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Path Of Exile 3.23: What About This Low Budget Alch & Go Harvest Farming Strategy?

Posted: Jan 20, 2024

I will show you a zero pressure, super low invest Alch & Go farming strategy in Path of Exile 3.23. I will start with the main idea and put the details behind. Since this is a low-budget strategy, you don’t need to prepare for a large number of POE Currency.

Main Idea

So we will straight go into Stream of Consciousness, which gives a 50% more chance to contain extra content - Wondering Path, middle circle and top line. This makes sure our map has good quantity and pack size. Easter of Worlds clusters for blue to boost our quantity and rarity. So, this is the base of the strategies. We will have good base map quantity, rarity, and pack size in our maps.

Path Of Exile 3.23: What About This Low Budget Alch & Go Harvest Farming Strategy?

Now we focus on chances. You can get any extra content chances you want, but you can also just follow my tree. I have all delirium chances with Unending Nightmare, all expedition chances with Extreme Archaeology. All Legion, Abyss, Breach and Ritual chances. In average, we will have at least 4 to 6 extra content in our maps. But sometimes bad luck, we only have 1 to 3.

With this setup, the monster is dangerous or tanky. So, if you have bad Survivability, you can get Wellspring of Creations. If you are very tanky and have bad DPS, you can get Dance of Destructions. We actually can get both of them, but I will put it in detail.


For the map modifier, we can do Chisel and Alche, but if you want always having 200% quantity or above, we can just Alchemy and Vaal Orb to find the 8 modifiers map and use Sextant modifiers. If your maps have 20% quality, it will save us many Chisels, and we actually consume maps, so we will get Singular Focus to keep our maps sustained. So now, we probably have 13 skill points left. It depends on what you want to boost. You can boost Breach'monster density, regions, longer durations, increased abyss monster, or anything else you like.

When we’re running these strategies, we can actually skip all maps that have bad whips. Don’t think this is a wasted time. Stream of Consciousness gives 50% more base chance to contain extra content. Extra content is not included Beyond and Harbinger. So you have to read the Keystone to know what in the list of extra content. Most extra content has an 8% base spawn chance, plus on the tree, is straight to the base chances. 50% more chances usually is another additive, but in our tree, we don’t have any percent increased chances, so we can treat this as 50% increased.

Path of Exile 3.23 Stream of Consciousness

With Stream of Consciousness, we cannot use any fragment and Scarab in map device. Wondering Path gives 100% increased effect of small atlas passive skills. This hugely increased the middle circle and the top line. Without this, we cannot have 200% quantity base in our maps, and it also boosts the chances of containing extra content.

So, it is perfect for this strategy. It over improves our quantity and rarity in maps. Minions pack size will affect the alter spawn rate, so we take also these small nodes. We actually can kill the boss first to spawn more quantity altar. It depends on you. You can do it or just run like normal mapping.

Unending Nightmare is a personal choice. You can ignore this one and get some derium up to sell. Extreme Archaeology for faster map run, so you have to be comprehensive if you want to get this. You can also skip this one.


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