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News Tag: Path of Exile 3 23

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Build A Powerful Uber Killer With A High Budget? - Untouched Soul Reaper Build Guide

    Posted: Mar 08, 2024

    Greetings fellow exiles! In this guide, I’ll be talking about my powerful Uber-killer build, Untouched Soul Reaper.

    This new build uses Untouched Soul Gold Amulet added in POE 3.23. It’s so powerful that it’s even capable of killing Pinnacle Bosses in seconds. However, we do need to invest more POE Currency to successfully eliminate Uber, but it is definitely worth it. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

    Build Overview

    Before we get started, I wanted to rate every aspect of this build to help you understand as quickly as possible whether it’s right for you.

    I would give it a 4 out of 5 for its clear speed. With our Ascendancy, it will kill all the monsters with a massive Profane Bloom. And it kills Breach pretty quickly. If we invest in more Divine Orbs, it does have the potential to become a strong Uber threat.

    For single target damage, I’d give it a 3 out of 5. As I said, this build does kill Uber Bosses, but they do take a while, and you’re still at risk of dying.

    Next, I want to talk about our defense, and I want to give it a 3 out of 5. Because we stack a lot of armor, and we also use Petrified Blood, that means we have a lot of defense layers in our build that can withstand a lot of attacks. But over time, damage can kill us really quickly.

    For the budget, even though this build uses Mageblood, you really don’t have to worry about it at all. Because it’s actually pretty easy to get in Affliction League, you can get Mageblood in almost 2 hours of constant farming. Besides this, this build requires 75 Divine Orbs. Therefore, this build is still relatively expensive.

    How Does It Work?

    How this build works is very interesting. As I said before, we’re using Untouched Soul Gold Amulet here. It stacks as much life as possible by gaining a stat of 40 life for every empty red slot on any equipped item. So in this build we used as few slots as possible to get a lot of flat life.

    We also used Unique Staff, Burden of Shadows. It also has a statistic that states that spells deal chaos damage equal to 15%-20% of your maximum life, meaning the more life we have, the more chaos damage we do. So it’s just great synergy with stacking life.

    Also, we’re going to use a lot of poison damage. Because poison’s base damage per second is equal to 30% of the sum of physical damage and chaos damage. Since Burden of Shadows already deals with a lot of chaos damage, we really need a place to boost physical damage.

    Here we took advantage of Warlock of the Mists Ascendancy because it has a node called Cannibalised Faith, which states that spells you cast will gain 75% of the life cost as physical damage. For example, my skill actually costs about 1,000 life points, but I get 750 extra points of physical damage from Ascendancy.

    This is why we use Reaper, which is literally the best skill to stack this passive with, adding 20% of life cost per blood charge.


    Since we’re using Warlock of the Mists Ascendancy, we’re going to grab Void Beacon first, as it gives nearby enemies -20% Chaos Resistance, which is pretty good.

    Then we continue to seize every second to cause Withered debuff to nearby enemies for 15 seconds, and then you will get more chaos resistance and chaos damage.

    Finally, we’re going to take Profane Bloom, which is our key to clearing the map of monsters. Then use Unholy Authority to deal damage to nearby enemies, and you can also apply additional curses.

    Gear Selection

    Now, for our gear, here I’ll show you the items we’ll need:

    • Weapon: Burden of Shadows
    • Helmet: Sorrow Keep
    • Rings: Rune Twirl & Essence Worm
    • Body Armor: Blunderbore
    • Amulet: Untouched Soul
    • Belt: Mageblood
    • Gloves: Victory Grasp
    • Boots: Bramble Track

    Unique Jewels

    Now for the jewelry we will use Adorned Jewel, Unnatural Instinct, two Split Personality and a Dissolution of the Flesh.

    Ideally, we just want a very high Dissolution of the Flesh to get more life. The higher Adorned Jewel, the better. It can even help us instantly increase Stormshroud’s damage by 134%.


    Finally, I just want to quickly show you how this build of Adrenaline works.

    Since we have Blood of the Karui, it allows us to do double dips with Adrenaline here. When we enter the map, if our life is declining, we can restore maximum life by casting immediately after pressing it.

    As you put more into it, you actually gain it again. So we get double dips twice. We get two stages of Adrenaline with just one click. This means you can just run around to get it again and clear all Uber Bosses with ease.

    Anyway, that’s the complete guide for this Untouched Soul Reaper build. I hope it will be useful to you and help you tackle all Ubers with ease.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: This Stone Golem Of Hordes Necromancer Minion Build Is Unstoppable!

    Posted: Feb 29, 2024

    Hello, builders! Come and join me in exploring this straightforward Stone Golem of Hordes Necromancer build in Path of Exile 3.23, which revolves around Minions. Stone Golems specialize in dealing pure physical damage, benefiting from Impale and Critical Strike Chance. One of the notable strengths of this build lies in its robust tankiness, with Minions actively drawing enemy attention through taunting.

