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Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Build A Powerful Uber Killer With A High Budget? - Untouched Soul Reaper Build Guide

Posted: Mar 08, 2024

Greetings fellow exiles! In this guide, I’ll be talking about my powerful Uber-killer build, Untouched Soul Reaper.

This new build uses Untouched Soul Gold Amulet added in POE 3.23. It’s so powerful that it’s even capable of killing Pinnacle Bosses in seconds. However, we do need to invest more POE Currency to successfully eliminate Uber, but it is definitely worth it. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

POE 3.23: How To Build A Powerful Uber Killer With A High Budget? - Untouched Soul Reaper Build Guide

Build Overview

Before we get started, I wanted to rate every aspect of this build to help you understand as quickly as possible whether it’s right for you.

I would give it a 4 out of 5 for its clear speed. With our Ascendancy, it will kill all the monsters with a massive Profane Bloom. And it kills Breach pretty quickly. If we invest in more Divine Orbs, it does have the potential to become a strong Uber threat.

For single target damage, I’d give it a 3 out of 5. As I said, this build does kill Uber Bosses, but they do take a while, and you’re still at risk of dying.

Next, I want to talk about our defense, and I want to give it a 3 out of 5. Because we stack a lot of armor, and we also use Petrified Blood, that means we have a lot of defense layers in our build that can withstand a lot of attacks. But over time, damage can kill us really quickly.

For the budget, even though this build uses Mageblood, you really don’t have to worry about it at all. Because it’s actually pretty easy to get in Affliction League, you can get Mageblood in almost 2 hours of constant farming. Besides this, this build requires 75 Divine Orbs. Therefore, this build is still relatively expensive.

Path of Exile Endgame Unique Mageblood

How Does It Work?

How this build works is very interesting. As I said before, we’re using Untouched Soul Gold Amulet here. It stacks as much life as possible by gaining a stat of 40 life for every empty red slot on any equipped item. So in this build we used as few slots as possible to get a lot of flat life.

We also used Unique Staff, Burden of Shadows. It also has a statistic that states that spells deal chaos damage equal to 15%-20% of your maximum life, meaning the more life we have, the more chaos damage we do. So it’s just great synergy with stacking life.

Also, we’re going to use a lot of poison damage. Because poison’s base damage per second is equal to 30% of the sum of physical damage and chaos damage. Since Burden of Shadows already deals with a lot of chaos damage, we really need a place to boost physical damage.

Here we took advantage of Warlock of the Mists Ascendancy because it has a node called Cannibalised Faith, which states that spells you cast will gain 75% of the life cost as physical damage. For example, my skill actually costs about 1,000 life points, but I get 750 extra points of physical damage from Ascendancy.

This is why we use Reaper, which is literally the best skill to stack this passive with, adding 20% of life cost per blood charge.


Since we’re using Warlock of the Mists Ascendancy, we’re going to grab Void Beacon first, as it gives nearby enemies -20% Chaos Resistance, which is pretty good.

Then we continue to seize every second to cause Withered debuff to nearby enemies for 15 seconds, and then you will get more chaos resistance and chaos damage.

Finally, we’re going to take Profane Bloom, which is our key to clearing the map of monsters. Then use Unholy Authority to deal damage to nearby enemies, and you can also apply additional curses.

POE 3.23: Warlock of the Mists Ascendancy

Gear Selection

Now, for our gear, here I’ll show you the items we’ll need:

  • Weapon: Burden of Shadows
  • Helmet: Sorrow Keep
  • Rings: Rune Twirl & Essence Worm
  • Body Armor: Blunderbore
  • Amulet: Untouched Soul
  • Belt: Mageblood
  • Gloves: Victory Grasp
  • Boots: Bramble Track

PoE: The Untouched Soul

Unique Jewels

Now for the jewelry we will use Adorned Jewel, Unnatural Instinct, two Split Personality and a Dissolution of the Flesh.

Ideally, we just want a very high Dissolution of the Flesh to get more life. The higher Adorned Jewel, the better. It can even help us instantly increase Stormshroud’s damage by 134%.


Finally, I just want to quickly show you how this build of Adrenaline works.

Since we have Blood of the Karui, it allows us to do double dips with Adrenaline here. When we enter the map, if our life is declining, we can restore maximum life by casting immediately after pressing it.

As you put more into it, you actually gain it again. So we get double dips twice. We get two stages of Adrenaline with just one click. This means you can just run around to get it again and clear all Uber Bosses with ease.

Anyway, that’s the complete guide for this Untouched Soul Reaper build. I hope it will be useful to you and help you tackle all Ubers with ease.


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