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News Tag: buy Elden Ring Runes

  • A Stunning Drawing Of Blaidd Completed By An Elden Ring Player

    Posted: Nov 29, 2022

    Recently, a user named unnamed_art created a stunning painting of Blaidd. The player stated that he wanted to use a unique art style in this painting to honor Blaidd.

    From this painting, we can see the half-wolf side of Blaidd. His mouth was wide open, as if he was involved in a fight. He drew his Royal Greatsword, as if fighting the enemy to the death. His weapon is covered in blood, and you can also see streaks of blood in some places in the painting. It can be seen how fierce this battle is. The details of the cloak and armor exposed in the painting are also very good. Of course, the most eye-catching thing is Blaidd's werewolf fur. Having said all that, do you really know Blaidd?

    Blaidd is a character universally loved by Elden Ring Players. He is the half-wolf, half-human guardian of Ranni the Witch. Although he speaks a unique Welsh accent, his voice is very sad. This often reminds players of the tragic situation that befell him.

    Since Blaidd is one of the NPCs that can be encountered early on in the Elden Ring, Tarnished can encounter Blaidd at the beginning of his journey through the Lands Between. In FromSoftware's traditional style, if you want to meet Blaidd, you have to deal with a series of complicated things first. Specifically, you first need to find Merchant Kale and get the Finger Snap gesture from him. Once you get the gesture, you'll want to use it near the ruins of Mistwood. Only when these requirements are met will Blaidd jump from the perch.

    When Blaidd is present, he doesn't act aggressive towards you. Instead, he will speak to you with a distinctive Welsh accent. In later events, Blaidd would join the Tarnished in several battles, attend The Radahn Festival, and help the Tarnished discover Nokron, Eternal City. However, these things happened before his tragic situation.

    A gigantic sword that appears on the painting is called the Royal Greatsword. This weapon is actually one of the largest weapon classes in Elden Ring. According to legend, we can know that the sword was actually obtained after Blaidd lost his mind and was reborn on the steps of Ranni's Rise. If you click on the item description of this sword and have some simple and vague conversations with NPCs in the game, you can also learn some stories about Blaidd.

    In fact, Blaidd was a gift from the Two Fingers to Ranni. But due to some reasons, Ranni betrayed the Greater Will. According to the custom, Blaidd as the Fingers' gift is to betray Ranni. However, from Iji's dialogue and Royal Greatsword's description, we can learn that even though Ranni betrayed the Fingers, Blaidd remained loyal to her.

    However, when Ranni actually left Lands Between, Blaidd faced the harsh reality and finally lost his mind. Instead of choosing to rebel against Ranni, he slaughtered all the Black Knife assassins that might threaten its master. From this story alone, we can imagine how miserable Blaidd's life was. However, because Blaidd is full of stories, he has become the object of artists after the release of Elden Ring.

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  • Elden Ring: A Surprising Discovery About Godrick's Finger

    Posted: Nov 24, 2022

    Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, has garnered critical and commercial acclaim since its launch in February. Just a few days ago, the game won the Game Of The Year award, becoming one of the few frontrunners to win the award.

    One of the reasons why the Elden Ring game is so popular is that there are many unique and powerful bosses in the game, such as Malenia - Blade of Miquella, Godfrey - The First Elden Lord, and Rennala - Queen of The Full Moon.

    The boss I want to mention in particular today is not as well-known as the above bosses, but he has also been welcomed by many players. He is Godrick The Grafted. Godrick The Grafted is the leader of Stormveil Castle. He is the first demigod most players encounter in the Elden Ring, and a descendant of Godfrey - The First Elden Lord. He's not a mandatory boss though, so players don't need to defeat him to progress through the story.

    If you've encountered this boss in Elden Ring, you'll know that Godrick has multiple arms growing out of his body. According to the Elden Ring lore, Godrick would graft body parts from his opponents onto himself in order to become more powerful. Recently, an eagle-eyed Reddit user lilBob1989 shared an image showing Godric's hand on the social media platform. He says he discovered an interesting detail about Godrick The Grafted and his fingers.

    If you just glance at the picture shared by this player, you won't find anything unusual. But if you look closely, you will be surprised to find a very small detail. That is, Godrick's hand actually has six fingers instead of five. Based on this discovery, many players in the Reddit community have speculated about the origin of the sixth finger. Some players believe that this is intentionally designed by the developers. Some players believe that Godrick's extra sixth finger, like other body parts, was grafted from his opponents. There are also some players who believe that none of the fingers are actually Godrick's and that he grafted all of them.

