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News Tag: Elder Scrolls Online Necrom

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Is Necrom Worth Your Play? - Background, Introduction And Evaluation

    Posted: Jul 08, 2023

    In Elder Scrolls Online, Necrom is the newest expansion to MMORPG and fan favorite fantasy RPG series. Like the previous expansion, High Isle, Necrom takes players into the vast world of Tamriel to explore a series of fresh uncharted areas filled with new quests to complete, world events, and even a brand new Arcanist character class.

    Although Necrom promised to give players a wealth of game content when it was released, if you are a very avid game lover, will there still be new content waiting for you to discover after you have played for hundreds of hours?

    Background About Necrom

    In Elder Scrolls Online Necrom, your adventure starts when you befriend a scholar named "Leramil the Wise", and you sign a soul bond with a Daedric Prince as you help her contract. The main content of the game is that Hermaeus Mora, the lord of knowledge, has experienced an invasion in his hometown of Apocrypha, which may lead to the complete collapse of the real world. And you, as a true hero, set out on a quest to solve many Lovecraftian mysteries, while unraveling the chaotic depths of Apocrypha and facing the bizarre difficulties of its many cosmic horrors, a test for every player.

    Before you enter the hellscape of Hermaeus Mora's home world, you'll come to another new area: Telvanni Penisula. Located on the east coast of Tamriel, this area is spectacular with lush exotic flora, roaming fields filled with tons of mushrooms, and you'll want to be careful here as you might find some hidden rewards like ESO Gold. Necrom, the eponymous capital of the Telvanni Peninsula, is built on top of a massive Dark Elf cemetery and honeycomb catacomb system, giving players a very eerie feeling.

    The stunning place in Necrom is Apocrypha, and it's definitely one of the most visually appealing areas in all of Elder Scrolls Online. This area has a changeable sky, revealing strange horrors, leaves and landscapes that violate the natural order, and the scenes here are far beyond the players' imagination. During your quest, you'll travel through forbidden libraries full of secret lore, universities dedicated to the dark arts, and many other magical places.

    The sights and sounds of Apocrypha have a different vibe and some weirdness that you'll find haunting you even after you've completed your quest here, and it's certainly a high point in the gameplay session.

    Introducing Necrom's New Features

    Necrom definitely packs a ton of content you'd expect, including some fresh areas filled with quests, dungeons, and world events. For the most part, the quests inspire a sense that you're on an adventure, that XP grind is never-ending, but you can also feel like it's all about being enjoyable. Of course, there are some main and side quests with memorable characters and interesting objectives. Especially in Apocrypha, even trivial side quests are very immersive.

    If you want to add members to your adventuring group, you can recruit two new companions, including a Redguard Arcanist named Azandar and an Argonian Warden named Sharp-as-Night. Both of these are worthy of your pick due to their excellent class abilities. You may need help during the game, as the new Bastion Nymic world event can be very difficult for you to progress alone. If you have a large team, you can also challenge Necrom's 12-person team copy dungeon Sanity's Edge, which will definitely bring you a different experience.

    In addition to this, Necrom also offers a new character class, Arcanist. These rune-bearing mystic masters can play a variety of roles in the game, but they are best at dealing damage with strange dark magic. There are three class skill lines you can choose from, but either way, Arcanist class has some really cool abilities that make it a lot of fun for players to use.

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    My Opinion On Necrom

    You'll find that Necrom offers some interesting new ideas for your gaming experience, and that it really stands out with its vibrant regional landscape, excellent questline, and engaging storyline. Arcanist Class is also a wonderful feature, and the new world events are fun, but they're just icing on top of the already excellent Necrom content.

    As a big fan of Elder Scrolls Online, I have to admit that Necrom is really good, if you experience Necrom as your first DLC, you will not be disappointed.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: How To Reach Apocrypha Zone In Necrom?

    Posted: Jun 29, 2023

    In Elder Scrolls Online, going to Daedric Realm of Apocrypha seems daunting, and the game's scenes are so scary that many players stop there. But if you want to know where to look, you can get to this location in Elder Scrolls Online.

    Some Introduction To Apocrypha Zone

    Elder Scrolls Online has added two more locations. These locations can be explored and discovered by players through new in-game content such as Necrom Zone Quests and collectibles to improve the player's gaming experience. If you are interested, you can try it.

