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Elden Ring: NPCs suitable for returning in the DLC

Posted: Aug 18, 2022

Posted: Aug 18, 2022

Source:  IGGM

There's nothing Elden Ring fans are most looking forward to right now than the release of the DLC. We may see the Dark World containing a whole new story any day in the future. From what we know so far, the DLC will be in a place far from a new place far from The Lands Between, which is the Nepheli Loux and the first Elden Lord Godfrey came from.

This means that some characters who can play a key role in Elden Ring's backstory will likely return, and players will piece together a more complete mysterious legend through them.

1. Queen Marika

As the core of the entire Elden Ring story system, Queen Marika is almost the source of most characters and stories. Combined with the unique setting of the hermaphrodite, Radagon and Marika are the same. This means that there must be a lot of stories that can unfold on this character. According to the plot, we guess that Marika may become a very amazing Bossfight.

2. Miqueella, The Unalloyed

This is almost the most recognized character in the DLC by the player community. As the twin of the strongest Boss Malenia, it can only sleep in a huge cocoon due to Scarlet Decay.

Many players even speculated that the DLC will unfold with Miqueella's dream, starting an exciting new journey.

3. Melina

No Elden Ring fan wants to miss out on the mystery surrounding Melina. In the famous Lord of Frenzied Flame ending, players tend to trigger a special scene: Melina opens her otherwise closed blue left eye. This scene has sparked a very large-scale discussion because Melina's features seem to be inextricably linked to Ranni and Queen Marika. So, DLC is very likely to make a fuss in this part. There's also a good chance we'll see Melina appear in the game as a boss.

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