    Since neither the developer of Elden Ring nor the lore mention anything about Godrick's finger, this image shared by a player caused quite a stir. But in my opinion, since his whole body is covered with grafted parts, it is no wonder that he has one or several fingers grafted.

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  • Elden Ring: Fire Giant's Eye Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Jupiter's South Pole

    Posted: Nov 22, 2022

    Elden Ring's world has many of the scariest creatures and tough bosses. For example, here you will see humanoid creatures like Crucible Knights, Malenia, Godfrey. Besides that, you also meet gigantic beings like Dragonlord Placidusax and Astel - Naturalborn of the Void.

    Among the many big bosses, the Fire Giant is very popular among Elden Ring players. The main reason it is so popular is that it has very high health and is very challenging.

    When it comes to the Fire Giant boss fight, the best part is the second phase. You'll see a big eye in its belly at this phase. Don't underestimate this eye. According to the lore of the Elden Ring, we can learn that this huge eye is the embodiment of the Outer God of fire worshiped by the Fire Giant. So, whenever this eye appears, the Fire Giant will immediately launch a devastating fire attack. At this time, it will also become extremely powerful, and it is almost difficult for players to conquer.

    In the process of fighting the Fire Giant, a careful player observed a very magical place from the eyes of the Fire Giant. That is, its eyes are actually very similar to those of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

    The player, who goes by the username legendaryjake, uploaded a picture on Reddit. This picture can intuitively show that there are actually many striking similarities between the Fire Giant and Jupiter. Looking closely, we can see that there are many distinct circular patterns in the Fire Giant's eyes. And these circular patterns happen to be almost identical to the circular patterns that appear in a storm at Jupiter's South Pole in the picture.

    Based on this feature, the player further speculates that the design of Elden Ring's Outer Gods may also be inspired by real-world celestial bodies such as planets, stars, and asteroids. In addition, he also believes that other Outer Gods such as the Greater Will and the Frenzied Flame may also be designed with reference to outer space objects.

    After his post, many players in the Reddit community were amazed and admired legendaryjake's attention to detail. They liked and commented one after another. So far, the post has received more than 20,000 likes. At the same time, some players have shared addtional information in the comment area that supports this hypothesis. One of the comments stated that Jupiter is sometimes called "failed sun" and that the Fire Giant worships "Fell God". From this point of view, the Fire Giant may indeed have a certain connection with Jupiter.

    Judging from the lore of the Elden Ring, the Fire Giant is one of the game's very important bosses. It belonged to an ancient race of giant humanoids who worshiped the Fell God. Because Queen Marika was convinced that the "flame of ruin" could burn down the Erdtree, she then waged war against this race. And the Fire Giant was the last surviving Fire Giant.

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  • What You Should Know About Elden Ring Chilling Mist

    Posted: Nov 15, 2022

    In order to improve the game experience of players, Elden Ring has been very careful in the design of bosses and enemies. Each of them has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

    In my opinion, what attracts me more about Elden Ring is that it also provides quite a lot of unique weapons and builds. In this way, we can not only create Tarnished that suits our own play style, but also create unique armor sets, weapon types, and skills according to the characteristics of the enemies. What's more, we can enjoy multiple forms of gameplay.

    Of all the builds, the one I'd like to highlight is the Frostbite mechanic. To trigger the Frostbite mechanic, we first need to stack enough Frost on an enemy. When this mechanism is activated, it can cause huge damage to the enemy and also reduce its stamina recovery.

    If you want to use Frost building on your primary weapon, adding Chilling Mist Ash of War to that weapon is a must. So, where exactly can Chilling Mist in Elden Ring be found, and what does it do? Please listen to me reveal it to you one by one.

    Steps For Getting Chilling Mist

    If you want to get Chilling Mist, your ultimate goal is to reach the Three Sisters area. However, it is not all smooth sailing to successfully reach the Three Sisters area.

    First, you have to find a way around Stormveil Castle and follow the road until you reach the Northwest of Liunia of the Lakes. Here, you'll find Caria Manor. And there is a boss named Royal Knight Loretta in the manor. Only by defeating the boss can you pass through the manor and enter the Three Sisters area.