    These Golems wield a powerful slam attack, effective in both taunting foes and dealing substantial physical AOE damage. The attack’s cooldown can be reduced by utilizing gems, improving their quality, and integrating multiple Primordial Harmony Jewels, with Ashes of the Stars serving as a catalyst for optimization.

    The build boasts exceptional tankiness, utilizing Chaos Inoculation alongside Aegis Aurora and high armor. This setup ensures that with each hit, you instantly recover more Energy Shield than you take as damage. To further bolster defenses, we’ve incorporated mechanisms to redirect a significant portion of incoming damage to be absorbed as chaos to which you’re immune.

    How It Works

    The new tanky Stone Golem of Hordes presents an alternative iteration of the standard Stone Golem. While it no longer provides life regeneration, it offers the ability to summon 2 additional Golems, totaling 6 Minions at any given time. This variant emphasizes durability through Chaos Inoculation, granting immunity to chaos damage while relying on Energy Shield instead of life. Achieving around 5K to 6K Energy Shield on a modest POE Currency budget is feasible.

    Additionally, the build boasts high armor, spell suppression, and block chance against both attacks and spells. Despite limited AOE capability with only 6 Golems, enhancements to their movement and attack speed can be made to address this shortfall.

    Single-target damage remains satisfactory and can be further augmented with items like Skin of the Lords and costly cluster Jewels. Assembling the build on a budget is possible, albeit with consideration of the potentially high prices of essential items such as Ashes of the Stars and Forbidden Jewels.

    Unique Items

    The primary source of Energy Shield recovery stems from Aegis Aurora and Divine Shield. Incandescent Heart, although inexpensive, serves as an optimal defensive choice by mitigating a quarter of Elemental hit damage. While Ashes of the Stars isn't obligatory, it stands out as the best amulet choice to aim for.

    • Maata's Teaching: This is a commendable starter weapon, particularly effective if rolled with a +2 level mod and high crit chance, though it's advisable to upgrade it eventually.
    • Aegis Aurora: This is indispensable, offering the highest Energy Shield recovery alongside notable block chance and armor. Opting for a corrupted implicit variant is recommended for the added benefit of 8% physical damage taken as chaos.
    • Incandescent Heart: It has increased armor and Energy Shield, and a 25% reduction in all Elemental damage after allocating Chaos Inoculation, rendering it the premier armor choice. Corrupting it can yield intriguing implicit mods.
    • Darkness Enthroned: It emerges as a popular pick for most Minion builds, offering the opportunity to socket optimal Ghastly Abyss Jewels, enhancing their effects by up to 100%.
    • Ashes of the Stars: It stands out as the ideal choice for improving the quality of all active skill gems, benefiting abilities like Bone Offering, Flame Dash, War Banner, and Stone Golem.
    • Fortress Covenant: It offers substantial damage, attack, and spell block chance for Minions when socketed in a cluster Jewel to disable its radius.
    • Quickening Covenant: It provides significant spell suppression, attack, and spell block chance for Minions when socketed in a cluster Jewel.
    • The Anima Stone: Use this for an additional maximum Golem, which it surely is worth a jewel socket.
    • Primordial Harmony: It increases the cooldown recovery rate for your Golem slam and their life regeneration rate. Get as many of these as you can fit in your skill tree, at least 3.
    • Thread of Hope: Use this with a medium ring socketed near Instability will let you allocate Lord of the Dead, Arcane Will, and Golem Commander.
    • Forbidden Flesh & Flame: Liege of the Primordial or Elemancer will extend your Maximum Golem Limit by one.

    Rare Items

    It’s a chaos inoculation build, so look mostly for Energy Shield cap, your resistances, block chance, and try to gain as much spell suppression and armor as you can. mana reservation efficiency should not be a major issue if you have a good Enlightened gem. You will definitely need Dexterity and strength in the gear. Improve DPS by increasing the gem level of Stone Golem.

    Helmet: A Dexterity helmet can roll spell suppression. Seek mostly resistances, reservation efficiency, and Energy Shield for an Eldritch implicit. You can get the physical damage taken as chaos.

    Wand: Use a convoking wand with basic Minion Damage mods of various types, most importantly gem level for your Minion skills.

    Boots: On your boots, look for the basic resistances with Energy Shield and movement speed. Spell suppression can be crafted or found on boots with evasion.

    Gloves: Seek maximum Energy Shield, resistances, spell suppression, and attributes. For the Eldritch implicit mod, get more spell suppression chance.

    Belt: The belt should grant you strength, Elemental resistances, Energy Shield, and armor or life regeneration.

    Ring: Bone Ring is the best choice. It increases your Minions' resistances and has a separate mod pool that can improve your Minions' attack speed, damage, maximum life, resistances, or movement speed. You should get some Dexterity from it as well.

    Jewels: Use Ghastly Abyss Jewels for your Darkness Enthroned belt to fix missing attributes or resistances.


