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Best Way To Acquire Illusion Bamboo Island Soul In Lost Ark

Posted: Sep 27, 2022

Illusion Bamboo Island, is between Yorn and Punika at the bottom of the map. It is an island that players will encounter in the middle and late stages of Lost Ark, so it is best for players to use Lost Ark Gold to upgrade the item level to 1100 and then go to the island. When the player completes the task of the island, they will get a Mokoko Seed and an Island Soul. So, in this guide, I'm going to show you how to get the Illusion Bamboo Island Soul in Lost Ark.

To get the Illusion Bamboo Island Soul, of course we first have to find the Illusion Bamboo Island. Illusion Bamboo Island is located in the lower left corner of the map. You have two ways to get to the island. The first way, which is aslo the easiest way, is to head southwest of Punika. The second method requires you to drive southeast of Yorn. Either way, you'll need to prepare a Siren-resistant ship ahead of time, as the island is right in the middle of the Siren Seas.

Illusion Bamboo Island Soul

When you reach the island, you need to keep going and complete various quests along the way until you unlock the quest called "Rapport with Zinnervale". After this quest is unlocked, you need to find Zinnervale in the center of the island according to the heart icon on the map.

After finding Zinnervale, all you have to do is upgrade his Rapport to Trusted as soon as possible. You can increase his favorability by using emotes, playing instruments, and giving him gifts. Since his favorite gift is the Tournament Entrance Certificate, you'll need 350 Courage in advance to gift him. What you need to note is that you need to prepare as many gifts for Zinnervale in advance as possible. Because his Rapport can only be upgraded to Trusted if his favorability exceeds 50,000. After you reach the Friendly Rank with him, you still need 330 Courage and Charisma to complete his Rapport quests.

That's all for this guide. If you want to level up your item level or send gifts to Zinnervale with Courage and Charisma, you'll need to stock up on Lost Ark Gold. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at We can assure you that the price we give will be the lowest among the peers. In order to provide you with quality service, 24/7 online support can be committed. I wish you have a good buying experience!


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