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Elden Ring: Patch 1.06 brings an expanded summoning range

Posted: Aug 10, 2022

The production team at Elden Ring has been focusing on feedback from the player community since the game's official launch, bringing game improvements and updates. We've also seen in the last few updates that Elden Ring is going in a better direction. Now, that advancement is happening again, Elden Ring has released the specs for Patch 1.06, which aims to improve the game's stability and balance, and bring brand-new features to the much-talked-about summoning.

Multiplayer co-op in Elden Ring has always been a controversial part of the community, and summoning is an important part of it. The biggest change brought by Patch 1.06 "Added the function to send summoning signs to summoning pools in multiple areas, including distant areas." This means that summoning will become easier for players and can invade larger areas, including remote areas.

At the same time, with the blessing of Patch 1.06, it will be easier for players to complete White Mask Varre’s questline, and a new way to complete the quest has been added. Players don't have to participate in a multiplayer invasion just by defeating a new NPC.

In addition, the balance changes have brought surprises to players. The infamous Rivers of Blood's damage and bleed accruals have been nerfed, and Greatsword, Curved Greatsword and Great Hammers have also been adjusted, showing an overall trend of increased abilities.

Patch 1.06 also brings improvements to Elden Ring's quality of life, and many bugs in the details have also been fixed.

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