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SWTOR: How To Level Up Fast?

Posted: Sep 28, 2021

This year is an important year for SWTOR, because it will begin its 10th-anniversary celebration in December this year. In a long-running game like SWTOR, catching up with the latest chapter may be a grind. New players can quickly gain experience and equipment by using strategies to unlock subsequent chapters of SWTOR and prepare for the latest expansion - Legacy of the Sith. IGGM will also pay attention to this game in the future.

After completing the main class story to unlock the chapters, you only need to earn XP to improve the character level. In addition to periodic experience increased XP events, there are many ways to increase experience by completing tasks and defeating enemies. The easiest to get is resting XP in the rest space. When you exit the game, the experience you gain is double that of defeating the enemies. Another option is to complete a three-hour Complimentary Major Experience Boost, which provides a 50% increase in experience in addition to rewards.

How to earn more XP and gear?

When you level up, you will also upgrade your legacy by completing missions and defeating enemies of all characters on a SWTOR server. According to the legacy level, you can unlock different tiers of role perks, including the passive XP boosts that can be purchased in the legacy menu, and you can also gain additional experience by joining a guild.

Completing class missions and heroics can gain XP and equipment, and can help you unlock your spaceship in the early SWTOR. Class missions reward a lot of XP and green premium-quality equipment, and provide opportunities for conversation with 5 companions. You can unlock them when you complete class missions. These dialogue options can improve your relationship with your companions, thereby increasing combat efficiency.

Improving combat efficiency is very important to Heroic 2+ missions. As SWTOR continues to introduce the quality of life updates, these missions can now be completed with the help of an NPC companion. Heroic 2+ missions will reward a lot of XP, as well as blue prototype quality gear, which has a higher gear rating than the premium gear of the same level.

So through all these methods, you can reach between Level 50 and 60 before the end of the class missions. In addition, if you want to use external help, you can directly come to IGGM to buy SWTOR Credits, they can help you solve most of the difficulties you encounter in the game.


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