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Why Is Stamina Bar So Important In Elden Ring?

Posted: Nov 10, 2022

Posted: Nov 10, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring is one of the biggest RPGs released this year. To play the game well, you need to know how to combat in addition to exploring the Lands Between. However, learning to combat is a long learning curve for novice players process. But as long as you successfully master the skills of combat, the difficulty of your game will be greatly reduced.

Each of your characters in Elden Ring has three main stats, namely HP (character health), FP (mana), and Stamina. However, many players often only pay attention to HP and FP in the process of combat, while relatively ignoring Stamina. Obviously this is a wrong strategy. If you want to win the combat easily, you need to use your Stamina wisely in addition to avoiding enemy attacks.

A Reddit user named brom10 uploaded a video of himself playing the game online and emphasized the importance of the stamina bar. This video mainly shows the user fighting the boss, who is called Hoarah Loux, in the second phase of Godfrey - The First Elden Lord.

At the beginning of the fight, Hoarah Loux is around 30% health and brom10's HP is also low. However, because brom10 has a high skill hit rate, he seems to be the dominant side in this battle. In fact, brom10 didn't notice that with every attack and dodge, his stamina bar was also decreasing at an astonishing rate. Because of this, brom10 was ultimately unable to dodge the oncoming attack and ultimately lost the battle.

Hoarah Loux

In the video, there is also a detail that brom10 has used up Flask of Crimson Tears in between the battle. So, in the case of depleted stamina bar, there is no way to gain an advantage by replenishing HP. In any case, this video is a lesson for  Elden Ring players who tend to overlook Stamina due to other stats during the battle.

At the same time, this video also tells us that leveling up stats is very important in Elden Ring. Because the advantages and disadvantages of a character are mainly reflected in these stats. If you spend runes on upgrading Stamina, you can use heavier armaments and armor. In addition, you can do more dodging and attacking. This way you have a better chance of winning the Elden Ring boss battle. But you'll also miss out on some spells, incantations, or some weapons.

Since the key to winning in PvP mode is to use your fighting skills flexibly, the stamina bar is also very important in this mode. However, so far, players have not summed up the best value of stamina level.

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