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A Complete Guide to Lenne's Rise in Elden Ring

Posted: Sep 17, 2022

Posted: Sep 17, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Players exploring the Lands Between in Elden Ring will pass through many different locations, which are observation towers leading to various kingdoms. Generally speaking, you can find these observation towers through some specific methods, and unlock the tower through the pedestal in front of the tower. Lenne's Rise's observation towers can be found, but the pedestal in front of it is broken, leaving no clues to unlock the tower. If you can't figure it out on your own, this guide will help you and help you get Memory Stone.

The main way to get to Lenne's Rise is as follows: you need to first find Caelid, which is located in the northeast of Dragonbarrow, and go deep into it, you can find Lenne's Rise. After you reach Dragonbarrow on your own, you can continue to the east of any path you find and you will eventually reach Lenne's Rise. If you don't find Dragonbarrow, you'll need a teleporter shortcut to that sub-region.

Lennes Rise in Elden Ring

Then you must be wondering where is the teleporter? First you have to go to the Third Church of Marika, which is in the Mistwood sub-region of eastern Limgrave. After reaching this church, go a little bit to the north and you will find a river, follow the river until near the bushes and eventually you will find the teleporter in the bushes.

After using this teleporter, you will be teleported outside the Bestial Sanctum in northern Dragonbarrow. Grab the site of grace just inside the Bestial Sanctum, if you want to pass here you have to politely introduce yourself to Gurranq. It's worth noting that it's dangerous to start here. If you want to get through here fast, all you have to do is stay on the torrent and don't fall.

Lennes Rise in Elden Ring-1

There will be a large number of Black Blade Kindred guards outside the southern part of Bestial Sanctum, after flexibly avoiding them, you will find a bridge. There will be Flying Dragon Greyll patrols back and forth, so grab the Farum Greatbridge site of grace on the north side of the bridge. Then head east again, go through the woods you found, and then head south. Along the way, you will not only encounter the ambush Vulgar Militiamen, but also be trapped by poison traps all over the place. Don't worry, you should find a direction to avoid them and ride quickly through this place. Eventually you will reach the Farum Greatbridge. Continue riding along the bridge below it and you may come across the Night Cavalry which patrols after sunset. So you should ride to the south of the bridge, when you find the lone tower, you have reached the destination - Lenne's Rise.

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