    For flasks, choose from Granite, Basalt, Quartz, Mercury, and Jade. Their suffixes shall increase your armor, evasion, movement speed, and reduce the mana cost of skills and the effect of shock or curse on you.

    Skill Gems

    The Stone Golem of Hordes is a Minion that relies on physical skills like slam or roll, due to their low cooldown, serve as the primary damage sources in this build. Link it with Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage, Minion Damage, Brutality, and Impale support gems.

    Utilize a default Animated Guardian, possibly configured to apply the Vulnerability curse on hit, although its optimal utilities are derived from the Kingmaker weapon. Ensure its resistances are capped. Specters offer various bonuses, with Chieftain Monkeys recommended for power and frenzy charges. Link these with Minion Life and Feeding Frenzy support gems.

    Enemies in Pride’s AOE will suffer increased physical damage. Discipline provides additional Energy Shield and recovery rate, while Determination bolsters armor to mitigate physical damage from hits. Link these 3 expensive auras to the Enlightened support for reduced mana reservation.

    War Banner enhances accuracy rating and inflicts increased physical damage on nearby enemies. When placed, it grants Adrenaline. Precision boosts accuracy and Critical Strike chance. Vaal Haste can temporarily boost Minions' attack and movement speed, although Convocation is favored in this setup. Aura spells linked to Generosity support won’t affect your character but amplify their effects.

    Tempest Shield significantly boosts spell block chance, aiding in reaching the 75% cap, especially beneficial with Aegis Aurora. Vulnerability curses enemies, increasing physical damage taken and causing bleeding upon hits. Flame Dash serves as the sole movement ability for faster traversal. Desecrate conjures corpses, essential for Bone Offering, which grants attack and spell block chance for Minions and your character after allocating of Mistress of Sacrifice. Molten Shell acts as the protective barrier, absorbing incoming hits, and should be set as your movement key.

    Bandits & Pantheon

    Kill all the bandits for the 2 extra passive skill points. Soul of Arakaali is what we recommend for a major God. You don’t have any excellent defense mechanism against damage over time, and this 10% should help a lot. Soul of Abberath is great for the same reason. It lessens the duration of Ignite on you by 60%.

    Skill Tree

    The passive skill tree is a source of Minion Damage, Energy Shield, Aura effect with reservation efficiency, armor, and block chance. Allocate Divine Shield, Zealot's Oath, and Chaos Inoculation keystones. For masteries, get mana reservation efficiency as mana Mastery, maximum Elemental resistances for Minions as Minions Defense Mastery, and chances to block attacks per chance to block on a shield as Shield Mastery.

    For armor and Energy Shield Mastery, select 10% of physical damage taken as chaos damage and one to recover 5% Energy Shield upon taking a physical hit. For Minion offense Mastery, choose to Overwhelm 20% of physical damage reduction and 20% increased eff of offerings.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: This Build Is Worth A Try! - Toxic Rain Pathfinder

    Posted: Feb 26, 2024

    Today, I am delighted to unveil to you a new build of Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League - the Toxic Rain Pathfinder with the Ranger class. This build is an exceptionally cost-effective option and suitable for beginners that simply cannot be overlooked! I am sure it will be an exciting build review. So without wasting time, let’s get into it.


    This Toxic Rain Pathfinder build capitalizes on the power of perma flask and chaos damage, unleashing devastating pods that drain the life from your adversaries.

    Pros: To list the pros of this build, I want to start with how easy it is to put together. There are no mandatory unique POE Items required, and the leveling process is very simple. Another great feature of this build is that your buffs are going to stay up all the time, even on boss fights. The eternal life regeneration provided by your life flask renders damage over time seemingly inconsequential. This build is great for beginners because you end up having great clear, boss damage, and survivability with low investment.

    Cons: Now to the cons. The main issue of this build is mana. Since we’re dealing with a damage over time build, we cannot neglect mana or life. Consequently, acquiring rare rings that alleviate the mana cost of skills becomes imperative to mitigate this issue.


    To start with budget, I firmly believe that the Toxic Rain Pathfinder build has the biggest advantage. You can get to destroy early game maps with only around 100 chaos orbs. To comfortably advance to yellow maps, you need to invest around 150 chaos orbs, and for easily completing Atlas, I recommend investing around 4 divine orbs, where you can totally do it with less.

    Therefore, for new players or those with limited POE Currency, this build presents an excellent choice.

    Performance Ratings

    Clear Speed: For clear speed, this build gets a 9 out of 10. As a Pathfinder, your Quicksilver and Silver Flasks will significantly amplify their effects, remaining active at all times. This grants substantial boosts to both attack and movement speed. Additionally, you only have to deploy your pods once as they drain the health of surrounding enemies, further increasing your mobility in the boss fight.

    Boss Damage: When it comes to the boss damage, it also gets a 9 out of 10. Harnessing your strength alongside Toxic Rain totems, bosses will succumb to the onslaught of countless pods. Even the most formidable bosses will dissolve before your very eyes like melting butter.

