. Vigilance can burst better than in the past thanks to Combat Focus’s expanded capabilities and specific ability tree buffs, although it still doesn’t match the actual burst DPS specs.

    The biggest advantage of Vigilance Guardian so far is that its AoE damage potential is very high. The only other discipline in the game that can compete is Hatred Assassin/Serenity Shadow. It’s so powerful that it’s easy to get other players in the group to ignore AoE entirely and focus their ability on tree buffs on increasing single-target DPS. Vigilance Guardian can often boost their single-target DPS considerably when multiple targets are present, due to how their various AoE buffs work.

    In terms of survivability, the DPS Guardian is technically in a worse position than 6.0, although the nerf to survivability doesn’t affect their performance in PvE content at all. Sabre Reflect is only useful for certain attacks in certain battles, and you can always use the cheese ability when needed.

    Also, almost all disciplines suffered some kind of survivability nerf in 6.0, and in PvE Vigilance actually took less damage than many other disciplines. Compared to other disciplines, they’re still a bit confusing as they activate 60% AoE RDT (damage taken) instead of the constant 30% AoE RDT, but their excess DCD should still allow them to survive well done.

    For more guides, you can follow IGGM. You can also get a lot of cheap SWTOR Credits here to improve your character strength.

  • SWTOR Update 7.0.1 Brings PvP Rewards and Improvements

    Posted: Apr 02, 2022

    SWTOR's Legacy of the Sith expansion pack hasn't worked out well since its launch. In addition to welcome changes like a system overhaul, there's a ton of game-breaking bugs, amateur UI updates, and a bunch of disappointingly short quests.

    To assuage fans' fury, Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic has released a new patch that includes a slew of general improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes. Update 7.0.1 also brings Season 14 PvP rewards, so eligible players will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold tier reward in their mailbox upon login.

    Since SWTOR is an MMORPG, it is very forgiving in terms of system specifications, so players can play the game on the computer. Especially for those players who spend most of their time on the go, this is an ideal choice. The team has fixed a major issue that prevented those who played SWTOR on PCs with AMD Ryzen HS processors from logging into the game.

    In terms of general improvements, players can now drag and drop items from the inventory window to any equipment slot and vice versa. Additionally, the equipment tab now correctly displays the current equipment when inspecting a character. You can now view the details window when changing gear. At the same time, the level 60 character promotion tutorial has been removed, and players no longer need to reset key bindings when transitioning to other areas.

    Overall, Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 7.0.1 brings a lot of good improvements to players, which will please those who are already in the game. However, there are still deficiencies in the game, and Bioware said that it will continue to pay attention to players' feedback in the future for quick revisions.

    Well, the latest consultation ends here. However, as a global supplier of MMORPG gold coins, we not only provide the latest news, but also continue to bring players cheap SWTOR Credits. Now, if you have needs, please contact us in time.

  • SWTOR: How To Level Up Fast?

    Posted: Sep 28, 2021

    This year is an important year for SWTOR, because it will begin its 10th-anniversary celebration in December this year. In a long-running game like SWTOR, catching up with the latest chapter may be a grind. New players can quickly gain experience and equipment by using strategies to unlock subsequent chapters of SWTOR and prepare for the latest expansion - Legacy of the Sith. IGGM will also pay attention to this game in the future.

    After completing the main class story to unlock the chapters, you only need to earn XP to improve the character level. In addition to periodic experience increased XP events, there are many ways to increase experience by completing tasks and defeating enemies. The easiest to get is resting XP in the rest space. When you exit the game, the experience you gain is double that of defeating the enemies. Another option is to complete a three-hour Complimentary Major Experience Boost, which provides a 50% increase in experience in addition to rewards.

    How to earn more XP and gear?

    When you level up, you will also upgrade your legacy by completing missions and defeating enemies of all characters on a SWTOR server. According to the legacy level, you can unlock different tiers of role perks, including the passive XP boosts that can be purchased in the legacy menu, and you can also gain additional experience by joining a guild.

    Completing class missions and heroics can gain XP and equipment, and can help you unlock your spaceship in the early SWTOR. Class missions reward a lot of XP and green premium-quality equipment, and provide opportunities for conversation with 5 companions. You can unlock them when you complete class missions. These dialogue options can improve your relationship with your companions, thereby increasing combat efficiency.

    Improving combat efficiency is very important to Heroic 2+ missions. As SWTOR continues to introduce the quality of life updates, these missions can now be completed with the help of an NPC companion. Heroic 2+ missions will reward a lot of XP, as well as blue prototype quality gear, which has a higher gear rating than the premium gear of the same level.

    So through all these methods, you can reach between Level 50 and 60 before the end of the class missions. In addition, if you want to use external help, you can directly come to IGGM to buy SWTOR Credits, they can help you solve most of the difficulties you encounter in the game.

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