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News Tag: guides

  • DC Universe Online: What You Need To Know About The Witching Hour? - 2022 Guides

    Posted: Oct 08, 2022

    DC Universe Online's annual Halloween event is about to meet you, and before that, we first ushered in the annual The Witching Hour. The return of the event also brings new base items, new feats, and some style items.

    Currently, the event has started and will end on November 2nd. Those who have experienced The Witching Hour before must be very familiar with the event. Because most of the gameplay and functions have not changed. Players start the game as before by going to the House of Legends and talking to the Phantom Stranger or Tala.

    The Midnight Masquerade nightclub and the streets of Gotham City remain the main locations for players to participate in the event. However, the return of the event has added some fresh elements to set off the festive atmosphere of Halloween.

    In addition to queuing up for The Midnight Masquerade alert, players will also need to fight the haunting of the gothic club with other players. Since battles take several rounds, players can defeat haunting at its roots simply by figuring out what's behind haunting and mysterious masked apparitions. Before going to find the reason, players can prepare in advance to deal with the imitation abilities of several familiar characters.

    In addition to the above events, players can also head to the House of Legends to participate in the Multiplayer Aerial Movement Challenge: Flapping in the Night. In this event, players will transform into vampire bats and compete in a flying race around Arkham Asylum.

    The return of The Witching Hour will bring some new feats such as En Gourd, Hole-y Bedsheets, Batman and Patch Pillager. Pumpkin Knight and Spooky Host Accessory are also very noteworthy new style items. Not only can players get these new style items by earning the seasonal currency Spooky Bites, but they can also be exchanged for other items using Tekl's Halloween bucket. Of course, if the player can complete the Midnight Masquerade of the event and the daily event quests, they will also get those rewards mentioned above.

    If the player can find the Vault-O'Lantern in the House of Legends, there is a chance to unlock the Fall Vault.

    That's all for the introduction to The Witching Hour. If you want better gear in the game, you need to have enough DCUO Cash. Luckily, you can buy DCUO Cash at We can guarantee our prices are the lowest in the same industry. We have different payment methods, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. We also place great emphasis on honest transactions. Please rest assured to buy!

  • WotLK Classic: Heroic Dungeons -You Need To Know

    Posted: Sep 29, 2022

    Dungeons in WotLK Classic has a total of two different difficulty modes, which is normal mode and heroic mode. The difficulty of these two modes generally depends on the bosses' and mobs' health pool, resistances, abilities used, and loot dropped from them. But there are still special cases. For example in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom on heroic mode, only bosses like Amanitar drop unique gear.

    To collect the best gear faster, some players jump into heroic dungeons. This will not only destroy the game experience, but also destroy the original intention of the game designer. To avoid this, Blizzard completely overhauled the way heroic dungeons work in WOTLK Classic, specifically locking hero runs after simple requirements. Players will only be eligible to go to heroic dungeons and start collecting the best gear in raids for the first time if they meet the basic requirements. These gears include Naxxramas, Ulduar, and Eye of the Eternity. Compared to the lengthy attunement chain required to complete the TBC Classic, the WOTLK Classic heroic dungeons are much simpler to operate.

    After Blizzard made the adjustments, many players were still struggling with how to get into heroic dungeons. This guide will clear your doubts and explain in detail the basics of entering heroic dungeons, including level requirements, gear scores, and item levels.

    Basic Conditions To Be Met Before Entering Heroic Dungeons

    As I mentioned before, because of the changes made by Blizzard, players will only be eligible for Heroic dungeons if they meet three basic requirements regarding character level, item level, and certain gearscores. First, players need to ensure that their character reaches level 80, which is the first step in unlocking heroic dungeons. After that, players will have to prepare in advance to meet the minimum item level and gear score requirements. This requires players to go to ordinary dungeons to focus on producing the best equipment. It should be noted that the item level, which is the average level of all equipment items, needs to be level 180 or higher. The gearscore, which has the same effect as the item level, must reach at least 3500 points.

