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A Quick Way to Get Lopang Island Soul In Lost Ark

Posted: Sep 27, 2022

Posted: Sep 27, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As a popular MMO role-playing game, Lost Ark has always insisted on introducing new things into the game. In the beginning, players can experience rich lore, and later they can join their friends in a world full of side events and bosses. Since the Lost Ark world is huge, each area is broken up into smaller islands. As long as players complete the challenges in these islands, they will get the Island Soul in the island they are in. Rare trophies will also be awarded when players collect all Island Souls on all islands. In today's guide, I'm mainly showing players how to get the Lopang Island Soul.

To get Lopang Island Soul, we first need to find Lopang Island. The island is in the east of the North Vern Continent, which is close to Pleccia. Once you reach the island, keep walking until you find Jasni, a Senior Manager. All you need to do is take quests from him and complete the quests he gives you. The Special Delivery Una quest will be unlocked when you complete Jasni's third quest. Don't worry, Una's task is as simple as Jasni's. You just need to do some deliveries around Lopang Island.

Lopang Island Soul

Una has six missions in total, and after you complete the sixth mission, you can unlock the mission called "An Important Personage". Once this mission is completed, you can get the Lopang Island Soul on Lopang Island. As I introduced before, players need to complete the tasks on each island to get the Island Soul on the corresponding island. But most island missions require a lot of combat, especially with bosses. So acquiring Lopang Island Soul is relatively easy, and you can take a break after completing the quest to prepare for the challenges that follow.

That's all for how to get the Lopang Island Soul in Lost Ark. If you want to beat the bosses on the island faster and get the Island Souls quickly, you need to prepare enough Lost Ark Gold. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at We are very honest, so you can buy with confidence. We can also offer corresponding discounts to new and old customers. At the same time, the best service can be committed, because our customer service is online 24 hours a day. Act now!


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