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What You Should Know About Elden Ring Chilling Mist

Posted: Nov 15, 2022

In order to improve the game experience of players, Elden Ring has been very careful in the design of bosses and enemies. Each of them has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

In my opinion, what attracts me more about Elden Ring is that it also provides quite a lot of unique weapons and builds. In this way, we can not only create Tarnished that suits our own play style, but also create unique armor sets, weapon types, and skills according to the characteristics of the enemies. What's more, we can enjoy multiple forms of gameplay.

Of all the builds, the one I'd like to highlight is the Frostbite mechanic. To trigger the Frostbite mechanic, we first need to stack enough Frost on an enemy. When this mechanism is activated, it can cause huge damage to the enemy and also reduce its stamina recovery.

If you want to use Frost building on your primary weapon, adding Chilling Mist Ash of War to that weapon is a must. So, where exactly can Chilling Mist in Elden Ring be found, and what does it do? Please listen to me reveal it to you one by one.

Steps For Getting Chilling Mist

If you want to get Chilling Mist, your ultimate goal is to reach the Three Sisters area. However, it is not all smooth sailing to successfully reach the Three Sisters area.

First, you have to find a way around Stormveil Castle and follow the road until you reach the Northwest of Liunia of the Lakes. Here, you'll find Caria Manor. And there is a boss named Royal Knight Loretta in the manor. Only by defeating the boss can you pass through the manor and enter the Three Sisters area.

Chilling Mist

Once you're in the Three Sisters area, you'll need to continue here to complete the Ranni the Witch questline for that area. Once you've completed the quest, continue walking northwest until you reach a large tower called Renna's Rise. Then continue walking southeast of the tower until you find yourself at the edge of the cliff where you can stop. At this time, you just need to look for Teardrop Scarab in the small ruins on the edge of the cliff. If there is one, you need to beat it. This will allow you to pick up the Chilling Mist Ash of War dropped from it.

The Role Of Chilling Mist

As an Ash of War, Chilling Mist can be found on all Melee Armaments. This means you can use the unique abilities that the skill grants to the weapon.

You can use FP to activate Chilling Mist. When this ability is activated, Tarnished's weapons are covered by Chilling Mist in frost. Immediately afterwards, in a sweeping attack, the frost will not only be thrown forward, but also release the stinging element at the same time. At this time, the weapon will be covered with a thick layer of Frost. If you want to control where a weapon goes, you'll need to aim it before it unleashes its attack.

The cost per cast of Chilling Mist will be lower than other skills, and only 14 FP. At the same time, Chilling Mist's own debuffs will deal additional damage to enemies. Specifically, as long as you cast Chilling Mist on the enemy, the cloud left by the skill will also continue to apply the Frost buildup and will last for a full 40 seconds. This means that a large amount of Frostbite will be superimposed on the enemy's body in a short time. As such, Chilling Mist is great against bosses that are susceptible to the status effect.

The above is the whole content of this article. If you want to know more information about Elden Ring, please go to immediately. Besides, you can also buy cheap Elden Ring Runes here. If you use code "CSCCA" , you can also get 5% off. Act now!


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