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WOTLK Classic: Blizzard Passes Two New Sporting Events

Posted: Oct 08, 2022

On October 6th, just days after the WotLK Classic was released, Blizzard reopened raids for Naxxramas, Heirloom, and Obsidian Saintuum. In an effort to rekindle players' interest in these raids, Blizzard has abandoned the Challange and WOTLK Classic Arena tournament and is planning to hold two WOTLK Classic competitive events in late October and early November.

The first event to start, the Undying Challenge, is scheduled for October 22-23. The activity is mainly based on playing a copy of Naxxramas. This can't help but remind us of the exciting competition between Progress of Firemaw in Europe and SPACEFORCE of Faerlina in North America in Andying Challange. The two speedrunning guilds are respectively speedrunning in Naxxramas after leveling up to level 80. In order to win the game, they also added a limited time to constantly equip their team. Since guilds don't die during the speed run, this is purely an exciting competitive game.

WOTLK Classic

Since we mentioned earlier that WoW cannot compete in arenas, the first tournament of WOTLK Classic will be held from November 5th to 13th. The prize money involved in this event reaches $100,000.

If you're not interested in the new sporting events, or want to look back at previous events, follow Undying Challange and the first WOTLK Classic arena tournament on Twitch or your Youtube channel.

But what you need to know is that no matter what event you like, if you want to level up faster or have good gear, you need to be well-stocked with WOTLK Classic Gold. Fortunately, you can buy WOTLK Classic Gold at Here you can experience the lowest price in the same industry. Our trading environment is also 100% safe and stable. Once you pay, 10-min instant delivery will be committed. Please rest assured to buy!


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