    Survivability: For survivability, I’ll give it 9 out of 10. This is because this build has high evasion, high armor, and spell suppression. Besides, your defensive buffs have more effect and are up all the time, even on boss fights. Above all, you can use Toxic Rain from a safe distance, and its pods heavily slow down enemies.

    Final Thought

    All in all, the Toxic Rain Pathfinder has proven its strategic versatility and powerful performance, this build will provide an exciting experience for players of all skill levels. With a low budget, it can excel in clear speed, boss damage, and survivability. Don't forget to give it a try!

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: A Powerful Boss Killer You Can’t Miss! - One Shot Ambusher Strike

    Posted: Feb 22, 2024

    Today, we take a look at One Shot Ambusher Strike in Path of Exile 3.23. We’ll show you how to use Viper Strike of the Mamba to assassinate enemies on the screen with one tremendous hit.

    Viper Strike is a classic skill that allows you to attack with two weapons at the same time and has a chance to poison the enemy. Affliction League introduces Viper Strike of the Mamba, a Transfigured version of the gem with a very interesting twist.

    It releases a more powerful poison, but does not allow more than one layer of poison to be stacked. It also has an interesting feature because it combines the damage from both weapons when dual-wielding.

    So this means we’re encouraged to funnel all damage to one hit. And we’ve found many clever ways to do this.

    How To Maximize Critical Strike Chance?

    The first step is to reach maximum critical hit chance. This nifty ability teleports you to an enemy, blinding them and giving your next melee attack a massive base of critical chance and critical multiplier.

    With Ambush, it’s relatively easy to get a critical hit rate of 100%. So easy, we can even use Marylene’s Fallacy. While these reduces our critical hit chance, we can balance this out on the skill tree without too much fuss.

    The bonus is that we get a huge critical multiplier from Amulet and Culling Strike Support.

    In this build we could achieve a critical hit multiplier of over 550%. So the goal is to kill something that is highly toxic.

    But the problem is, Damaging Ailments (such as poison) in Path of Exile 3.23 does not increase with the critical multiplier.

    Therefore, the best solution is to pick up this Keystone Perfect Agony. Over time, our damage increases by half the critical multiplier, approximately 275%.

    Low Tolerance

    Now let’s talk about the real core of damage, Low Tolerance. This is a special passive that can only be obtained from Cluster Jewels, but it works perfectly for us. It increases the damage of our poison by 300% against unpoisoned enemies. Since we’re only causing a single poison stack, there’s no real downside to this.

    Additionally, there is no limit to the number of times we can assign this passive. So if you can invest a certain amount of Divine Orbs to roll a Cluster Jewel, you can have as many gems as the passive tree will allow.


    For our weapons, you might imagine some Mirror-Tier physical and chaos weapon. But in fact, this build uses two copies of the cheap and unique Rebuke of the Vaal. This is typically the highest total DPS of any one-handed sword in the game.

    This means you only need a very low POE Currency budget to complete the weapon requirements for this build. The downside is that it’s a mix of damage types, making it difficult to scale.


    In our case, elemental damage, namely Fire, Lightning and Cold, is not counted in Poison. So how do we solve this problem?

    Path of Exile 3.23 introduces Tinctures, a special flask that we can use if we choose Warden of the Maji Ascendency. These are essentially permanent buffs that can be enabled or disabled. We’re using Poisonberry Tincture, which just poisons all our damage.

    Viper Strike Of The Mamba

    Now, those big numbers on our swords account for poison damage. On top of that, our key skill, Viper Strike of the Mamba, actually damages two weapons at once.

    Technically, instead of hitting and inflicting poison with each hand separately, it calculates the hit and ailment damage for each hand and then combines them into one larger hit. Therefore, the poison we use is proportional to the combined base damage of both weapons.

    Alchemist’s Mark

    Additionally, by using Alchemist’s Mark, we can almost double the damage. This skill creates Caustic Ground when we poison them. This ground effect causes 80% of the strongest poison’s damage to enemies over time.

    As you know, our poison is powerful. As long as our enemies stand still, they will be melted.

    Master Toxicist

    The last consideration is our ability to clear the map. We hit hard, but we didn’t have AoE. For this we rely on Master Toxicist. This will spread the poison we apply to nearby enemies, which is often enough to wipe out the entire group in one hit.

    In summary, here we show you the necessary items and everything else is flexible. This build can focus on more damage, higher defense, extra mobility, or whatever is needed for you.

    Regardless, this is a fun, themed, and powerful build. It may not be the fastest mapper you’ll ever play, but it’s a great boss killer.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: A Concise Overview Of This Budget-Friendly Arc Totems Hierophant Build

    Posted: Feb 19, 2024

    Hello and greetings to all Path of Exile 3.23 builders! In today's build, we're ready to unveil the mysterious allure of a truly remarkable build - the Arc Totems Hierophant. This exquisite masterpiece of character design unfolds with the Templar class, offering an unique gaming experience. This build revolves around the utilization of numerous totems, each wielding the formidable Arc skill to ensure both expeditious progression and safety throughout your adventures.


