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Elden Ring: Sword Of Night And Flame Gets Buffed In Patch 1.07

Posted: Oct 25, 2022

Recently, Elden Ring's latest patch 1.07 has been released. The patch has generated excitement among FromSoftware action RPG fans shortly after its release. One reason is that in this patch, the performance of weapons traditionally considered suboptimal by the Elden Ring community has been significantly buffed.

There are many weapons in Elden Ring, some are too powerful and some are too weak. Today, the weapon I want to introduce in particular is called Sword of Night and Flame and is a very powerful type of weapon.

In earlier versions of the game, players primarily acquired the Sword of Night and Flame by exploring the Caria Manor legacy dungeon of Limgrave. At the time, players could use the weapon's unique Night-and-Flame Stance skill to emit a powerful beam of light and waves of crimson flames at the same time. As such, the weapon is considered to be powerful enough to ruin the game by players.

Sword of Night and Flame

In later patches, the damage of the two special attacks mentioned above was gradually reduced. The Sword of Night and Flame has thus become the most commonly used niche weapon for Faith/Intelligence hybrid spell-casting character builds.

However, in the recently released patch 1.07, not only the attack power of the Night-and-Flame Stance in this weapon has been increased again, but also the damage detection of the sword part of the weapon has been added. Players can thus aim up and down the blasts of Glintstone Sorcery (created by the founders of Raya Lucaria) and Giantsflame.

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