    Ways To Enter Heroic Dungeons In WOTLK Classic

    In the original expansion, you can use the Random Dungeon Finder tool to simplify the gearing process and minimize travel time. But Blizzard has now completely removed this tool from WOTLK Classic. You can only use the basic Dungeon Finder tool right now and it's very limited. You can only use it to find players who are interested in the same dungeon as you are. After you've assembled your party via Looking for Group chat or basic Dungeon Finder, you're also faced with the choice of flying or walking to a pre-selected dungeon. You should also note that after you reach the dungeon, you need to set the dungeon difficulty to hero mode before entering. In this way, you can finally enter heroic dungeons.

    That's all for this guide. If players are still worried about how to quickly level up their characters and item levels, please prepare enough WOTLK Classic Gold in advance. Fortunately, you can buy WOTLK Classic Gold at Our prices are the lowest in the same industry. Our trading environment is 100% safe. We can also offer a 24/7 online support. Please buy with confidence!

  • A Quick Way To Get To Lullaby Island In Lost Ark

    Posted: Sep 29, 2022

    Early in the game, shortly after you visit Tortoyk, you can move on to the next small island, Lullaby Island. Of course, if you want something to help you blaze your way, you can complete the Forest Where Fairies Sing quest line in that area. After completing that quest, you'll get a Forest's Minuet song, and with that, it'll be easier for you to move forward. So how are we supposed to get to Lullaby Island in Lost Ark? This guide will solve your related doubts.

    In Lost Ark, there are also two ways to reach Lullaby Island. You can choose to continue after leaving Tortoyk or East Luterra, neither of which is far from Lullaby Island. If you leave from Tortoyk, continue driving directly southeast of it and finally locate the island above the "Singing Sea" text. Likewise, when you leave East Luterra, you can continue driving northeast of it to Lullaby Island. It's worth noting that no matter which way you choose to get to Lullaby Island, you don't have to worry about the closure of the island. Because the island is not only fixed in the same area, but also open 24/7, you can enter Lullaby Island at any time.

    Once you enter Lullaby Island, you can find various Mokoko Seeds in different areas of the island. Also, every other hour at the 20-minute mark will launch a co-op quest called Magic Melody. What you need to pay attention to is that you need to prepare the Song of Resonance in advance before participating in the event. If not, buy it yourself at Peyto for 16,500 Pirate Coins. The Song of Resonance is so important that without it you have no chance of getting any of the rewards in co-op missions. Regarding the Mokoko Seeds mentioned above, two of them can be obtained in this quest. In the center of the map you can find the third one. The fourth is due south of the Secret Entrance icon.

    That's all for this guide. If you want to complete in-game tasks faster, prepare enough Lost Ark Gold in advance. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at We can guarantee that our products are absolutely authentic. And our trading environment is absolutely safe. As long as you pay, 10-min instant delivery will be committed. You should not miss such a cheap price! Act quickly!

  • A Detailed Tutorial On Unlocking Cold Weather Flying In WoW WotLK Classic

    Posted: Sep 28, 2022

    There are a total of eleven brand new areas to explore in the newly released WoW WotLK Classic. Some of these areas can be reached with ground mounts. But there are at least two areas, including Northrend, that cannot be easily reached by a mount alone due to their vast territory. In order to solve this problem, and to avoid some unnecessary troubles in the process of doing tasks, unlocking Cold Weather Flying is undoubtedly the best choice.

    It's worth noting that if the player unlocks Cold Weather Flying for your character, you can buy an item that will allow any alts you already have to learn. Are you looking forward to flying over Northrend, a chilly northern continent with Cold Weather Flying, right now? Here's how to get it.

    The Way To Unlock Cold Weather Flying

    First you need to use WOTLK Classic Gold to quickly level up to level 77 or higher so that your first character has a chance to learn Cold Weather Flying. Secondly, you need to spend 1000 gold. If you have prepared enough WOTLK Classic Gold in the previous upgrade process, you don't need to worry about this problem. Finally, you have to learn Expert Riding. Of course, players who have played Burning Crusade Classic before must already have this skill, as it is a necessary skill to fly over Outland. After you meet these conditions, you can choose a coach of your choice. These trainers are Hira Snowdawn on Kraus' Landing in Dalaran, Pilot Vic on River's Heart in Sholazar Basin and Roxi Ramrocket on K3 in Storm Peaks.

