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WotLK Classic: Heroic Dungeons -You Need To Know

Posted: Sep 29, 2022

Dungeons in WotLK Classic has a total of two different difficulty modes, which is normal mode and heroic mode. The difficulty of these two modes generally depends on the bosses' and mobs' health pool, resistances, abilities used, and loot dropped from them. But there are still special cases. For example in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom on heroic mode, only bosses like Amanitar drop unique gear.

Heroic Dungeons

To collect the best gear faster, some players jump into heroic dungeons. This will not only destroy the game experience, but also destroy the original intention of the game designer. To avoid this, Blizzard completely overhauled the way heroic dungeons work in WOTLK Classic, specifically locking hero runs after simple requirements. Players will only be eligible to go to heroic dungeons and start collecting the best gear in raids for the first time if they meet the basic requirements. These gears include Naxxramas, Ulduar, and Eye of the Eternity. Compared to the lengthy attunement chain required to complete the TBC Classic, the WOTLK Classic heroic dungeons are much simpler to operate.

After Blizzard made the adjustments, many players were still struggling with how to get into heroic dungeons. This guide will clear your doubts and explain in detail the basics of entering heroic dungeons, including level requirements, gear scores, and item levels.

Basic Conditions To Be Met Before Entering Heroic Dungeons

As I mentioned before, because of the changes made by Blizzard, players will only be eligible for Heroic dungeons if they meet three basic requirements regarding character level, item level, and certain gearscores. First, players need to ensure that their character reaches level 80, which is the first step in unlocking heroic dungeons. After that, players will have to prepare in advance to meet the minimum item level and gear score requirements. This requires players to go to ordinary dungeons to focus on producing the best equipment. It should be noted that the item level, which is the average level of all equipment items, needs to be level 180 or higher. The gearscore, which has the same effect as the item level, must reach at least 3500 points.

Ways To Enter Heroic Dungeons In WOTLK Classic

In the original expansion, you can use the Random Dungeon Finder tool to simplify the gearing process and minimize travel time. But Blizzard has now completely removed this tool from WOTLK Classic. You can only use the basic Dungeon Finder tool right now and it's very limited. You can only use it to find players who are interested in the same dungeon as you are. After you've assembled your party via Looking for Group chat or basic Dungeon Finder, you're also faced with the choice of flying or walking to a pre-selected dungeon. You should also note that after you reach the dungeon, you need to set the dungeon difficulty to hero mode before entering. In this way, you can finally enter heroic dungeons.

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