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What DLC Details Did Elden Ring Patch 1.07 Reveal?

Posted: Nov 03, 2022

Posted: Nov 03, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Just at the beginning of last month, Elden Ring just ushered in the 1.07 version update. In addition to enjoying the updated content, players are also hotly discussing the possibilities of the next update. Some of these players said that after carefully experiencing the content of the update, they found that there are many details that reveal that Elden Ring will receive a sizable DLC version in a later update.

A Twitter user named @sekirodubi recently updated a thread on Reddit with his thoughts on the issue. As a data miner, he says, from the datamine, we can find new weapon classes, new map files related to old dungeons, and potentially 30 new bosses. Although there is no direct hint, judging from the content of these updates, it is still possible to guess some potential DLC news.

Specifically, from the game code written by FromSoftware, he found a part of the statement about 30 boss flags "for DLC purposes", which may suggest that the DLC has about 30 new bosses. However, don't rush into planning how to defeat these new bosses just yet. Because this is just a guess. If the Elden Ring DLC does exist, the actual number may be less than 30. It is estimated that there should be around 10 to 15 bosses in development right now.

Elden Ring 107

Other new content has also appeared in the updated Elden Ring. For example, new hair, six new (unnamed) weapon categories, and new AI goals. In addition to this, the datamine revealed new traditional dungeon map files, new Colosseum map files, and most maps of divine towers have all been modified. He stated that these are some of the DLC information we can find directly from Elden Ring's latest 1.07 patch file.

Finally, the data miner also emphasized that he also found 16 NPC entries in the file labeled "Someone Yet Unseen". This information also seems to tell us that Elden Ring will likely have new NPCs in the next update. However, I think unless FromSoftware's Bandai Namco officially announces that players can actually get some Elden Ring DLC someday in the future. Otherwise I would suggest that you take the content of this post with a grain of salt. That way, even if nothing happens, you'll not be too disappointed.

I know you in front of the screen are still waiting for FromSoftware to release a sizable DLC version someday. Then you can pay attention to our website first. As long as we know the exact news, we will publish it on IGGM as soon as possible. However, before that, I would like to recommend that you take a look at our other services. For example, here you can buy cheap Elden Ring Runes. Meanwhile, you can also get 5% off, after using code "CSCCA". If you are not very clear about the purchase method, you can always contact our 24-hour online customer service!


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