    How To Get The Tome Of Cold Weather Flying

    Players can buy the Tome of the Cold Weather Flying from the Cold Weather Flying trainer Hira Snowdawn from Dalaran for 1000 gold. Players can send this item to low-level alts, but it can only be used when the player reaches level 68. This also means that any alts upgraded to level 68 in Northrend can be used to fly over the Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord. At the same time, it can also help players level up the second or third character faster especially an alt army.

    The above is a detailed introduction to unlocking Cold Weather Flying. We also learned that in order to get it, you must prepare enough WOTLK Classic Gold in advance. Luckily, you can buy WOTLK Classic Gold at Here, you can not only enjoy the best price, but also experience the best service. Our trading environment is 100% safe, please rest assured to buy. Finally, I wish you a pleasant buying experience!

  • Best Way To Unlock Kalu'ak Whalebone Glider In WotLK Classic

    Posted: Sep 28, 2022

    Just recently, the revamped Wrath of the Lich King Classic, the highly anticipated World of Warcraft expansion, was released. In this release, in order to live up to the expectations of many players, WotLK Classic has added new professions, zones, achievements, and higher level caps. This time, I'm also going to introduce you to a new mount called Kalu'ak Whalebone Glider that was introduced in this version. Since this mount is a reward for completing quests, in this article, I'm mainly going to tell you the best way to unlock the Kalu'ak Whalebone Glider in WotLK Classic.

    First, players need to know that buying the Epic upgrade of WotLK Classic is the only way to get the Kalu'ak Whalebone Glider. Each character in the expansion will receive a quest called "Elite Northrend Expedition Supplies" after you purchase it. You need to find an innkeeper, either from Capital Cities of your faction or from Landro Longshot in Booty Bay. No matter where the innkeeper is, as long as you find it, the previously mentioned quest can be unlocked. At the same time, you will also have the right to use the Kalu'ak Whalebone Glider freely. After owning the mount, players should also be familiar with riding skills, so that you can control the riding speed of the mount.

    Please note: If you accidentally lose items from previous missions, including the Kalu'ak Whalebone Glider, you will need to go back to where you first got the items to find a replacement.

    That's all for this guide. If you want to quickly level up or become stronger in WotLK Classic, you need to prepare enough WOTLK Classic Gold. Fortunately, you can buy WOTLK Classic Gold at Here, we will give certain discounts to both new and old customers. Once you pay successfully, 10-min instant delivery will be committed. And we can also offer a 24/7 online support. If you encounter any problem, please feel free to contact our customer service!

  • How To Get To Dalaran In WoW WotLK Classic? - Three Ways

    Posted: Sep 28, 2022

    Just recently, the WoW WotLK Classic upgrade was released. In this upgrade, players can experience a total of three different versions. You can buy a Heroic upgrade and an Epic upgrade at They are priced at $49.99 and $79.99 respectively. No matter which version is bought, your character will have the privilege of level 70 boost. Don't underestimate this privilege, it can help you enter the magic kingdom faster. Today I'm going to introduce three ways to enter the magical kingdom of Dalaran in WOTLK Classic.

    One of the ways to get to the magical kingdom of Dalaran in WoW WotLK Classic is through a Mage Portal. You need to find a level 74 Mage that requires mastery of the Portal Dalaran spell. The spell can help characters of any level teleport to the WoW WOTLK city hub.

    The second way is to reach Dalaran by flying. You have to use WOTLK Classic Gold first to quickly upgrade to level 77. Once you reach level 77, you can unlock a skill called Cold Weather Flying.

    Finally, the method I want to introduce requires you to complete the task of level 74, and then enter the floating city. Here I want to remind players that you can use the method I mentioned before which is to buy a Heroic upgrade or an Epic upgrade to quickly reach level 70.