    Once you're in the Three Sisters area, you'll need to continue here to complete the Ranni the Witch questline for that area. Once you've completed the quest, continue walking northwest until you reach a large tower called Renna's Rise. Then continue walking southeast of the tower until you find yourself at the edge of the cliff where you can stop. At this time, you just need to look for Teardrop Scarab in the small ruins on the edge of the cliff. If there is one, you need to beat it. This will allow you to pick up the Chilling Mist Ash of War dropped from it.

    The Role Of Chilling Mist

    As an Ash of War, Chilling Mist can be found on all Melee Armaments. This means you can use the unique abilities that the skill grants to the weapon.

    You can use FP to activate Chilling Mist. When this ability is activated, Tarnished's weapons are covered by Chilling Mist in frost. Immediately afterwards, in a sweeping attack, the frost will not only be thrown forward, but also release the stinging element at the same time. At this time, the weapon will be covered with a thick layer of Frost. If you want to control where a weapon goes, you'll need to aim it before it unleashes its attack.

    The cost per cast of Chilling Mist will be lower than other skills, and only 14 FP. At the same time, Chilling Mist's own debuffs will deal additional damage to enemies. Specifically, as long as you cast Chilling Mist on the enemy, the cloud left by the skill will also continue to apply the Frost buildup and will last for a full 40 seconds. This means that a large amount of Frostbite will be superimposed on the enemy's body in a short time. As such, Chilling Mist is great against bosses that are susceptible to the status effect.

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  • Why Is Stamina Bar So Important In Elden Ring?

    Posted: Nov 10, 2022

    Elden Ring is one of the biggest RPGs released this year. To play the game well, you need to know how to combat in addition to exploring the Lands Between. However, learning to combat is a long learning curve for novice players process. But as long as you successfully master the skills of combat, the difficulty of your game will be greatly reduced.

    Each of your characters in Elden Ring has three main stats, namely HP (character health), FP (mana), and Stamina. However, many players often only pay attention to HP and FP in the process of combat, while relatively ignoring Stamina. Obviously this is a wrong strategy. If you want to win the combat easily, you need to use your Stamina wisely in addition to avoiding enemy attacks.

    A Reddit user named brom10 uploaded a video of himself playing the game online and emphasized the importance of the stamina bar. This video mainly shows the user fighting the boss, who is called Hoarah Loux, in the second phase of Godfrey - The First Elden Lord.

    At the beginning of the fight, Hoarah Loux is around 30% health and brom10's HP is also low. However, because brom10 has a high skill hit rate, he seems to be the dominant side in this battle. In fact, brom10 didn't notice that with every attack and dodge, his stamina bar was also decreasing at an astonishing rate. Because of this, brom10 was ultimately unable to dodge the oncoming attack and ultimately lost the battle.

    In the video, there is also a detail that brom10 has used up Flask of Crimson Tears in between the battle. So, in the case of depleted stamina bar, there is no way to gain an advantage by replenishing HP. In any case, this video is a lesson for  Elden Ring players who tend to overlook Stamina due to other stats during the battle.

    At the same time, this video also tells us that leveling up stats is very important in Elden Ring. Because the advantages and disadvantages of a character are mainly reflected in these stats. If you spend runes on upgrading Stamina, you can use heavier armaments and armor. In addition, you can do more dodging and attacking. This way you have a better chance of winning the Elden Ring boss battle. But you'll also miss out on some spells, incantations, or some weapons.

    Since the key to winning in PvP mode is to use your fighting skills flexibly, the stamina bar is also very important in this mode. However, so far, players have not summed up the best value of stamina level.

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  • Elden Ring: Sword Of Night And Flame Gets Buffed In Patch 1.07

    Posted: Oct 25, 2022

    Recently, Elden Ring's latest patch 1.07 has been released. The patch has generated excitement among FromSoftware action RPG fans shortly after its release. One reason is that in this patch, the performance of weapons traditionally considered suboptimal by the Elden Ring community has been significantly buffed.

    There are many weapons in Elden Ring, some are too powerful and some are too weak. Today, the weapon I want to introduce in particular is called Sword of Night and Flame and is a very powerful type of weapon.

