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SWTOR: Why It Is Still Worth Playing In 2023?

Posted: Feb 22, 2023

Posted: Feb 22, 2023

Source:  IGGM

At present, many games have lost numerous player bases, but how does Star Wars: The Old Republic maintain the existing player base and attract novice players? Star Wars players summed up five reasons.

Old Republic PVP’s tournament setup is the first reason. Star Wars is a straightforward game to pick up. When you reach Level 10, you can easily join your first battle zone to fight, and the system will match you with players with similar combat skills. This way, you can quickly learn the map in a relatively easy way.

In addition, the game is now simpler than before. It also makes it more beginner-friendly since you have fewer skills at your disposal. You don’t need to install any add-ons to play, so Old Republic PVP games are almost out of the box and player matching is fast. This is the second reason players like him.

A game of Star Wars is usually 5-10 minutes, even faster in Arenas. But in other games Trolls can even hold you hostage and you’ll be stuck there for a long time as well.

Is SWTOR worth trying in 2023

Old Republic PVP gear 3 gear will be faster and easier to get than PVE. In Old Republic PVP, you only need to reach item Level 332 and complete some daily tasks, and you can get a magnificent set of equipment. 

After that, you can enter PBEP, and more importantly, you can get a set of special equipment through PVP. If you want the best PVP set, you can redeem the set you want only by getting enough SWTOR Credits on, so everyone has a way to get the best set, and this is it three reasons for popularity.

Of course, you can also get it through simple games, but there is no rating anymore in PVP. So you also need to know about other games, sometimes you need to pass the rating to get the best equipment. Therefore, if your equipment is worse than your opponent, it may be difficult to pass the level.

In Star Wars, casual gamers can exist, too. You can get the best gear that everyone is using, and there’s no annoying, stupid endgame PVE system here. You just have to think hard and get Legendary Powers or Special Shiny Thingies ASAP. These just represent points in PVP so that players can redeem all Buffs they need.

SWTOR Ranked Rewards

Fourth reason, Old Republic PVP is complex and difficult to master. That’s right, PVP is indeed easy to use at the beginning, and it is friendly to novice players, which is not contradictory. Later, it was precisely because of all the additions of Interactions and the unique Guard System in the game, as well as the different working methods of Healing Classes, that the difficulty of the late game was exploded. 

DPS classes differ from it. It first solves system problems. You should know that there are hundreds of Buffs and Attack Effects in the game, which makes even if you play this game for 10 years, you still need to keep learning. So, while it’s easy to learn, it still takes a lot of time to really master PVP game.

The last reason is the most important one. It’s just that Star Wars still has a powerful appeal for every veteran player. It’s still fun. That’s why some players can keep playing it for decades. Especially PVP mode in the game, you should know that competitive players usually like to challenge and defeat others in PVP.

SWTOR How to PvP Guide

Most players should know PVP mode is a good outlet for aggression. Even though you know you just want revenge on the guy who killed you in the last war zone. However, this thought is also what drives you to want to improve yourself and become a better player.

So by now you should be able to understand, here are the top five reasons you should start playing Star Wars PVP now in 2023. Hope you have fun.


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