    In the game, for Elder Scrolls Online players, it may be easy to find the location of Telvanni Peninsula, but for most players, if you want to find the location of Apocrypha zone, it may be very difficult, which requires you to master some skills.

    Many players are still trying to discover how to get to Apocrypha region of Telvanni, but the way to find it may be surprising. For how to find this area, we've explored Telvanni specifically to help you find exactly where Apocrypha is and how to get there in Elder Scrolls Online Necrom.

    How To Find Apocrypha Zone?

    If you're going into Telvanni to explore new gameplay content, you'll be interested in how to get to Apocrypha's Realm. This is a realm ruled by Daedric Prince (Hermaeus Mora), and players can enter by first going to Telvanni Peninsula, another new location included in Necrom chapter, which is relatively low in difficulty.

    Step 1 - If you walked through Keywright's Gallery from the tutorial stage, then you need to find the portal that will teleport you to Telvanni Peninsula. This portal will take you to Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine, after you are teleported, next you need to go to Necrom City and enter the city.

    Step 2 - When you enter the city, you need to find Necrom Wayshrine in the center of Necrom City, go east from Wayshrine, turn before the square and you will find Necrom Bindery.

    Step 3 - After entering Necrom Bindery, look to the right and you will find two portals:

    • One to Apocrypha: Endless Library.
    • The other is the gateway to Apocrypha: Chroma Incognita.

    You can choose any portal, because going to any portal will lead you to Apocrypha, so you can rest assured that the bold choice will not lead you to the wrong place.

    Other Ways To Reach Apocrypha

    If you are looking for it from other regions, please find and go to Wayshrine closest to you, this is the premise. Use Fast Travel system and bring up the in-game map, then exit Telvanni map and find Apocrypha field, you can find the available Wayshrine, Soundless Bight Wayshrine to get to Apocrypha, relatively easy to find, but you need to master the method.

    When you're in Soundless Bight Wayshrine or Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine, you'll find a quest giver NPC, Leramil the Wise, waiting for you. Next, you can talk to her to get Zone Questline she gave you. You need to complete them to trigger the Proxy Zone Quest of fate. When you complete Questline, you can also get the corresponding ESO Gold rewards.

    At both locations, you can start looking for your new companions:

    Azandar Al-Cyabiades is located in Cipher's Midden before the bridge into town.

    Sharp-As-Night can be encountered at the exterior entrance of Necrom Outlaws Refuge's shelter just outside the city.

    Hope the above guide to finding Apocrypha Zone In Necrom was helpful for you.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Introduction Of Necrom - Land Of Dark Elves, Friends And Enemies & How To Start?

    Posted: Jun 27, 2023

    I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to review a lot of games, especially RPGs. But at the same time, I can hardly spend too long immersed in a certain game, except for Elder Scrolls Online. In Elder Scrolls Online, I reviewed almost every year's expansion, including the latest chapters.

    Elder Scrolls Online always gives me a very good experience, and it always makes me feel like I can't stop playing. Next, let me explain from the following aspects.

    Land Of Dark Elves

    With each new expansion, Elder Scrolls Online adds more territories to the map. The new areas this time around are Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. There are Dark Elves settlements on Telvanni Peninsula, which literally means "city of the dead".

    Visiting Necrom will be your first task in the expansion, and it is also the beginning of the main task of this chapter. Almost immediately, you meet Hermaeus Mora, Daedric prince of forbidden knowledge. The prince's dreadful enemies are sweeping Apocrypha, marching on the Necrom, and you must stop them. Of course, this brief description only hints at a very broad mainline quest.

    As always, new areas are fun and memorable to experience and explore. In these places in the game, you may find some hidden treasure chests with a large amount of ESO Gold inside, as well as some items. Telvanni Peninsula is characterized by cliffs, giant mushrooms and verdant landscapes.

    In contrast, Apocrypha is an alien-looking world with several terrifying monster enemies. It's a horrible place. Elder Scrolls Online continues to prove that its art team is at the top of the game.

    Graphically, ESO is showing its age more and more, but with each expansion, the character models continue to improve, backed up, as always, by solid writing and voice acting. The sound design is still impressive, and ESO's music always manages to inspire and add beauty and mystery to the experience.