    After introducing the method to go to the magical kingdom of Dalaran, I would also like to introduce the quest provider of Dalaran. They are Magister Dath'omere, Baron Ulrik von Stromhearth, Image of Archmage Modera, Vas the Unstable and Magistrix Haelenai in Alliance; Magistrix Kaelana, Magister Varenthas, Image of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, Magister Tyr'ganal and Magistrix Phaelista in Horde and the Magister Teronus III who keeps Neutral. It's worth noting that after you've accepted their quest, you'll also have a chance to be teleported to Dalaran just by talking to them again.

    The above is the whole content of this article. If you want to level up quickly in the game, please prepare plenty of WOTLK Classic Gold. Luckily, you can buy WOTLK Classic Gold at We can guarantee that our price is the lowest among peers. Meanwhile, we have different payment methods, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. If you have any questions, please contact our 24-hour online customer service!

  • A Quick Way to Get Lopang Island Soul In Lost Ark

    Posted: Sep 27, 2022

    As a popular MMO role-playing game, Lost Ark has always insisted on introducing new things into the game. In the beginning, players can experience rich lore, and later they can join their friends in a world full of side events and bosses. Since the Lost Ark world is huge, each area is broken up into smaller islands. As long as players complete the challenges in these islands, they will get the Island Soul in the island they are in. Rare trophies will also be awarded when players collect all Island Souls on all islands. In today's guide, I'm mainly showing players how to get the Lopang Island Soul.

    To get Lopang Island Soul, we first need to find Lopang Island. The island is in the east of the North Vern Continent, which is close to Pleccia. Once you reach the island, keep walking until you find Jasni, a Senior Manager. All you need to do is take quests from him and complete the quests he gives you. The Special Delivery Una quest will be unlocked when you complete Jasni's third quest. Don't worry, Una's task is as simple as Jasni's. You just need to do some deliveries around Lopang Island.

    Una has six missions in total, and after you complete the sixth mission, you can unlock the mission called "An Important Personage". Once this mission is completed, you can get the Lopang Island Soul on Lopang Island. As I introduced before, players need to complete the tasks on each island to get the Island Soul on the corresponding island. But most island missions require a lot of combat, especially with bosses. So acquiring Lopang Island Soul is relatively easy, and you can take a break after completing the quest to prepare for the challenges that follow.

    That's all for how to get the Lopang Island Soul in Lost Ark. If you want to beat the bosses on the island faster and get the Island Souls quickly, you need to prepare enough Lost Ark Gold. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at We are very honest, so you can buy with confidence. We can also offer corresponding discounts to new and old customers. At the same time, the best service can be committed, because our customer service is online 24 hours a day. Act now!

  • What We Can Do After WoW WotLK Classic Server Crashes?

    Posted: Sep 27, 2022

    One of the highly anticipated World of Warcraft expansions, WotLK Classic, went live yesterday. Presumably players can't wait to log in and experience it, right? It is worth noting that due to the popularity of the game, it is inevitable to experience server outages. Is your WotLK Classic currently down? Don't worry, this guide will help you solve these problems. We'll help you keep an eye on and keep you informed of the latest WotLK Classic server status, including server outages you're experiencing, as well as other connection issues regarding maintenance schedules, downtime, and more.

    The first method I'm going to cover is by following the Blizzard Customer Support page. As long as you follow this page, you can stay informed about regular maintenance and future updates. Here you will also find two Blizzard CS Twitter accounts. These two accounts are available in the Americas and Europe, respectively, and each account covers their respective regions. In addition to that, you can also see news about maintenance schedules on the official support page.

    The second method I'm going to cover is to keep an eye on the client. Not only will information about any potential maintenance be announced in advance, but following a server outage at WotLK Classic, a prominent message, marked in red, will pop up to alert players and inform players of details about the problem. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that you can find a lot of useful information on The official World of Warcraft Twitter account.

    That's all I want to tell you about checking WoW WotLK server status, and about server outages and maintenance. With these issues out of the way, you can buy WOTLK Classic Gold with peace of mind and be ready for your in-game upgrades. Our trading environment is 100% stable. And we also have different payment methods, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. I wish you have a nice day!

