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Path Of Exile 3.23: Unlock The Secret Of This Poison Splitting Steel Pathfinder

Posted: Jan 22, 2024

Projectiles, Sniper’s Mark, Return Projectiles Support, high base damage, and add to the mix pathfinder. I’m talking about the Poison Splitting Steel Pathfinder. I made the build as tanky as possible. This is my own version of the reworked Splitting Steel. Also, I’m very surprised I didn’t find anyone playing this version. I’m still working on it, but the results are already amazing.

How It Works

Splitting Steel fires a projectile that will split on impact towards the enemy, and the default split is 5. This is where our base damage is coming from. If we use snipers mark to increase the split numbers up to 9 and using additional projectiles from the tree, so our base split is right now 10. And if we add return projectiles, all the split projectiles will return to us, making an extremely high base damage skill. As we add to the mix poison, we’re already poison capped on normal bosses, which is 35 million damage per second after the 6-second ramp time.

Path Of Exile 3.23: Unlock The Secret Of This Poison Splitting Steel Pathfinder

On Ubers with this setup, I calculated around 13-15 million damage per second, which is pretty good if we’re talking about Ubers. The damage is coming from all projectiles. Of course, I don’t think you can position yourself to all the projectiles to return to you, but even if just half is hitting, it’s still pretty good. But from my testing, you can find the sweet spot for it.


The weapon we’re using is a pretty interesting one because we’re using a Jewelled Foil with high attack speed, phys, and the most important poison chance on the weapon because otherwise, we can’t cap our poison chance. Also need the craft ‘hits can’t be evaded.’ But here is a big but you can just use attack speed and poison chance on the weapon and craft ‘hits can’t be evaded,’ and you’re almost poison capped on normal content.


I bought a weapon for 5 Chaos Orbs and crafted ‘hits cannot be evaded,’ and you’re good to go. With this high investment, you almost can beat any content in the game. So the damage with this really cheap weapon is around 33 million on Ubers, almost 10 million. For this gear, maybe the clusters are the most expensive. Around 3 divine for one and 3 for another. So is 6 divine.

On the other hand, the expensive version. Any Uber content is a breeze. You also don’t need much more POE Currency for it. Only the weapon is expensive to make, but also depends on your luck. Also, you can craft the gear very easily, so don’t buy the overpriced gear. But from my testing, you can also do any non-uber content with the cheaper version.


The mapping is also very good. You have pierce for the projectiles, also poison prolif from pathfinder, and the AoE from the explosions will take care of the pack of monsters, so the normal mapping is super fast and fun.


You can use the POE Items - Nimis in the build. You just switch out the Ming’s Heart, and you need to fix your Chaos Resistance, and you can do Ubers with it easily. Your damage will be very high. I just ran an uber shaper with it, and the damage is outstanding.


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