    As for budget, this is one of the cheapest builds in existence. You can start destroying early end-game maps with only around 35 Chaos Orbs to convert advents to Yellow Maps. I recommend investing around 90 chaos orbs for easily completing our atlas. I recommend investing around 30 Divine Orbs, but you can totally do it with less.

    Unique Items

    This build relies on acquiring highly essential unique POE Items. Fortunately, these are typically affordable and readily available. The first one is the Soul Mantle armor that causes socketed gems to be supported by a Level 20 Spell Totem support gem. This grants us an extra support skill gem. While under the influence of Soul Mantle, you'll find yourself constantly affected by around 9 curses, resulting in a massive 180% increase in damage output.

    Additionally, it is imperative to acquire a Kikazaru ring to mitigate the repercussions of curses. This necessity arises due to the inherent side effect of the Soul Mantle, whereby a random curse is inflicted upon you each time a totem meets its demise.

    Moreover, an indispensable component for this build is the Self-Flagellation jewel that grants up to 20% increased damage for each curse on you.

    About The Build

    Pros: Let's discuss the pros of this build. I would start with how cheap and easy it is to complete your atlas using this build. With minimal investment required, you can effortlessly transform into a formidable, secure, and swift character. Besides, this will be a perfect farmer, facilitating the accumulation of POE Currency for not only its own enhancement but also for future builds.

    Cons: When it comes to the cons, it's worth noting that this build lacks access to evasion or spell suppression. However, rest assured that totem builds offer a high level of safety during gameplay. Another consideration is that certain players may find the gameplay a little tedious.

    Clear Speed: For clear speed, this build deserves 9 out of 10. Arc, renowned for its ability to chain to multiple enemies and effortlessly decimate large packs, serves as the cornerstone of this build. With 4 totems adeptly casting this formidable skill, the build ensures swift and efficient clearing of enemies.

    Boss Damage: Then comes to the boss damage, I will give it 9 out of 10 as well. With the right debuffs and all 4 totems summoned, this build can take down even big bosses without any issue.

    Survivability: For survivability, I would also give it 9 out of 10. As a totem build, you'll always be far from the action while your totems do all the work. So if you know how to mind your position, you can easily complete high-tier maps with great gear. Above all, this build still comes with high armor and high block chance.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: Don't Miss Out These 3 Boss Killer Builds In Affliction League

    Posted: Feb 17, 2024

    Today's selection is for builders who love the thrill of quickly taking down bosses. I’ll be introducing 3 formidable boss killer builds in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League. So, without wasting time, let’s embark on a detailed exploration of each.

    Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye

    Firstly, we have the strongest Vaal skill for bosses, The Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye with the Ranger class. Ice Shot is an awesome Archer skill that freezes the whole screen of enemies, granting many explosions. Just as I did with the Lightning Arrow and the Tornado Shot build, the complete guide of this one will also count with 2 versions of this build, a budget and a complete one. You can start this build even on a low budget and upgrade it later.

    Budget: About the budget, you can get by destroying early endgame maps with only around 80 chaos. To comfortably advance to yellow maps, I recommend investing around 150 chaos, and for easily completing Atziri, I recommend investing around 4 Divine Orbs. But if you go for the complete version, you need to invest at least 4 more divines.

    On the budget version, you only need 1 mandatory unique item for this build, the Yoke of Suffering amulet that causes all of your elemental damage to shock. This way, our enemies take a lot more damage. On the complete version, on the other hand, besides the Yoke of Suffering, you also need the Lioneye's Fall and the Thread of Hope unique jewels. They are expensive but grant a huge boost to your damage.

    Pros & Cons: To the pros of this build, I would start with how strong Vaal Ice Shot is. When you use it on bosses, you won't even need your ballistas to obliterate them in less than a second. The clear speed is also outstanding, killing many monsters with only one shot. To the cons, I would say that this build is not very tanky. Even though you have some defensive layers, it's important to take advantage of your ranged attacks and stay far from danger.

    Clear Speed: For clear speed, I'll give it 10 out of 10. You fire many projectiles with high attack speed, and those projectiles chain on enemies, bounce off walls, and go everywhere, freezing and exploding them. It's just amazing.

    Boss Damage: The boss damage is also great and deserves 10 out of 10. As I said, Vaal Ice Shot is probably the strongest Vaal skill and can destroy bosses easily. You can also count on our ballistas for a lot more damage.

    Survivability: I'll give this build 8 out of 10 for Survivability. Even though you have armor, evasion, spell suppression, and can kill enemies from a good distance, this build isn't very tanky. If you don't mind your position, you might die.

    Venom Gyre Deadeye

    Next, we have this OP build that is the master of the shotgun effect, the Venom Gyre Deadeye with the Ranger class. Venom Gyre is a very interesting skill which fires a projectile that hits enemies and returns to you, piercing and dealing damage to everything on its path. When the projectile successfully returns to you, you can keep and stack them up to 30 times, and they will all be released at once when you use the Whirling Blades movement skill.