    In earlier versions of the game, players primarily acquired the Sword of Night and Flame by exploring the Caria Manor legacy dungeon of Limgrave. At the time, players could use the weapon's unique Night-and-Flame Stance skill to emit a powerful beam of light and waves of crimson flames at the same time. As such, the weapon is considered to be powerful enough to ruin the game by players.

    In later patches, the damage of the two special attacks mentioned above was gradually reduced. The Sword of Night and Flame has thus become the most commonly used niche weapon for Faith/Intelligence hybrid spell-casting character builds.

    However, in the recently released patch 1.07, not only the attack power of the Night-and-Flame Stance in this weapon has been increased again, but also the damage detection of the sword part of the weapon has been added. Players can thus aim up and down the blasts of Glintstone Sorcery (created by the founders of Raya Lucaria) and Giantsflame.

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  • New PvP Colosseum Details In Elden Ring Patch 1.07

    Posted: Oct 17, 2022

    While patch 1.07 for Elden Ring has only recently been released, popular data miner and modder Sekiro Dubi has given players an early glimpse of some of the DLC's additions. These include new Colosseum map files, assets, textures.

    However, textures are currently not functioning properly due to incomplete DLC files. So in order to make additions to the game like "new hair" and "subtle map changes" to work, the Dubi is trying to capture footage that directly addresses the PvP scene.

    From a video released by Dubi, we can learn that due to the addition of 4 new parameters in patch 1.07 for Elden Ring, as long as the player appears in the Colosseum, new Text Banners will appear. More importantly, these banners match exactly the text that was not used in 1.0. The specific banners mainly include "begin match" and "you win", which also means that there is a high possibility of using a 1v1 battle mode in the future.

    In order to meet the needs of players, patch 1.07 for Elden Ring has added Ray Tracing support in addition to the new features mentioned above.

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  • How to Beat Final Bosses in the fattest way in Elden Ring? - 2022 Latest Guides

    Posted: Sep 19, 2022

    In Elden Ring, it is very difficult to reach the last level smoothly after breaking through encirclements. And the final bosses of the last level are the most challenging enemies in the Soulslike sub-genre, so it is very difficult to defeat the final bosses. Players need to be mentally prepared for this level for it is FromSoftware's toughest encounter to date. Even veteran players got stuck here. While defeating the final bosses is no mean feat, Elden Ring offers players plenty of options, so with enough patience and preparation, there are simple strategies to overcome the final bosses and capture the Elden Throne. Next, I will introduce you to an optimal strategy for your reference.

    After you light the fire in Forge of the Giants, pass Crumbling Farum Azula and defeat Maliketh, first you must return to the destroyed capital. Because after you ignite, there will be a row of bosses between you and the Erdtree. After you have defeated Sir Gideon Ofnir and  Godfrey and the First Elden Lord, you can travel through the golden mist and fight with the final two bosses. The two bosses are Radagon of the Golden Order and Elden Beast. Elden Beast will only appear after you defeat the Radagon of the Golden Order, so you'll have to fight it longer.

    Divine Fortification is one of the best strategies for overcoming the final bosses, it is an Incantation dropped by a Teardrop Scarab in the Weeping Peninsula. After the player gets Divine Fortification, only 10 Faith and any Sacred Seal can greatly increase holy damage. The Soulslike sub-genre's main content has been Divine magic in the past. But after the Elden Ring update, holy attacks became a staple of several bosses in the game. We need to know that everything in Elden Ring is attached to some form of deity and most of deities have never seen by players. Therefore, Divine Fortification becomes one of the best strategies for players to defeat the final bosses in Elden Ring. Players only need 20 FP to get this spell. It can be cast while moving and raises holy damage negation by 35%. This way, Elden Beast's attack damage will be greatly reduced, and players will have enough time to absorb the damage against the final bosses. Players can get more holy damage negation by looking for Lord's Divine Fortification, which is an upgraded version of Divine Fortification. You need to note that holy damage negation can only be obtained from Gideon Ofnir, and it can also help you find Miqueella Haligtree.

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  • How to Farm Elden Ring Runes? - 2022 Autumn Guides

    Posted: Sep 17, 2022

    In FromSoftware's Elden Ring, players need to collect runes to advance their game. Runes play a vital role, which can be used by players to buy items, upgrade characters, and also strengthen weapons so that they become more powerful. Runes replace souls in the Souls franchise, which requires players to farm some runes during the time between the Lands Between. So, is there any way to farm runes quickly? Below I'll introduce some spots where you can farm runes so that you can still maintain your level (and spirit) at a high level whether you're in the early, mid or late game.

