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When to Choose a Second Combat Style in SWTOR 7.0

Posted: Sep 20, 2022

Posted: Sep 20, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Explanation of Combat Styles in SWTOR

As the latest vocabulary in Advanced Class, each player can choose the skills and weapon types they use when they switch to Combat Style.

The Main Classes and Advanced classes, which have now been renamed Combat Styles, are basically the same gameplay as you've been exposed to before, except for Ability Pruning, the removal of the Utilities, and redesigning of the Disciplines progress system into an ability-choice-based system.

Best time to Switch a Second Combat Style

With the release of the Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion, players can freely switch any character to a second Combat Style or Combat Styles in-game. But players need to ensure that they are not in a stage or battle process, which is similar to how respeccing works in SWTOR 6.0.

A Second Combat Style in SWTOR 7.0

Towards the end of Chapter 3 of the Origin Story, characters in the game will automatically gain a second Combat Style feature. Players will also receive new quests at the same time, with Force wielders calling the resulting quest "Training in the Force" and technical users calling it "Training and Skills". All the player needs to do is click the Launch button next to the mission, and when the cutscene starts, you can decide whether to switch to your second Combat Style.

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