  • Best Way To Acquire Illusion Bamboo Island Soul In Lost Ark

    Posted: Sep 27, 2022

    Illusion Bamboo Island, is between Yorn and Punika at the bottom of the map. It is an island that players will encounter in the middle and late stages of Lost Ark, so it is best for players to use Lost Ark Gold to upgrade the item level to 1100 and then go to the island. When the player completes the task of the island, they will get a Mokoko Seed and an Island Soul. So, in this guide, I'm going to show you how to get the Illusion Bamboo Island Soul in Lost Ark.

    To get the Illusion Bamboo Island Soul, of course we first have to find the Illusion Bamboo Island. Illusion Bamboo Island is located in the lower left corner of the map. You have two ways to get to the island. The first way, which is aslo the easiest way, is to head southwest of Punika. The second method requires you to drive southeast of Yorn. Either way, you'll need to prepare a Siren-resistant ship ahead of time, as the island is right in the middle of the Siren Seas.

    When you reach the island, you need to keep going and complete various quests along the way until you unlock the quest called "Rapport with Zinnervale". After this quest is unlocked, you need to find Zinnervale in the center of the island according to the heart icon on the map.

    After finding Zinnervale, all you have to do is upgrade his Rapport to Trusted as soon as possible. You can increase his favorability by using emotes, playing instruments, and giving him gifts. Since his favorite gift is the Tournament Entrance Certificate, you'll need 350 Courage in advance to gift him. What you need to note is that you need to prepare as many gifts for Zinnervale in advance as possible. Because his Rapport can only be upgraded to Trusted if his favorability exceeds 50,000. After you reach the Friendly Rank with him, you still need 330 Courage and Charisma to complete his Rapport quests.

    That's all for this guide. If you want to level up your item level or send gifts to Zinnervale with Courage and Charisma, you'll need to stock up on Lost Ark Gold. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at We can assure you that the price we give will be the lowest among the peers. In order to provide you with quality service, 24/7 online support can be committed. I wish you have a good buying experience!

  • How To Find Harvest Lord Incarnate In Lost Ark?

    Posted: Sep 26, 2022

    Harvest Lord Incarnate, as a World Boss in Lost Ark, spawns at a specific time on a specific island. Harvest Lord Incarnate is not as popular as bosses in areas like Puika and South Vern, but it also has a chance to drop an island soul when defeated. Therefore, fighting the Harvest Lord Incarnate is also worthwhile for those players who want to complete the island soul collection. So, how do we find this World Boss in Lost Ark? This guide will clear your doubts.

    The Harvest Lord Incarnate is a large creature with a pumpkin head that spawns on Orvis Island. Orvis Island is in the south of East Luterra, which is in the center of a Dead Sea patch. Players must take care to maintain a high level of durability and resistance while driving in the Dead Sea. While losing all durability isn't an instant death, the journey to Orvis Island certainly won't be smooth sailing. After reaching Orvis Island, players first have to wait for the boss timers to expire. The generated time and date of each field boss in Lost Ark are pre-determined and they will start timing at the same time before cycling every few days.

    After the timer runs out, we're about to start fighting with Harvest Lord Incarnate. Before the battle, we should use Lost Ark Gold to buy the item level required for the raid in advance. If you're going to use Harvest Lord, you'll need to at least level it up to level 880 ahead of time. Only then does this item have the ability to rival the Harvest Lord Incarnate. If you don't reach level 880, this item will also deal some damage to Harvest Lord Incarnate. However, it will not be able to defeat Harvest Lord Incarnate and get the bonus dropped from it. You can check your level by pressing "P" directly or going to Character > Character Profile.

    If your item level is high enough, you have the opportunity to continue to explore northwest of Orvis Island. A new boss will spawn near a shrine surrounded by low-level villagers, which can be easily defeated. It's worth noting that in order to avoid the loss of health, you have to fight it.

    As mentioned above, players need to increase your item level by buying Lost Ark Gold. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at We can assure you that our prices are among the lowest in the same industry. Our customer service is also online 24 hours a day. Once you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service!

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