    In Early Period

    While getting rid of dodge the kinks in your dodge-rolling and backstab-fishing, we're officially on to the game. It is worth noting that the early rune farming spot is beneficial to help the player fight with the upcoming bosses and the first rune-farming area is very close to The First Step, so the player can directly exit the tutorial and move on. You need to drive northeast of the Gatefront to find Melina and then you'll find five massive trolls stumbling across the plateau.

    During the day, you need to kill these massive trolls slowly on the plateau first, trying to avoid triggering a boss fight, so you can get 1000 runes. In the southeast of the plateau, you will find a funeral process where massive trolls are locked, these massive trolls will not attack you, so you can kill them more easily.

    In Mid Period

    By the middle of the game, you will reach the Royal Capital Leyndell. First you have to pass through the city through the East Capital Rampart grace interior. And you should spend about 450, which will help you kill all the horn-tooting Oracle Envoys along the way faster. Take a short break after the battle and prepare for another farming run. This method can help you earn tens of thousands of runes, so be sure to stick with it so you'll be better prepared for the upcoming boss fight on the Elden Throne.

    In Late Period

    Mohgwyn Palace is mainly a rune farming place in late period of the game. While you can only access this location late in the game, 11,000 runes are available when you complete the quest. You need to go to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road grace first. Once there, look west and you will find an oversized chicken. Stand near the ledge, draw the bow, and shoot it down the cliff.

    Then go back to grace, rest, hold on and you'll get another 11k runes. Throughout the levels in Elden Ring, you don't need to learn the fights and the necessary combat styles. The data shows that players can win 2 or 3 points in a single level, so fighting blindly is not very useful.

    Through the above introduction, we can know the importance of runes. You can quickly buy Elden Ring Runes at We have different payment methods, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. If you encounter any problems during the purchase process, feel free to contact our 24 online customer service. I wish you a happy life!

  • A Complete Guide to Lenne's Rise in Elden Ring

    Posted: Sep 17, 2022

    Players exploring the Lands Between in Elden Ring will pass through many different locations, which are observation towers leading to various kingdoms. Generally speaking, you can find these observation towers through some specific methods, and unlock the tower through the pedestal in front of the tower. Lenne's Rise's observation towers can be found, but the pedestal in front of it is broken, leaving no clues to unlock the tower. If you can't figure it out on your own, this guide will help you and help you get Memory Stone.

    The main way to get to Lenne's Rise is as follows: you need to first find Caelid, which is located in the northeast of Dragonbarrow, and go deep into it, you can find Lenne's Rise. After you reach Dragonbarrow on your own, you can continue to the east of any path you find and you will eventually reach Lenne's Rise. If you don't find Dragonbarrow, you'll need a teleporter shortcut to that sub-region.

    Then you must be wondering where is the teleporter? First you have to go to the Third Church of Marika, which is in the Mistwood sub-region of eastern Limgrave. After reaching this church, go a little bit to the north and you will find a river, follow the river until near the bushes and eventually you will find the teleporter in the bushes.

    After using this teleporter, you will be teleported outside the Bestial Sanctum in northern Dragonbarrow. Grab the site of grace just inside the Bestial Sanctum, if you want to pass here you have to politely introduce yourself to Gurranq. It's worth noting that it's dangerous to start here. If you want to get through here fast, all you have to do is stay on the torrent and don't fall.

    There will be a large number of Black Blade Kindred guards outside the southern part of Bestial Sanctum, after flexibly avoiding them, you will find a bridge. There will be Flying Dragon Greyll patrols back and forth, so grab the Farum Greatbridge site of grace on the north side of the bridge. Then head east again, go through the woods you found, and then head south. Along the way, you will not only encounter the ambush Vulgar Militiamen, but also be trapped by poison traps all over the place. Don't worry, you should find a direction to avoid them and ride quickly through this place. Eventually you will reach the Farum Greatbridge. Continue riding along the bridge below it and you may come across the Night Cavalry which patrols after sunset. So you should ride to the south of the bridge, when you find the lone tower, you have reached the destination - Lenne's Rise.

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