    Budget: This build is cheap. You can get by destroying early endgame maps with only around 90 Chaos Orbs. To comfortably advance to yellow maps, you need to invest around 120 chaos, and for easily completing Atziri, I recommend investing around 4 divines.

    Pros & Cons: To the pros of this build, I wouldn't even know where to start. It comes with amazing clear speed, boss damage, and a big effective HP. Above all, it's cheap and easy to put together. It doesn't require any mandatory unique item. To the cons, I would say that, as most builds, this one is also vulnerable to chaos damage, unless of course, you invest in chaos resistance gear.

    Clear Speed: I'll give this build 10 out of 10. The Venom Gyre projectile already has an expensive nature for the amount of time it stays dealing damage. With a Deadeye that grants a lot of speed and many buffs to projectiles, the result is what you're seeing in this tier 16 gameplay.

    Boss Damage: The boss damage is also a 10 out of 10. You can use Vaal Venom Gyre to instantly have 50 stack projectiles and delete bosses with an amazing shotgun effect using Whirling Blades on them.

    Survivability: For survivability, I'll give it 9 out of 10. This build counts with over 880,000 effective HP because of high armor, high evasion, spell suppression, and block chance.

    Archer Skeletons Guardian

    The last build of our boss killer selection is the amazing Archer Skeletons Guardian with the Templar class. I'm sure that at this point you all know the very popular Mage Skeletons build. With the new transfigure gems, we now also have the Archer Skeletons.

    Budget: This build is pretty cheap. You can get it to destroy early game maps with only around 80 chaos to comfort with advent yellow maps. I recommend investing around 150 chaos, and for easily completing Atziri, I recommend investing around 4 divines. But you can totally do it with less. You only need 1 mandatory unique POE Item for this build, the Lioneye's Vision armor, that already grants the pure support and allows us to have 1 more support gem for our Skeletons.

    Pros & Cons: To get the pros of this build, I would start with how balanced it is. Unlike the mage Skeletons, this build has a much smoother clear speed and can do even more damage to bosses. This build also is not complicated to put together. We only need 1 mandatory unique item that is pretty cheap. Above all, as a Guardian, we still have 3 damage auras for free and a minion that takes 20% of the damage for us. To the cons, I'll start by saying that even though this build is still very tanky and safe, it's not as tanky as the mage skeleton version because it has less block chance. But if you mind your position, it will be hard for you to die.

    Clear Speed: For clear speed, I'll give it 9 out of 10. We have many Archer Skeletons firing many arrows with high attack speed. Unlike the mage Skeletons version that uses the Spell Echo, we can easily cast 4 Skeletons at a time in different locations and increase a lot their angle of destruction.

    Boss Damage: The boss damage is amazing, deserves 10 out of 10. The gameplay is destroying those endgame bosses in a few seconds, and it's only using the determination aura. But if you're playing on the Affliction League, you can use the spectre of the Guardian Turtle for a free determination aura and use Pride for a lot more damage.

    Survivability: I'll give it 9 out of 10. As a minion build, you stay far from the action while they tank and kill everything for you. It's a very safe playstyle. But this build also comes with over 990,000 effective HP because of high armor, block chance, and a minion that takes 20% of the damage for you.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: How About This New Tanky Build With 2 Transfigured Gems?

    Posted: Jan 25, 2024

    I’ve tried a new build in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League, and it is a lot more powerful than I was expecting. This build is all centered around 2 transfigured gems that I’ve picked up: Arc of Oscillation and Storm Brand of Indecision.

    Storm Brand Of Indecision

    First, let’s talk about Storm Brand of Indecision. It has a significantly faster cast time than the regular Storm Brand, does more damage, and has a better added damage multiplier. The drawback is that it only hits one enemy at a time instead of 3, and you lose the more damage to branded enemy multiplier.

    However, the base damage is so much higher that it doesn’t matter. The really strange thing on Storm Brand of Indecision is that every time it activates, the brand moves to a different enemy.

    I assumed this meant that the pack clearing was going to be bad, and I’d have to use something else to do that. My idea for a build was to create a cast speed stacker that gets most of its damage from a hyper-speed Storm Brand and then uses Arc of Oscillation to clear. Storm Brand of Indecision hits hard enough and activates so fast that for most of the second half of the campaign, I was only using Arc against bosses.

    In the gameplay, as I’m just getting started, my Storm Brand of Indecision is activating just shy of 9 times per second. I would say that it’s death by a thousand lightning cuts, but this thing cuts pretty hard and rips right through enemy life bars. And I only have my skill gem up to Level 17. So, in order for you to have a better experience of this build, please prepare enough POE Currency.

