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The Infernal Flame from Volcano - Guides on Blasphemous Blade Using in Elden Ring

Posted: Sep 17, 2022

Hey folks, after the Elden Ring released, I believe your game experiences must be impressive. Today I would like to introduce my favourite faith weapon and how to build around it, hope it can help you in your future.

The Infernal Flame from Volcano - Guides on Blasphemous Blade using in Elden Ring

The Blasphemous Blade, you are rewarded with this incredible faith great sword after defeating Reichard, which is an optional boss at the Volcano Manor. some may argue that this is probably the best faith weapon in Elden Ring just because of the taker's flame weapon art, the taker's flame skill causes much destruction, and it gives you health back on killing monsters. It does so much damage to the point where it outperforms most of the weapons in the game.

When you are level 250, the main attributes on this build have vigor at 60, strength and dexterity both at 55 and we have faith at 80. Meanwhile, the blasphemous blade is fully maxed out and with 55 strength and 80 faith, that's going to put our physical attack power to 296+265.

By the way don't forget this weapon also does fire damage and I'm going to show you guys the best talismans to use for a weapon. Here you can find we have 191+163 fire damage, the blasphemous blade attributes scaling with both strength and dexterity, and it also has B-tier faith when you fully max it out. Keep in mind you need at least 22 strength, 15 dexterity and 21 faith to wield this incredible great sword.

I also want to show you guys the absolute best way to use this weapon to get the most amount of damage possible, I'm going to recommend some incantations as well as the best in slot talismans for the blasphemous blade. For the incantations, I recommend using Golden Vow, which is going to increase your offense and defense by 15%, this is going to stack with Flame, Grant Me Strength, which increases your physical and fire affinity attack power by an additional 20 percent.

For the talismans I recommend using the Shard of Alexander, which is going to greatly boost the attack power of skills, giving you more damage with your Taker's Flame ability. You also want to use the Fire Scorpion Charm, which raises your fire attack. Since this talisman lowers your damage negation, I highly recommend using the Dragon Crest Great Shield talisman, which enormously boosts physical damage negation, and last but not least, the ritual sword talisman, which raises attack power when HP is at maximum.

For your Wondrous Physic Mix, your absolute best options are the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear, which temporarily boosts fire attacks paired with the Cerulean Hidden Tear, which eliminates all FP consumption.

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