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How To Find Harvest Lord Incarnate In Lost Ark?

Posted: Sep 26, 2022

Harvest Lord Incarnate, as a World Boss in Lost Ark, spawns at a specific time on a specific island. Harvest Lord Incarnate is not as popular as bosses in areas like Puika and South Vern, but it also has a chance to drop an island soul when defeated. Therefore, fighting the Harvest Lord Incarnate is also worthwhile for those players who want to complete the island soul collection. So, how do we find this World Boss in Lost Ark? This guide will clear your doubts.

The Harvest Lord Incarnate is a large creature with a pumpkin head that spawns on Orvis Island. Orvis Island is in the south of East Luterra, which is in the center of a Dead Sea patch. Players must take care to maintain a high level of durability and resistance while driving in the Dead Sea. While losing all durability isn't an instant death, the journey to Orvis Island certainly won't be smooth sailing. After reaching Orvis Island, players first have to wait for the boss timers to expire. The generated time and date of each field boss in Lost Ark are pre-determined and they will start timing at the same time before cycling every few days.

Harvest Lord Incarnate

After the timer runs out, we're about to start fighting with Harvest Lord Incarnate. Before the battle, we should use Lost Ark Gold to buy the item level required for the raid in advance. If you're going to use Harvest Lord, you'll need to at least level it up to level 880 ahead of time. Only then does this item have the ability to rival the Harvest Lord Incarnate. If you don't reach level 880, this item will also deal some damage to Harvest Lord Incarnate. However, it will not be able to defeat Harvest Lord Incarnate and get the bonus dropped from it. You can check your level by pressing "P" directly or going to Character > Character Profile.

Orvis Island

If your item level is high enough, you have the opportunity to continue to explore northwest of Orvis Island. A new boss will spawn near a shrine surrounded by low-level villagers, which can be easily defeated. It's worth noting that in order to avoid the loss of health, you have to fight it.

As mentioned above, players need to increase your item level by buying Lost Ark Gold. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at We can assure you that our prices are among the lowest in the same industry. Our customer service is also online 24 hours a day. Once you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service!


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