    Arc Of Oscillation

    Arc of Oscillation is another gem in this build. The phrasing of Arc of Oscillation is a little confusing, so I’ll just tell you all the differences straight up. Normal Arc cannot hit the same enemy more than once in a single cast. But this Arc of Oscillation can. Because of this sort of pseudo shotgunning, Arc of Oscillation is stellar at taking down tough rares and bosses that spawn ads.

    It specifically punishes monsters for being near other monsters. I have run every single Abyss crack that I found throughout the campaign because those normally scary, tough, rare Abyss monsters have never felt so easy.

    One thing that has really surprised me is how tanky the build is. I’m using Valako’s Sign, which gives me 1% leech because everything is almost always shocked. Combining that with the extra tankiness from souped-up Chaos and Stone Golem buffs makes it an incredibly tanky high regen character. I’m pretty sure at this point that I should just push and take Zealot’s Oath because the leech from Valako’s Sign is more than enough.


    Another big question I have regards my auras. I’m only using Herald of Thunder and Clarity right now, but I very easily could swap out Herald for Wrath instead. I could also change up the build a bit, take the Sovereignty cluster, and then toss in an extra aura.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: Unlock The Secret Of This Poison Splitting Steel Pathfinder

    Posted: Jan 22, 2024

    Projectiles, Sniper’s Mark, Return Projectiles Support, high base damage, and add to the mix pathfinder. I’m talking about the Poison Splitting Steel Pathfinder. I made the build as tanky as possible. This is my own version of the reworked Splitting Steel. Also, I’m very surprised I didn’t find anyone playing this version. I’m still working on it, but the results are already amazing.

    How It Works

    Splitting Steel fires a projectile that will split on impact towards the enemy, and the default split is 5. This is where our base damage is coming from. If we use snipers mark to increase the split numbers up to 9 and using additional projectiles from the tree, so our base split is right now 10. And if we add return projectiles, all the split projectiles will return to us, making an extremely high base damage skill. As we add to the mix poison, we’re already poison capped on normal bosses, which is 35 million damage per second after the 6-second ramp time.

    On Ubers with this setup, I calculated around 13-15 million damage per second, which is pretty good if we’re talking about Ubers. The damage is coming from all projectiles. Of course, I don’t think you can position yourself to all the projectiles to return to you, but even if just half is hitting, it’s still pretty good. But from my testing, you can find the sweet spot for it.


    The weapon we’re using is a pretty interesting one because we’re using a Jewelled Foil with high attack speed, phys, and the most important poison chance on the weapon because otherwise, we can’t cap our poison chance. Also need the craft ‘hits can’t be evaded.’ But here is a big but you can just use attack speed and poison chance on the weapon and craft ‘hits can’t be evaded,’ and you’re almost poison capped on normal content.


    I bought a weapon for 5 Chaos Orbs and crafted ‘hits cannot be evaded,’ and you’re good to go. With this high investment, you almost can beat any content in the game. So the damage with this really cheap weapon is around 33 million on Ubers, almost 10 million. For this gear, maybe the clusters are the most expensive. Around 3 divine for one and 3 for another. So is 6 divine.

    On the other hand, the expensive version. Any Uber content is a breeze. You also don’t need much more POE Currency for it. Only the weapon is expensive to make, but also depends on your luck. Also, you can craft the gear very easily, so don’t buy the overpriced gear. But from my testing, you can also do any non-uber content with the cheaper version.


    The mapping is also very good. You have pierce for the projectiles, also poison prolif from pathfinder, and the AoE from the explosions will take care of the pack of monsters, so the normal mapping is super fast and fun.


    You can use the POE Items - Nimis in the build. You just switch out the Ming’s Heart, and you need to fix your Chaos Resistance, and you can do Ubers with it easily. Your damage will be very high. I just ran an uber shaper with it, and the damage is outstanding.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: What About This Low Budget Alch & Go Harvest Farming Strategy?

    Posted: Jan 20, 2024

    I will show you a zero pressure, super low invest Alch & Go farming strategy in Path of Exile 3.23. I will start with the main idea and put the details behind. Since this is a low-budget strategy, you don’t need to prepare for a large number of POE Currency.

    Main Idea

    So we will straight go into Stream of Consciousness, which gives a 50% more chance to contain extra content - Wondering Path, middle circle and top line. This makes sure our map has good quantity and pack size. Easter of Worlds clusters for blue to boost our quantity and rarity. So, this is the base of the strategies. We will have good base map quantity, rarity, and pack size in our maps.

    Now we focus on chances. You can get any extra content chances you want, but you can also just follow my tree. I have all delirium chances with Unending Nightmare, all expedition chances with Extreme Archaeology. All Legion, Abyss, Breach and Ritual chances. In average, we will have at least 4 to 6 extra content in our maps. But sometimes bad luck, we only have 1 to 3.

    With this setup, the monster is dangerous or tanky. So, if you have bad Survivability, you can get Wellspring of Creations. If you are very tanky and have bad DPS, you can get Dance of Destructions. We actually can get both of them, but I will put it in detail.