    Also Read: ESO: Welcome to New Companions in Necrom

    Friends And Enemies

    A few chapters ago, Elder Scrolls Online introduced companions, artificially intelligent characters who can accompany you on missions and fight alongside you. These are great additions to the game for primarily single player players like me. After all, getting a group of like-minded people with enough free time to play is a challenge. Companions are practical and genuinely fun or fun to chat and adventure with.

    In Necrom, new companions include two, namely Warden-class Sharp as Night and Arcanist Azandar. You encountered the former early on, but Azandar is located in Apocrypha and is much more hidden. Both have interesting backstories and engaging questlines. Of course, if you're trying out the new Arcanist class, Azandar may be redundant.

    Many of Necromancer's new enemies are truly terrifying creatures. These include explorers, floating, tentacle entities with varying degrees of challenge. Other new enemies include Hushed, Reptilian Lurkers, and Spider-like Psychic Fears.

    How To Start?

    Almost every expansion for ESO has introduced at least one new class. Necrom brings Arcanist, it is a magic-based class and a power that wields runes. Arcanist powers fall into three basic categories: healing, offense and defense. Depending on how you evolve your character, it can be a powerful and dedicated ally in combat, or a stand alone, balanced adventurer who fights, heals and defends equally well.

    If you want to try Arcanist class, then you need to first roll the new character, play the new content, and then explore it freely. As an Elder Scrolls Online player, you can choose Necrom from your installed content and choose a character from it to access the quest.

    As with every generous and engaging new expansion, there's a ton of great content to experience. Fascinating new companions, wondrous new areas, and fantastic enemies, all paired with useful and entertaining Arcanist classes.

    Necromancer's main quests are more mysterious than political, and there are some more challenging encounters in the wild. As usual, I was both impressed and frustrated after playing Elder Scrolls Online because I didn't have more time to play.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom's Bastion Nymic World Event Explained

    Posted: Jun 27, 2023

    World Events in Elder Scrolls Online have been a staple of the game since its release. The theme of the game is to oppose Daedric Prince Molag Bal's idea of merging Coldharbour and the world of Nirn, so players must search for Dolmens near Tamriel to prevent Dark Anchors from locking the world at these locations.

    Each new chapter of ESO brings new world events to keep the game fresh, from Elsweyr's Dragon Charge, to Greymore's Harrowstorm, to Elder Scrolls Online: Bastion Nymic. Unique mechanics, Elder Scrolls Online Items all define world events, but Bastion Nymic has its own unique flair.

    Nymic World Events Explained

    Bastion Nymic exists in Elder Scrolls Online Necronomicon Chapter, and it is a New World Event that takes place in Tevanni and Apocrypha regions. The story of Necrom revolves around the demons Hermaeus Mora and Apocrypha. Rival Daedric Princes are trying to invade Mora's domain, and Bastion Nymic is their starting point.

    "Nymic" is Daedra's true name, and knowing its name gives you the power to control it. Namic  kept these power names secret and protected, making it a key target for Hermeus Mora's enemies.

    Your task is to enter Nymic and foil the plans of other Daedric Princes. The other Princes even pit Hermaeus Mora's own army against him in Nymic, which is why you are the key to saving it here.

    How to start Nymic World Event

    In order to gain access to Nymic World event, you'll first need to find Coordinator Tandasea in the city of Necrom. She'll give you the details and give you daily quests to complete Bastion Nymic.

    To open the portal to Nymic, you'll need to acquire 5 Daedric Ichors, which you can obtain by defeating Herald's explorers around the map. After completing it, Tandasea will mark the areas on your map where these enemies can be found.

    Next, you need to find a portal Edifice. Use Ichor to activate the portal to Bastion Nymic. Any mansion can be activated, there are four in total:

    • In Telvanni Peninsula, there are Fungal Downs Building and Glasscrag Building.
    • In Apocrypha, there are Withering Wastes Edifice and Fallen Hues Edifice.

    How to Complete Bastion Nymic

    When you first arrive at Bastion Nymic, you will be in the center of it. There are three different areas, but you will always start with one at random. Your first task is to defeat the main boss of whatever area you start in. There will be tons of additional enemies, optional puzzles, and secret encounters along the way.

    Once you defeat the main boss of each area, a portal will open allowing you to return to the central area. You can face the final boss here to complete Bastion Nymic quest. Each time you play Bastion Nymic, the final boss will be different depending on your starting zone.

    Before fighting the final boss, you can choose to enter another area of Bastion Nymic. There you can fight area bosses and complete puzzles and other encounters.

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