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Path Of Exile 3.23: A Concise Overview Of This Budget-Friendly Arc Totems Hierophant Build

Posted: Feb 19, 2024

Hello and greetings to all Path of Exile 3.23 builders! In today's build, we're ready to unveil the mysterious allure of a truly remarkable build - the Arc Totems Hierophant. This exquisite masterpiece of character design unfolds with the Templar class, offering an unique gaming experience. This build revolves around the utilization of numerous totems, each wielding the formidable Arc skill to ensure both expeditious progression and safety throughout your adventures.

Path Of Exile 3.23: A Concise Overview Of The Budget-Friendly Arc Totems Hierophant Build


As for budget, this is one of the cheapest builds in existence. You can start destroying early end-game maps with only around 35 Chaos Orbs to convert advents to Yellow Maps. I recommend investing around 90 chaos orbs for easily completing our atlas. I recommend investing around 30 Divine Orbs, but you can totally do it with less.

Unique Items

This build relies on acquiring highly essential unique POE Items. Fortunately, these are typically affordable and readily available. The first one is the Soul Mantle armor that causes socketed gems to be supported by a Level 20 Spell Totem support gem. This grants us an extra support skill gem. While under the influence of Soul Mantle, you'll find yourself constantly affected by around 9 curses, resulting in a massive 180% increase in damage output.

Additionally, it is imperative to acquire a Kikazaru ring to mitigate the repercussions of curses. This necessity arises due to the inherent side effect of the Soul Mantle, whereby a random curse is inflicted upon you each time a totem meets its demise.

Moreover, an indispensable component for this build is the Self-Flagellation jewel that grants up to 20% increased damage for each curse on you.

Path Of Exile 3.23 Self-Flagellation

About The Build

Pros: Let's discuss the pros of this build. I would start with how cheap and easy it is to complete your atlas using this build. With minimal investment required, you can effortlessly transform into a formidable, secure, and swift character. Besides, this will be a perfect farmer, facilitating the accumulation of POE Currency for not only its own enhancement but also for future builds.

Cons: When it comes to the cons, it's worth noting that this build lacks access to evasion or spell suppression. However, rest assured that totem builds offer a high level of safety during gameplay. Another consideration is that certain players may find the gameplay a little tedious.

Clear Speed: For clear speed, this build deserves 9 out of 10. Arc, renowned for its ability to chain to multiple enemies and effortlessly decimate large packs, serves as the cornerstone of this build. With 4 totems adeptly casting this formidable skill, the build ensures swift and efficient clearing of enemies.

Boss Damage: Then comes to the boss damage, I will give it 9 out of 10 as well. With the right debuffs and all 4 totems summoned, this build can take down even big bosses without any issue.

Survivability: For survivability, I would also give it 9 out of 10. As a totem build, you'll always be far from the action while your totems do all the work. So if you know how to mind your position, you can easily complete high-tier maps with great gear. Above all, this build still comes with high armor and high block chance.


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