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Path Of Exile 3.24: Some Significant QoL Improvements Are Coming To Necropolis League

Posted: Mar 18, 2024

Hi, builders! Today, let’s delve into the numerous quality of life changes arriving with Path of Exile 3.24, the Necropolis League. As more details become available, I will be introducing them here for you players. Without wasting time, let's get started!

Path Of Exile 3.24: Some Significant QoL Improvements Are Coming To Necropolis League


Flask changes are the first on the list, and they are possibly the most significant in terms of the Necropolis league. Now, you have the option to corrupt flasks to obtain anywhere between plus 10 to minus 10 quality, offering a wide range of potential outcomes. However, they’ve also removed Hillock flask craft, which provided a fixed 28% quality boost.

It’s worth noting that drop flasks can still reach up to 30 quality. The implications of this change are unclear. It could lead to either a surge in prices for high-quality flasks or their removal from the game entirely. For instance, you might now corrupt a 30 quality Jade Flask to achieve 40 quality. While this may represent a straightforward buff for magic flasks, it’s less relevant for unique flasks, which rarely drop with high quality.

The next thing is that the Ruby Flask has reverted to their previous state. They no longer grant reduced damage taken. Instead, they now provide maximum resistance. The shift away from reducing damage taken is significant, especially considering the substantial defenses many builds achieved in the endgame of POE 3.24.

With resistance capped at 90%, coupled with reduced damage taken, these flasks offered substantial protection. This change maintains a similar level of effectiveness for most builds that rely on these flasks. However, it presents a potential buff for builds hovering between 80 and 85% resistance, as they'll benefit more from the maximum resistance granted by these flasks.

Veiled Orb

The community is buzzing with discussions about the Veiled Orb rework, which involves Tier 4 Ashling being transformed into a Veiled Orb obtainable from Katarina. While it remains uncertain whether this change guarantees a 100% drop rate, its scarcity and how it fits into the betrayal mechanics will shape its market value.

Some believe this alteration could make Veiled Orbs more accessible and affordable. However, increased accessibility often translates to heightened demand, as seen in previous items like the Fracturing Orb. Anticipating its impact on the economy proves challenging because of its origin from Harbinger and its inherent rarity.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Veiled Orb

A major change is the alteration in the functionality of Veiled Orbs. If we analyze its most substantial impact, it revolves around rings. However, the primary use case was purchasing a Synthesized ring, completing the suffixes, and then the prefixes. If you’re reluctant to invest around 100 Divine Orbs for this process, you typically Veiled Orb for life and then craft on a mod like minus Mana. Alternatively, consider a CoC build that doesn’t utilize Mageblood.

In such cases, opting for reduced Mana plus minus Mana serves a similar purpose. This approach locks off certain affixes, allowing for the acquisition of two prefixes and a random slam. While these strategies remain feasible, they may now come at a higher cost.

Automatically Spam Sockets & Links

Another highly anticipated change is the ability to automate socket and link spamming. By holding Shift and Left Mouse button, you can effortlessly reach maximum sockets, though it won't assist in achieving a 5-link. However, for those accustomed to dealing with 6-links, this feature is a game-changer.

But perhaps the most significant change is a boon for traders: the ability to transfer all currencies of one type into the trading window with a single click. This functionality, activated by holding Control and Shift and left-clicking, streamlines the trading process significantly. As of now, it's uncertain if this feature will extend to stash tabs, which would be a welcome addition, albeit potentially conflicting with existing keybinds.

Breach Hands

Next, there's a relatively minor change: Breach Hands will now automatically open when you run over them. While this adjustment aims to enhance player convenience, making it easier for casual players may flood the economy with breach rewards. Consequently, although you'll receive more splinters, their relative value is likely to decrease.

Map Corruption

Now, let’s discuss the latest change, particularly intriguing for enthusiasts. Previously, when using a Vaal Orb on a map, one of the potential corruptions was that it became unidentified. However, this is no longer the case. Now, the outcomes include bonuses such as increased item quantity and pack size, along with some more unusual ones.

If you’re already utilizing a particular ring mod, you may experience added challenges due to increased effects on certain mods. This can pose a significant difficulty, especially for builds focused on less recovery, potentially leading to 100% less recovery with this additional mod. However, these builds typically possess immunity to such effects.

There’s also a small change that may slip past your notice. When using the hoarder crafting station, you’ll always see the actual item appearance, eliminating the need to hover over and then navigate down to craft. Though a small adjustment, it’s quite impactful.


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