    For the map modifier, we can do Chisel and Alche, but if you want always having 200% quantity or above, we can just Alchemy and Vaal Orb to find the 8 modifiers map and use Sextant modifiers. If your maps have 20% quality, it will save us many Chisels, and we actually consume maps, so we will get Singular Focus to keep our maps sustained. So now, we probably have 13 skill points left. It depends on what you want to boost. You can boost Breach'monster density, regions, longer durations, increased abyss monster, or anything else you like.

    When we’re running these strategies, we can actually skip all maps that have bad whips. Don’t think this is a wasted time. Stream of Consciousness gives 50% more base chance to contain extra content. Extra content is not included Beyond and Harbinger. So you have to read the Keystone to know what in the list of extra content. Most extra content has an 8% base spawn chance, plus on the tree, is straight to the base chances. 50% more chances usually is another additive, but in our tree, we don’t have any percent increased chances, so we can treat this as 50% increased.

    With Stream of Consciousness, we cannot use any fragment and Scarab in map device. Wondering Path gives 100% increased effect of small atlas passive skills. This hugely increased the middle circle and the top line. Without this, we cannot have 200% quantity base in our maps, and it also boosts the chances of containing extra content.

    So, it is perfect for this strategy. It over improves our quantity and rarity in maps. Minions pack size will affect the alter spawn rate, so we take also these small nodes. We actually can kill the boss first to spawn more quantity altar. It depends on you. You can do it or just run like normal mapping.

    Unending Nightmare is a personal choice. You can ignore this one and get some derium up to sell. Extreme Archaeology for faster map run, so you have to be comprehensive if you want to get this. You can also skip this one.

  • Path Of Exile 3.23: How About This Brands Twink Leveling Build In Affliction League?

    Posted: Jan 19, 2024

    I want to just quickly share you with my new favorite Brands twink leveling build in Path of Exile 3.23. This twink leveling build probably not new, but it is super broken. This is primarily just for Shadow, Witch, and Templar. So if you are ready with enough POE Currency, let's just dive into this guide.

    How It Works

    This is a spellcasting twink leveling build that is based around Storm Brand of Indecision and Penance Brand of Dissipation. It honestly just feels ridiculously broken, and it’s just really fun. If you want to spend a couple of Divine Orbs on your twink leveling setup and just go really, really fast, and just kind of do massive damage.

    We can use Storm Brand of Indecision, which is really good to clear. It bounces around really quickly and just kills everything. And then for a single target, we are using Penance Brand of Dissipation, which will sit on a single enemy and pulse, doing very high damage.

    The great thing about these transfiguration gems is they still have the base required level of the regular gems. So, from Level 12, you can use Storm Brand of Indecision, and from Level 28, use the Penance Brand. As soon as you put on these gems, you just feel super powerful.

    ACT 1

    Early Act 1, I just did regular Rolling Magma with some twink gear for doing some bonus damage. As soon as I hit Level 12, I put in Storm Brand and was off to the races. For scaling, you want to go for Lightning spell skill gems, increase lightning damage, increase spell damage, as well as cast speed because they will pulse more quickly with increased cast speed. More cast speed doesn’t work. Then you just want to stack as much flat damage as possible.

    As soon as you hit Level 20, you want to use Replica Tasalio's Sign. The key here is it will add a lot of flat cold damage to your spells and attacks, and then you will be chilling the enemy with your cold damage, which then adds way more flat cold damage. You’re getting over 100 flat cold damage added to your character, and you can use the elemental damage catalyst, which I believe is the Turbulent, which will scale both the cold damage to attacks and spells as well as against chilled enemies. This makes the 60 to 80 value right here go to 72 to 96. So, as soon as you can put these on at Level 20, you get kind of a broken amount of flat damage.

    Elemental Damage Nodes

    If you are starting as Templar, Witch, or Shadow, you would want to take all the elemental damage nodes, rush over to Runebinder and Runesmith. I took the Mastery for increased area of effect, more area of effect, more elemental damage. You do want to then go for cast speed, lightning damage, all these nodes right here, as well as then taking Brand Equity.

    That’s all you have to go for. If you’re in any of these top 3 classes, take these general nodes. You can also take Blast Radius. You can also take Arcane Expanse. Area of effect, spell damage, lightning damage, cast speed - just go for all of those nodes. Then we will do a lot of damage.

    Passive Skills

    The only auras that I’m using are Herald of Thunder and Clarity for quality of life. Even better would be to fit in Wrath for even more damage, but it does make the mana a little tight. If you wanted to do that, I would probably go into something like Sovereignty and just get a bit more mana headroom.

    But all I’m doing is Leap Slam, Frostblink, dropping Storm Brand of Indecision. The Storm Brand alone is doing significant damage. It’s killing rares really quickly. You can just drop one and run past, and it’ll kill everything behind you, and it’s all dead. I think this is going to scale absolutely crazy all the way through ACT 10. You might need slightly better weapons, but that’s kind of it.

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